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Project Filelist for Molecular Modelling Toolkit

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.5.23

No release notes

Change Log
2.5.22 --> 2.5.23

Bug fixes:

- NumPy compatibility fixes.

- Residue name conflicts were not handled correctly in PDBMoleculeFactory.

- VMD support in MMTK.Visualization didn't work under Windows.

- ParallelepipedicPeriodicUniverse.largestDistance() returned wrong values.

- Cell parameter handling in ParallelepipedicPeriodicUniverse was fixed.

- LennardJonesForceField would not initialize correctly in rare circumstances.

- Fixed to work with ScientificPython < 2.7.8.


- Better handling of add-on forcefields in trajectory descriptions.

- Support for atom-dependent force fields.

- Atom and residue filters were added to PDBMoleculeFactory.