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15:24:15 Source Code scm commit: improvement of the doc (r201)Carine Lucas
14:54:15 Source Code scm commit: transfer tag J replaced by SoilDiff to be consistant with the notations of Gao2004 (r200)Carine Lucas
13:05:06 Source Code scm commit: modification of the value of X_temp in the Chemical transport example to have a point of the grid (r199)Carine Lucas
12:19:47 Source Code scm commit: unused variable removed (r198)Carine Lucas
12:07:51 Source Code scm commit: update of doxygen comments in scheme_conc.cpp (rec_order2 exists) and resolution of the diffusion equation in chemicalsupply_generated.cpp (r197)Carine Lucas
14:32:55 Source Code scm commit: chemical transport example modified (the computation of J in chemicalsupply_generated.cpp must be improved) (r196)Carine Lucas
21:15:00 Source Code scm commit: typos in comments of order1/2.cpp + correction of an error rev 192 in hll transfer flux (r195)Carine Lucas