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RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Marina Cazzola on 2012-04-13 16:32
I'll have a look.

Just a quick note, part of the code you erased in r5244

$nameexvar,>20081105.17:30 <20081105.15:30,


>20081105.17:30 <20081105.15:30
(at the end of the $reg_src2)

is indeed needed for exams (I'll put them back in the next commit)

RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Bernadette Perrin-Riou on 2012-04-13 11:23
I suggest to remove the allusion to exam or sheet in titles (but explain it in the help). Because, it really can be useful for other situations (Benoit will make a lecture on his use !)

As there is no guided form for radio, checkbox etc , I will be favorable to delete the link "guided model" in the menu on the left : but to have it in
the text when clicking to Modifiy. If not, people will go directly there even if they cannot use it.

I have migrated some date.phtml.lang of the cdt module to be able to use them in a common way. It can now be used also for vote (but we should simplify the copy and paste and put the name of the forms in parameters).


RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Marina Cazzola on 2012-04-11 08:24
Thank you all for your feedbacks.

A few replies in random order

- a "guided" module allows for modifing votes in a sensible matter
after they have been opened: this can be useful for exams, but also
for forming groups. Think of this example: I might plan workgroups
of 30 people and use vote to have the student choosing their
workgroup (of course if it the teacher who makes the choiches then
the csv approach is better). After opening the inscription I realize
I have more students than I expected (this is Italy!), so I decide
to raise 30 up to 32 or I decide to make available an extra slot I
kept in case I needed (the "-1" feature): with the current
implementation of vote I cannot do it (I actually "vi" the .src and
.def file....)

- I agree the term "guided mode" (or "models") makes sense only if we
manage to provide more models (e.g. the one in the point above). The
vote created with my form is very "rigid" (sometimes this is useful
because it makes things quicker, but experts teachers might want to
turn back to the "free" mode and this is the reason to have this
page as an option of the "standard" vote interface)

- votes already do have the feature "individualized access to sheets
or exams" and this feature do works, so why not use it? I think this
does not interfere with bigger projects as the one Fabrice
described. Clearly a link from the worksheet&exam page should be
made available (but first we should be sure my code works!).

I see a few problems with the code I came up so far

- need to add check on the consistency of user inputs (e.g. it is
really a number when a number is asked, only alphanumeric
charachters in the name of variable, and so on)

- if one think of expanding and adding more models, how to "code" or
"store data" for the different models. Also the format of my ".data"
files does make sense?

- a teacher might start writing the code using the "guided" form, then
decide to go to the free mode to implement more questions or
whatever: in this case the "guided mode" should be disabled as the
source code might be not compatible with the model (in other words
the .data file should be deleted)


RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Bernadette Perrin-Riou on 2012-04-11 07:32
I test a little this morning. That seems good. I have some remarks for example, the vote should be automatically on nominatif ? (at least the first time ?).

I do not like the term "guided mode", because it does not say what is doing (a vote for inscription).
Do you have the intention to have a guided mode for others questions (radio, checkbox) ?

I will look a little more this evening.


RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Bernadette Perrin-Riou on 2012-04-10 19:53
There are two points of view : student and teacher.

1 - Here it is the student who choose the hour of his exam or sheet.
It seems to me that it is better that he sees that in the list of

That is true that the question to decide to make a small module
independantly of vote is pertinent. In all cases, something is written
in the "user properties". In case of "uservar" in votes, it is the
only thing which is written ? Of course in votes, it is also possible
to ask other questions in the same time. And for exam, students must
be able to choose their dates even if the exam is not ready !

2 - Another thing is when the teacher chooses the hour for the
student. This can be done for the moment by a csv file and has nothing
to do with vote (someone has done that this year with 350 students and
the csv file is well ! better than a graphic interface).

3 - Yet another thing is that the teacher chooses the sheets for each
student. This is a totally different thing and a big job as Fabrice

Here Marina is doing the 1. And it seems to me that there is no
interference with the points 2 and 3. For 1 and 2, some variable is
written in the properties of the student.

RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Fabrice Guerimand on 2012-04-10 19:22
i agree with joke.
maybe we should work directly with a specific interface to make customize sheet (for student group) instead of use vote and all limitation of it.
but it's a hard work


RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Bernadette Perrin-Riou on 2012-04-10 19:04
You are right. We should make a link in the sheet adm module.


RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: joke evers on 2012-04-10 18:52
Sure: to extend and improve what has been written is logical !
My remark was based on the fact that normal wims-users/teachers will probably not look for "access tuning of sheets" in a module dealing with voting...

RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Bernadette Perrin-Riou on 2012-04-10 17:35
The fonctionnality already exists since the creation of the module "vote"
(I think that it was the fist aim of the module vote). What Marina proposes is a most convivial approach.


RE: vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: joke evers on 2012-04-10 17:18
Dear all,
I think it's basically a very fine idea to have "individualized access to sheets or exams" !

One would however not expect this feature to be integrated in a "vote" module...
Maybe it's better to create a new adm module for that purpose (eg the fine tuning of access).
kind regards,

vote guided mode [ Reply ]
By: Marina Cazzola on 2012-04-10 15:22
I'm trying to implement an easy way to fill in a vote in order to set up a "individualized access to sheets or exams" as described in the vote help and in the faq (module=help/teacher/ look for the question "J'ai besoin de répartir les étudiants dans plusieurs salles lors d'un examen ou à plusieurs heures. Comment faire?")

The bigger issue is the fact that with this use one wants to be able to modify vote after opening it (and this is not possible since wims 4.00): a teacher might want to be able to change the numbers of places available.

I'm not sure what is the best way to implement this. This is the idea

- in the vote page (e.g. job=read) have a link to a "guided mode"
(some job=guided)

- the guided mode prompts a form

- the form data are saved in an extra file (some $, also to
keep track that the vote had been created with the guided mode

- a "save" button writes the .src file and then the .def file

When I call the job=guided on a vote, wims checks if I have a corresponding .data file and gets data from that file.

When I activate the vote, I can still use the job=guided, but in this case only a few fields are editable (only the fields I can change without messing up the vote, whatever that means).

I came up with a proposal I am ready to commit to the svn. Please have a look at it and tell me if it can be useful and/or if you have suggestion for a better implementation. I really need help and advise.

I only updated the english and italian versions: you will need the lang/date.phtml.$lang file and the missiong strings in lang/names.phtml.$lang + an extra section in the help file (just let me know if you want me to copy the en version in all the language files)

As I said, I really need help and advise!


PS: Also added an option to temporary disable student iscription: if you put "-1" as the number of students the inscription to the slot is disabled and the message "closed, will be opened only when other options will be full" is shown.