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07:46:15 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] removing LatoWebItalic, LatoWebBold, and LatoWebBOldItalic fonts (repository: moment commit: 2139f458)
16:13:54 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] question page layout (repository: moment commit: 6e893502)
15:24:32 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] put flatpickr width the same as input date (repository: moment commit: bfdf15c4)
15:23:22 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] fix delete question button pb (repository: moment commit: af24dc2d)
16:21:54 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] added label presenting diff between dates of a slot (repository: moment commit: f0366d10)
15:38:40 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] hours label and hours container visibility is now done with pure css with the class on the ul 'same_hours_for_all' (repository: moment commit: 10c46120)
15:11:37 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] Using ',' as a separator in (repository: moment commit: 0f429c1a)
15:59:07 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] WIP : date question creation is now almost ready (repository: moment commit: de667fd7)
15:48:00 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] Added lang items for multipickr (repository: moment commit: 80249538)
15:47:29 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] fix, only trigger "multipickr_date_added" when it's a real date (repository: moment commit: 0b92f6bf)
15:46:03 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] new "member" for Question 'proposition_type' that (if all proposition are day then proposition_type will be day, if more than one type is used proposition_type will be mixed) (repository: moment commit: 03ba5d71)
15:43:29 sourcecode scm commit: [dev] new proposition type "mixed", only used when a question presents multiple proposition types (repository: moment commit: 6c287a86)