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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 5.5.1

Release Notes

- mineXpert: Add new figures to the user manual and replace others. Update the user manual; - mineXpert: Provide a way for the user to configure the tolerance on the fractional part of the z value as is computed during deconvolution, document that new feature in the user manual; - mineXpert: Fix corner case crash when hitting Shift while right-button dragging in the colormap; - mineXpert: Improve GUI in the data slicer window; - mineXpert: When shift rescaling plots in multigraph plot widget, ensure the y axis full scale is determined on the basis of the greatest y value of all the graphs currently displayed in the view; - mineXpert: Allow changing the color of a TIC chrom plot right after data file loading (that is, even if it has no relations to other plots); - mineXpert: Replace ''TIC'' with ''XIC'' chromatogram text where needed; - mineXpert: Add computation of resolving power when mouse is moved over spectrum.

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