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Forum: Release of FullSWOF_UI 1.02.00

Posted by: Christian Laguerre
Date: 2016-05-13 13:43
Summary: Release of FullSWOF_UI 1.02.00
Project: FullSWOF_UI


The FullSWOF development team is pleased to announce the release of FullSWOF_UI 1.02.00.

This is a major update introducing new features.

For example:

- treatment of spaces added the files of rain that are used to fill the rain table

- laminar friction added in the parameters of FullSWOF_1D.

- hllc and hllc2 added in the parameters of FullSWOF_2D

- HLLC2 is the new default value for FullSWOF_2D

- Automatic add to the doxygen pdf of the compatible versions of FullSWOF_1D and FullSWOF_2D

- doxygen commands added in the README file

- upgrade to Doxygen 1.8.10

- correction in units (fullswof 1d): replaced m^3 by m^2 because the outputs of fullswof 1d are in m^2

For details see file changelog.txt

FullSWOF_UI also include bug fixes.

FullSWOF_UI is compatible with FullSWOF_1D version 1.02.02 and FullSWOF_2D version 1.07.00

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