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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 4.09b

Release Notes

from the Changelog 2014-12-26 (r8455): small changes in latex2wims css, black square at the end of the proofs in latex2wims. 2014-12-26 (r8454): add special methods in oef (codefill) - documentation should be improved. 2014-12-21 (r8451): fix examlog : when the exercise has too much steps, w_module_score was not found in the file. 2014-12-18 (r8447): add button to show/hide status of a sequence directly in show page of sequences. 2014-12-11 (r8438): fix the test for creating the list of emails of teachers of a superclass or portal. 2014-12-10 (r8434): add warning if score registration is closed by the supervisor. 2014-12-10 (r8432): fix displaying bug in option allowshare. 2014-12-09 (r8431): experiment some bar in the presentation of a sheet to show the status of exercises in the presentation of the sheet. 2014-12-02 (r8429): for cas authentification : in some cas servor: validate=serviceValidate (shoud be text or xml) - take that in account. 2014-12-02 (r8428): in example sheets the adress must not finished by an & - change the weight 8 and 9 in 10. 2014-12-01 (r8427): Corrects 2 bugs in adm/raw : one on "getexamlog" and the other on Json return for "getuser". 2014-11-30 (r8426): fix bug in the option default in oef answer. 2014-11-25 (r8417): use jsmol for drawtile in 3D - syntax changed. 2014-11-25 (r8415): update slib/geo3D/off2jmol. 2014-11-24 (r8414): add crosshair crosshairs crosshairsize, add some alias. 2014-11-20 (r8404): add some script to use canvasdraw in documents or oefexercise. 2014-11-19 (r8401): fix value of freegot in case of multiple questions with javacurve or jsxgraphcurve as a second question. 2014-11-16 (r8396): minor style changes in Nikaia theme. 2014-11-15 (r8393): put the jsmol in a div with class wims_jmol and id wims_jmol$slib_id to define by the user (the class has the width of the applet). 2014-11-14 (r8391): corrects a bug in auth/ and auth/createqcm causing OEF file not written. 2014-11-12 (r8390): file quicktooldoc was forgotten in developpement open class. 2014-11-07 (r8384): precise the documentation on the calculation of the sheet quality score. 2014-11-06 (r8382): add answertype draw. 2014-11-05 (r8375): apache-config is now compatible with new Apache versions (>=2.4). 2014-11-03 [r8369]: email was limited to 40 characters -> 100 characters 2014-11-03 [r8368]: add syntax variable[MMM] for MMM in MAX_EXOS MAX_SHEETS MAX_EXAMS MAX_VOTES MAX_OEFREPLIES MAX_OEFCHOICES in files var.def 2014-11-03 [r8367]: add command \ifval in OEF and Doc (numerical evaluation in case of test =) 2014-10-07 [r8300]:In class: if the mails are not send to all the students, their list is added to the message send to other teachers. wims.4.09a [r8291] 2014-10-07: fix nested conditions overflow (DB). 2014-10-01: - some magic constants as max_sheets, max_exos, max_require, max_exams are now accessible in modules (constantes of wimsdef.h). Not done in the var.def - fix bug in userlist/csv - fix bug in computation of high in Wimslogd/score.c (and change the name of the file). 2014-09-24: improve multilanguage in OEF - add automatically a formradio in the intro when translation_language is not empty (can use \text{lang=slib(oef/env lang)} in the exercises where lang is the user lang or the choice made in the intro of the module. 2014-09-21: allow filter with user variables to motd (bpr)

Change Log

It is essential to download the file var.tgz in the directory wims, compilation is then compulsory. If not, it should have troubles in creation of the exams.