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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.11a

Release Notes
 Improvments in canvasdraw (see canvasdraw log)
2015-09-23: [r9513] fix bug for cvs in exosheets. (bpr)
2015-09-23: [r9511] fix bug on comments in a sheet. (bpr)
2015-09-22: [r9507] improvment in leftmenu (ergonomy). (bpr)
2015-09-22: [r9497] add giveup button in the change password page. (bpr)
2015-09-21: [r9484] add chemistry openclass. (bpr)
2015-09-16: [r9475] add the possibility for the teacher to add new fields to fill when the
   participants register ; change "Error" in "Warning" in cgu conditions
2015-09-21: [r94xx] work on public document: add reading code for them
   (documents not in classes or modules) (bpr)
2015-09-16: [r9470] (bpr) add duration of the student exam -
  fix a bug when multiple exams are made in the same session (can occur !).
2015-09-08: [r9447] add job=cloneexemple in module=adm/class/regclass
  for making a copy of open class for personnal use (FG)
2015-09-06: [r9437] add label in case of choice answers which are are not embedded. (bpr)
2015-09-05: [r9436] add exploitation of data observation and description
  in a sheet (exo by exo) if they exist in the \observation{} and description{}
  fields of an OEF exercise.
2015-09-02: [r9425] [adm/raw] corrects a bug causing build index. (obado)
  being called only when a subclass was created (the test was inverse)
2015-09-01: [r9422] ergonomy in usermanage: order in the left menu items
  (the same for students and for teacher): first the list, then the individual action. (bpr)
2015-08-20: [r9370] open now one window for each tool. (bpr)
2015-08-15: [r9361] participant managing interface in groupement. (FG)
2015-08-12: [r9353 and other] add some graphic statistics on student activity:
   - number of finished exos by day
   - another linegraph as the number of exercises which are begun, but not finished
   - progression of exercises with success
   - if only one sheet is asked, same graphs for each exercise
   - interface to select some students (with a limitation of the number of students,
     this is very costly). (bpr)
2015-08-12: [r9351]
   - try to group in the lateral menu the links concerning one student / all students
   - add livret each time there is a link to userscore.
   - put link to modules class/stat and class/activity in the homepage (some of them will
   depend on the modification of the module class/activity).
2015-08-01: [r9337] add option legend in oef exercises. (bpr)
2015-07-27: [r9322] in adm/manage : add openbabel in the software to check;
  fix some confusion in the messages. (bpr)
2015-08-15: [r9361] add job=regmanage in module=adm/class/usermanage for managing
  registration of participants in a groupement (FG)
2015-08-14: add graphics interpretation of student activities in the module adm/class/activity
2015-08-10: make changes in lateral menu.
2015-07-31: improve the parser for Interfaces commands (DB) to be able to
   put the command maxima -X '--dynamic-space-size 512' by default (should
   fix the problem of virtual memory for maxima). This depends on the installation of maxima.
2015-07-**: cut the taxonomy files according to sciences (too long otherwise).

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