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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.63a

Release Notes
A new development version (wims-3.63a) is available

This archive contains the kernel and administrative modules of wims. The
scientific modules usually packed with the distribution ARE NOT included in this version
(you can extract them from 3.62 if needed at
All other modules may be installed as usual
via the module management system or the automatic module update.
Change Log
2007-12-30: Add geogebra3 [r252] (BPR)
2007-12-30: Add css style in sheet : wims_sheet wims_sheet_list for exercise list in sheet [r251](BPR)
2007-12-27: Tex is now forced by \displaystyle  inside \( ) [r242] (BPR)
2007-12-26: Fixed bug in ; add list by subject, improved navigation, add
        css style (wims_forum_intro, wims_forum_msg, wims_forum_list) ; language in fr/ [r237] (BPR)
2007-12-25: add adm module : class/activity (BPR)
2007-12-15: del unused link on supervisor page for class groupement (class_type=2) (FG) 
2007-12-15: module and cdt.en add exam to linklist (FG)
2007-12-14: superclass_quota replace class_quota for portal structure (FG)
2007-12-08: add to votes (french version) "traced vote" ; add csv upload of votes results. 
        [r217] (BPR)
2007-12-03: give to sc_reply the same status as remply. Can be used in test conditions.
        [r213] (BPR)
2007-12-03: Add option "noreaccent" in answer type case [r209] (BPR)
2007-11-28: Fixed bug in votes [r203] (BPR)
2007-11-25: Fixed bug: login with point was accepted but data was erased 
        by csv upload [r202] (BPR)
2007-11-23: Fixed bug: presentation sheet with doc page (all lang) (FG)
2007-11-21: Add an option parameter for answer : noanalyzeprint : in this case, no 
        preformatted analyzed answer is printed (only the score). (BPR)  
2007-11-20: Some oef help translations in script/help in separate directories (for the moment, 
        fr, es, cn) (BPR)
2007-09-27: Fixed in adm/class/ : email variable was removed when
        uploading cvs, empty variables for participants were replaced by preceeding 
        participants when downloading cvs. Added possibility to download or upload 
        technical variables. (BPR)
For the moment, only in french version. (BPR)
2007-09-25: patch on the cn version (from Zhijie Chen, transmitted by GX)
2007-09-16: fixed the anstype scripts for chemeq, units,
            sigunits. Now they allow to see the good replies in debug
            mode with Createxo, and the correct answer is shown when a bad
            reply has been fed in. (GK) 
2007-09-16 Add chemistry slib (GK)
2007-08-28 Correction for option keeporder : solution was in first position in type clickfill for option 
         keeporder (BPR)
2007-08-27 Add votes in class download (class/config) (BPR)
2007-08-19 Add special method tabs2lines in OEF (in OEF, lines in variables 
	       are transformed to tabs after error messages or next step, 
	       which is not accepted in some applets). Same as special method expandlines 
	       except for the pre tag (BPR)
2007-08-13 Add javascript wz_dragdrop.js  in js/ (BPR)
2007-08-13 Add slib/utilities/tooltip and special method tooltip in OEF (BPR)
2007-08-02 Example class declared as neighbor of all classes (FG)
2007-07-16 Add fonctionalities to exam module creation only fr, en (FG)
2007-07-14 Bug fixed : personalize home and sheet page with document (FG)
2007-07-13 Default configuration for oef options in class (FG)