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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.14

Release Notes
Depuis la 4.12

wims.4.14 2017-06-06 [r11649]
  add some title for menu links (S. Lemaire)
  add some explanations for portals, change the welcome message for empty class,
    program zone and test zone
  update pdf files in class 9001
  some modifications for accessibility (work in progress)
wims.4.13e 2017-04-23 [r11472]
2017-04-21: [r11465] add link on exercise number in print version of oef exercises.
2017-04-18: [r11457] in modtool, add message if the archive cannot be done because
  of the size of the module.
2017-03-27: [r11446] (bpr) analysis in javacurve ans jsxgraphcurve
  was not good in case of sline.
2017-03-20: [r11441] (obado) corrects a bug on the feedback message displayed
  when deleting a binary files from a modtool modules
  (the wrong variable was used for the file name)
  adds a failure message when deletion failed.
2017-03-14: [r11434] (guerimand) timeleft in exam adapt to examsheet restriction
2017-03-14: [r11433] (bpr) add keywords in the table of a module in the manage tool.
2017-03-13: [r11432] (bpr) put open english class in language category
2017-03-13: [r11429] (bpr) add language wimsdoc in edit_area.
2017-03-11: [r11424] (bpr) in the about of an oef exercise;
  - add keywords if they exists
  - delete the information about hint or solution if they don't exist
  - add adress in a simple way.
2017-03-10: [r11418] (bpr) add parenthesis when calling pari
2017-03-08: [r11413] (obado) module adm/manage :
  -in FR and CA, the words "start" and "restart" were inverted
  - adds a "back" button when reindexing modules and RSS
2017-03-08: [r11412] (obado) Adds some help text to the module update page
  for the site administrator
  some css improvements on fieldsets & msg
2017-03-08: [r11411] (obado) Improves display of help pages in Nikaia theme
2017-03-08: [r11410] (obado) améliore la page l'accessibilité de la page d'accueil de la
  classe ouverte "concours Challenge WIMS"
2017-03-04: [r11405] (bpr) add jsxgraph in the list of modules which can be required in modtool
2017-03-04: [r11404] (bpr) add var.init to list of config files in modtool
2017-03-04: [r11403] (bpr) replace Value() by X(). Must be checked again
 that this does not break the existent exercises.
2017-03-04: [r11402] (bpr) the old files in src are now deleted.
2017-03-04: [r11401] (bpr) desactivate giveup in exolog
2017-03-03: [r11390 and others] (bpr, obado)  add level bar in case jquery
 is activated and checkbox for levels if not.
2017-03-02: [r11387] (obado) prevent geogebra from submitting the form when the
 user press "enter" to validate a ggb parameter.
2017-03-01: [r11386] (obado) adds a missing css rule in the "tango icon theme"
2017-03-01: [r11385] (obado) Improves search engine's look & feel with standard icon theme
2017-03-01: [r11382] (bpr) autocomplete is now in the form.
2017-03-01: [r11380] (obado) bugfix in GetSheetScores : when there was more than
 100 users in the class, a cmd_output_too_long error was raised. (now cuts user list every 50)
2017-02-28: [r11376] (bpr) add oef_anstype_css variable to avoid to repeat twice
 the same style css.
2017-02-28: [r11374] (obado) displays createxo models with tabs
2017-02-27: [r11369] (bpr) put autocomplete and the id inside the form in oef.
2017-02-27: [r11367] (bpr) presentation of prepared models in an imposed order.
2017-02-27: [r11360] (bpr) introduce new categories
2017-02-27: [r11358] (bpr) change the presentation of prepared models.
2017-02-26: [r11353] (bpr) add stat/boxplot slib
2017-02-25: [r11347] (guerimand) cleaning directory tmp/whoconnect daily
2017-02-24: [r11345] (bpr) add charset="utf-8" in jsxgraph (called by direct exec)
2017-02-23: [r11340] (obado)  upgrade Geogebraweb from old 5.0.182 (2015)
 to the newest 5.0.332 version. You must call "./compile --geogebra" to make it work.
2017-02-23: [r11338] (obado) now every Geogebraweb applet put into a "wimscenter" class
  will be centered.
2017-02-23: [r11337] (obado) Replace href="" by href="#" in mailurl to correct
 a bug preventing webkit based browsers to redirect obfuscated mailto:...
2017-02-23: [r11335] (schaersvoorde)
 pari printtex output "\*" --> ⁢ in mathml
2017-02-22: [r11334] (bpr) fix a bug with GAP in quicktool used with format case
r11330 2017-02-21: [r11329] (guerimand) fix bug with filter with AND condition;
 simplification of code
2017-02-21: [r11328] (bpr) in case the first argument of a line of wims_menu_items has a  ",
  the first word must not be taken as a css class.
2017-02-21: [r11326] (guerimand) correct class_limit when use job=addcsvclass in a gateway
wims.4.13d 2016-10-30 [r11320]
2017-02-18: [r11293 and other] clean the technical documentation
  and the original help of Xiao
2017-02-12: [r11234] use checkbox for adding teacher gestion access.
2017-02-10: [r11230] canvasdraw: multidraw improvement (JE)
2017-02-08 20: [r11228] can propagate oefdefault in portal (FG)
2017-02: improve clickfill and dragfill answer types
2017-02-12: [r11234] checkbox for adding teacher gestion access
2017-02-01: [r11204] (OB) Embedding a binary file in Createxo will be much easier for
  all teachers : the embedding code for each file is directly displayed for pictures
  (png, gif, jpg), audio files (mp3, ogg), and all others (.pdf, etc...)
2017-02-02:[r11192] A click on the "give up" button in an oef exercice now display
  a modal dialog box that inform user he will lose his current work,
  and then ask him to confirm he really wants to giveup.
2017-02-02: [r11189] in wimstest, add scripts for validating quickly
 oef and doc modules (for maintainers)
2017-02-01: [r11184] in anstype complex, it is possible to accept that j has the same
  signification of i.
2017-01-30: [r11174] in modtool: add message if the file is not uploaded,
   add test for accents.
2017-01-29: [r11173] fix bug about failed msg (bug [#10895])
2017-01-28: [r11170] modtool : add possibility to change the name of a file on some conditions.
  add a message for the creation of a first exercise in an oef module.
2017-01-28: [r] add help for the anstype clickfill (about the disposition of the fields)
  use it in prepared model classify
  change the presentation of the answer (clickfill, dragfill).
2017-01-19: [r11153] (bpr) vocabulary on the link import from test zone in a program.
2017-01-19: [r11152] (bpr) add number of exercises in a series in the sheet tables
   for teachers
2017-01-19: [r11146--rr11150] (bpr) fix slib on jsxgraph as the use of
  JXG.GeonextParser.geonext2JS in jsxgraph should be not used now,
2017-01-18: [r11145] (bpr) fix on csv in userscore: only participate can be found
   by csv link for the moment, so no use of supervise and supervisable (download case).
2017-01-18: [r11138-r11144] (bpr) manual score was forgotten in the html page of csv
2017-01-15: [r11139-r11140] (bpr) user_participate and supervise was not filled in the csv file.
2017-01-17: [r11141] (guerimand) fix bug with formcheck when more than 256 participants in a class
2017-01-14: [r11137] (bpr) bad typo in hashlogin
2017-01-03: [r11135] (bpr) add msg on giveup button in oef exercises
2017-01-03: [r11134] (guerimand) severity was forgotten when a sheet was duplicated
2016-12-20: [r11117] (bpr) option cp -u not posix (manage/restore.proc)
2016-12-20: [r11116] (bpr) Change "renew" by "giveup" if the oef exercise has been launched.
     Add some secondary_button css.
2016-12-20: [r11115] (bpr) add placeholder for authentification, improves help (S. Lemaire)
2016-12-12: [r11114] (OB) adm/class/userscore :
  + improves formula template (input have type="number")
  + page is reloaded when saving sheet formulas
  + optimization of var.proc (shweights was redefined 3 times)
  + uniformize indentation (tab=2) in var.proc
2016-12-12: [r11108, r11110, r11113] (bpr) harmonization of score approximation
  (ceil for exercises, and rint for the sheet and exam scores in getuser,
  csv (csv has not been changed). score has always two decimals
2016-12-08: [r11112] (bpr) in the score block, quality appears always if the quality
   is < 2 as it is then used in the sheet notes.
2016-12-08: [r11111] (bpr) correction in the links proposed when a class group is created
2016-12-05: [r11105] (bpr) use the default servor severity everywhere (except perhaps for the moment
   in module raw).
2016-11-28: [r11104] (bpr)
  improve the trace of debug. Put some variables in tmp_debug_var in the file wims.conf
  In debug mode (for the administrator), the values of the variables are put
  in the trace file (in tmp/sessions/) when they are changed. (B. Allombert)
2016-11-28: [r11101] (bpr)
    status of document in sequence was not visible.
2016-11-23: [r11100] (OB)
   [adm/raw] Adds 2 scripts used in modexosheet job (check.worksheet & clean.worksheet).
   They should have been already here since r.5665 :/
2016-11-22: [r11099] (OB)
   [jsmol] Adds all translation files for Jsmol, avoiding some 404 errors when it tries
   to load them. + replace old "jmolAppled ready" placed in Page title by a more
   silent way (displays in JS console)
2016-11-02: [r11095] (OB) [adm/raw] corrects a bug introduced in r.10935
  in addsheet and modsheet jobs.
  (!singlespace is replacing returns by simple spaces)
 + introduces a new job in ALPHA state : "repairclass"
 + corrects a small bug in getsheet
 + getcsv & getclass now call "mkuserlist" script, just to be sure the userlist contains all the users.
wims.4.13c: 2016-10-30 [r11087]
2016-10-30: [r11086] fix overflow in management when trying to restore a class.
2016-10-10: [r11076] new option in anstype set (distinct_inputs)
2016-10-10: [r11041] canvasdraw : corrected  touch device mouse value display
  [r11040] canvasdraw : corrected command mouse
2016-10-10: [r11039] fix non escaped { and } in
2016-10-10: [r11038]: mkuserlist script now split users list in packs of
  500 users (instead of 1000), to avoid a "cmd_output_too_long" error
  for class containing more than 1000 users.
2016-10-10 [r11035] [sheet] the variable l_date was not defined.
2016-10-09 [r11027]  add clock anstype using canvasdraw. work in progress
2016-10-08: [r11018] canvasdraw : modified usage of 'protractor',
  'ruler' and 'userdraw arc,color'
2016-10-08 [r11013] canvasdraw : will also generate
   canvasdraw.phtml an move it to "public_html/scripts/help/en"
2016-10-08: [r11012]
   [anstype/draw] correct the coefficient for option split in the
   computation of the score
2016-10-08: [r11007] New open class for primary school
2016-10-07: [r11006]
  canvasdraw : added snaptogrid (etc) to 'userdraw clickfill,color'
  canvasdraw : right_mouse_click now removes userdraw objects individually
  without annoying 'on_contexmenu'
2016-10-06: [r11005] canvasdraw : moved command "clickfill color"
  to the userdraw command list e.g. "userdraw clickfill,color"
2016-10-05: [r11004] canvasdraw : the "clearbutton some_text" is now centered
2016-10-05: [r11002] canvasdraw : added support for touch devices...
  only tested on android (chromium & firefox on kobo e-reader)
2016-10-04: [r11000] anstype: add analysis for option polyline
  and polygon for draw anstype
  2016-10: add openclasse 1146 (school)
2016-10-13: [r11044] in canvasdraw, added keywords "noxaxis" , "noyaxis"
  to the "grid" command family
2016-10-13: [r11049]add wims_notepad css (used in slib/utilities/notepad)
wims.4.13b 2016-09-29 [r10992]
2016-09-29: [r10970, r10991] fix bugs in mboard of superclass
  (alert msg not seen for supervising teachers,
   configuration by supervising teachers was not allowed)
2016-09-29: [r10989] add slib squaretile (preliminary version)
2016-09-29: [r10988] in adding a gestion access to a teacher in a class group,
   it is no more added a participant access.
2016-09-27: [r10980] the files .teacherlist were not update when the variable
  user_supervise of a teacher was changed.
2016-09-27: [r10977] fix the overflow variable bug in csv
  (msg error if the number of variables is too big).
2016-09-27: [r10977] fix an overflow variable bug in csv.
2016-09-23: [r10971] new version of jsxgraphcurve anstype
  (better broken lines for tactile devices + add 3 zoom buttons)
2016-09-22: [r10968] add slib numeration/baseblock
2016-09-21: [r10967] add polygon option in draw anstype
2016-09-19: [r10963] Upgrade JSXGraph from v.0.96 (2012) to v.0.99.5 (2016)
2016-09-07: [r10948 ] add class "larger" in css
2016-09-07: [r10946] add option linkword in anstype compose
2016-08-27: [r10933] search keyword in subclass when display clonable class (FG)
wims.4.13a 2016-08-27 [r10931]
2016-08-26: [r10915] (BPR)
    add slib for writing numbers in letters
2016-08-26: [r10914] (BPR)
   prepared models: in 17reorder, can have some random data
2016-08-26: [r10913] (BPR)
  prepared models: In swac models, one can now propose to listen several words in the
  same exercise.
2016-08-26: [r10912] (BPR)
  [fix] fix some warnings (in sheets, according to technical variables or not).
2016-08-26: [r10909] (BPR)
   M /trunk/wims/public_html/modules/adm/class/classes/main.phtml
   M /trunk/wims/public_html/modules/adm/class/classes/participant2.phtml
[fix] reset tmp_ (has value 0 instead of empty sometimes).
2016-08-26: [r10908] (Sophie Lemaire)
   add help on penalty in oef exercises
2016-08-26: [r10907] (BPR)
   [slib] add option CAPTION in matrixhtml slib.
2016-08-26: [r10906] (BPR)
   [help] html + precision in search engine help.
2016-08-24: [r10904] (guerimand)
  improvement of the message on activation in a sheet when use a technical variable
2016-08-23: [r10903] (guerimand)
  [bugfix] use technical variable to exam and sheet score failed to save
2016-08-22: [r10901] (BPR)
  [bugfix] the parameters in .def are written only if they are not empty
2016-08-22: [r10900] (BPR)
  [fix] fix shell syntax for script deleting oldclasses
2016-08-17: [r10898] (BPR)
  [typo] expiration date of sheets in some open classes
2016-08-08: [r10895] (OB)
  [oef] intromenu is more customizable.
2016-08-02: [r10890] (OB)
  [minor/css] fix bug on Mozilla br.spacer not displaying extra spaces.
2016-08-01: [r10889] (OB)
  [minor/l2w] hotfix for jquery-ui 1.12.0 when there is no "div" inside .ui-menu-item
2016-08-01: [r10888] (OB)
  [minor/modtool] integrate some texts from template/filedesc in lang/filedesc
2016-07-28: [r10884] (OB)
   small changes in OEF intro modules
2016-07-28: [r10883] (OB)
  [minor/css] adds "property_fields" class to oef intro fieldsets,
  so they are displayed with theme colors, like in administration pages.
2016-07-27: [r10882] (OB)
  [js] Upgrade Jquery to v.3.1.0 and jquery-ui to v. 1.12.0
2016-07-27: [r10881] (OB)
  [minor/css] remove some old browser specific linear-gradient to avoid CSS warnings
2016-07-27: [r10879] (BPR)
 [fix] in getuserscore, fix repetition in examscore table when
   all sheets are expired; fix colors in examscore table
2016-07-26: [r10876] (OB)
  [minor] change the temporary "IP" chroot download url by a permanent one
2016-07-26: [r10875] (OB)
  [octave defaults] adds the "--silent" option in defaults arguments for octave,
  avoiding unwanted informations (like "X11 display variable not set, disabling GUI features") given by the latest version of octave (>=4.0.3)
2016-07-26: [r10874] (OB)
2016-07-25: [r10872] (OB)
  [modtool] adds default filedesc in each language in modtool. getdesc reads the
  default first, and then overwrites them if a filedesc file is present in the module
2016-07-25: [r10871] (OB)
  [minor/modtool] now "data/*" and "src/data/*" files are displayed in the "data files"
 tab in modtool. +  adds a title for help files tab.

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