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SourceSup is a web based project management service for French higher education and research institutes. Hosted projects are projects of software development projects aimed at being publicliy released. A project may be public (anyone can see the project) or private (only registered users for the project can see it) before being stable enouch to be publicly released.

The available tools are: collaborative source management with Subversion, mailing lists, forums, bug and feature report tools, task management, documentation management, survey tool, web page hosting.

This service is free and is operated by the GIP Renater.

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Latest News

Windows release of FullSWOF_2D 1.06.00

Frédéric Darboux - 2015-03-02 17:07 - FullSWOF_2D

The FullSWOF development team is pleased to announce the release of the Windows package of FullSWOF_2D 1.06.00.

Release of FullSWOF_2D 1.06.00

Christian Laguerre - 2015-03-02 14:25 - FullSWOF_2D

The FullSWOF development team is pleased to announce the release of FullSWOF_2D 1.06.00.

Beta version of Sylvaccess available

Sylvain Dupire - 2015-03-02 14:25 - Sylvaccess

First Beta version of Sylvaccess is now available. Be careful, this version is not stable. Please, for any problem let a message in the "Outil de suivi" tab.

Version Beta de Sylvaccess disponible

Sylvain Dupire - 2015-03-02 14:25 - Sylvaccess

Sylvaccess est désormais disponible en téléchargement en version Beta. Attention, cette version n'est pas stable. Merci de faire remonter les éventuels problèmes dans l'onglet outils de suivi.

Happy year 2015 to SWASHES users

Frédéric Darboux - 2015-01-27 12:49 - SWASHES

The SWASHES core team wishes a happy year 2015 to its users!

esup-activ 2.4.1

  2015-01-20 13:04

ScientificPython 2.9.4

  2014-10-01 09:21

GRIP 3.01 : Nouvelle révision 39

  2014-09-29 14:57

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