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Forum: Release of FullSWOF_1D 1.02.02

Posted by: Carine Lucas
Date: 2016-02-17 08:01
Summary: Release of FullSWOF_1D 1.02.02
Project: FullSWOF_1D


The FullSWOF development team is pleased to announce
the release of FullSWOF_1D 1.02.02.

This is just a minor release:
- HLL2 default values instead of HLL
- new threshold values for the water height and velocity to be consistant with FullSWOF_2D
- update for doxygen 1.8.10
- correction of typos

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Bienvenue sur release-of-fullswof_1d-1.02.02
By: Carine Lucas on 2016-02-01 10:27

Bienvenue sur release-of-fullswof_1d-1.02.02

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Bienvenue sur release-of-fullswof_1d-1.02.022016-02-01 10:27

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