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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.17d

Release Notes
wims.4.17d [r13689]
2019-03-08: [r13689] bpr
  add chemistry keywords
2019-03-07: [r13682] bpr
  [fix] fix the apparition of non isolatin character with script
2019-03-07: [r13678] bpr
  [language] english translation of oef/en/intronames (DB)
2019-03-06: [r13677] obado
  [minor/html] replace some table by div in adm/forum/forum
2019-03-05: [r13671] lemaire
  [fix] in oef, good answer, solution and feedback are always printed in an
    examen except if "never" is chosen
2019-03-05: [r13665] bpr
  [fix] erasing a document (by the document interface) erase only the content
    (keep the directory c1 for example, if not the gestion of sequences is too tricky).
2019-03-04: [r13661] bpr
  [fix] fix bug [#11933] on exotrymax when modifying a sheet
2019-03-04: [r13657] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw] corrected font size behaviour of command 'text'
2019-03-04: [r13656] obado
  [minor/ergo] improve the authparticipant connexion page
2019-03-04: [r13655] bpr
  [fix] vote in sequence has no description
2019-03-04: [r13654] bpr
  [fix] no description in votes
2019-03-04: [r13653] bpr
  [css] oef_indneutral is now really neutral !
2019-03-01: [r13650, r13649,r13643] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] Italian
2019-02-27: [r13645] lemaire
  [minor] add unisciel code for a new module
2019-02-25: [r13640 r13639] obado
  [minor] adm/class/sheet : now that sheet source is able to display html tags,
2019-02-25: [r13637] bpr
  [improvment] insertion of exercises with keywords in search engine result.
2019-02-23: [r13630,r13636] bpr
  [improvment] a file Exkeywords is created if there is
    some field \keywords{} in an oef exercise by src2def and the keywords
    are automatically added in the module INDEX
    to be use in search engine (work in progress)
2019-02-23: [r13628] bpr
  [fix] scoring is not choosen at the creation (the type of the module is not yet known).
2019-02-22: [r13625] obado
  [minor/ergo] replace 'div' by 'a' in mulipleclickinput anstype,
  so user can have some feedback on what he is about to click (cursor + hover)
2019-02-22: [r13623] obado
  [minor/bugfix] corrects a display bug on "*fill" anstypes when containing several objects,
  like mathml
2019-02-22: [r13622] obado
  [wysiwyg] insert wims inline styles into tinyMCE, so it can use the same colors
  as defined by wims server or class.
2019-02-22: [r13621] bpr
  [minor] accessibility chemtool
2019-02-22: [r13619] obado
  [createxo] improve the "tablecheckbox" oef model for better accessibility
  replace what-input minified map
  remove call to tinyMCE's css minified maps
2019-02-21: [r13618] obado
  [bugfix] session warn message now return to wims home page when connected
    in a class via CAS,ldap or php
2019-02-21: [r13616] obado
  [wysiwyg] upgrade to tinyMCE 5.0.1 (see changelog at )
2019-02-21: [r13615] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] italian
2019-02-21: [r13614] obado
  [minor/wysiwyg] corrects the "en_US" tinyMCE bug + add the IT lang pack (from tinyMCE 4, as there is not yet one for tinyMCE 5)
2019-02-21: [r13613] bpr
  [improvment] change in the student page for reguser
  (choice between registration or inscription)
2019-02-21: [r13612] obado
  [minor/wysiwyg]  replace speckedit by tinyMCE in adm/class/motd module
2019-02-19: [r13611] bpr
  [fix] fix the gestion of datamodule in anstype/chemdraw and oef/img.phtml
2019-02-19: [r13610] obado
  [minor] adm/class/cdt : corrects a bug in addtodo.proc,add table sorting
2019-02-19: [r13607,r13606] obado
  [WYSIWYG] replace speckedit by tinyMCE in adm/vote module
  add label for some primitives (list, radio, checkbox), for better accessibility
2019-02-19: [r13605] obado
  [minor/css] improve scorebars look, now that sequences item have no background colors.
2019-02-18: [r13604] obado
  [CSS/ergo] replace background colors for element types displayed to students by
    a lighter border-left color. All text are more readable now.
2019-02-18: [r13603] obado
  [JS/ergo] add the WYSIWYG editor to the exam modification page,
  and exercice modification (in sheet and exam)
2019-02-18: [r13602] obado
  [JS/ergo] add the "Tiny MCE" WYSIWYG HTML editor to WIMS. see it
  in the sheet modification page as example.
2019-02-16: [r13600] czzmrn
  [slib] added a new slib to draw rosettes (finite symmetry groups)
2019-02-15: [r13598] bpr
  [slib/cram] new example with A,B,C,...
2019-02-14: [r13596] obado
  [minor/ oef model] update the new fr/scramble.oef model (add hint to each word+ let user customize css) + move it to the "order" category
2019-02-13: [r13591] bpr
  [minor/oef] add test for inputsize1 in case of answertype mc (before testing
    that it is between 1 and 1000)
2019-02-12: [r13584] bpr
  [slib matrixtex] add option "html"
2019-02-08: [r13580] obado
  [OEF/Models] Add a new OEF model : fr/scramble.oef (exercice with scrambled words)
2019-02-08: [r13579] lemaire
  [fix] the legend of zones did not appear in gateway for supervisable
2019-02-07: [r13578] obado
  [minor/model] improve the look & feel of fr/steps.oef model
2019-02-05: [r13577] obado
  [MathJax] upgrade Mathjax from 2.7.4 to 2.7.5 (seems to correct a "Math Processing Error"
  bug on H5/analysis/ module )
2019-02-03: [r13576] bpr
  [qpuzzle] add images in photindex
2019-02-03: [r13575] bpr
  [anstype] the anstype draw accepts the  default option : default="empty"
2019-02-01: [r13572] obado
  [js] Upgrade Jquery to v.3.3.1, what-input to 4.1.6 and asciimathml to v. 12/2018
2019-02-01: [r13570] obado
  [JS / CSS] Replace old bower package manager by "yarn"
2019-01-28: [r13569] obado
  [minor/html] add the "url" type for auth_cas input in class creation
2019-01-28: [r13568] bpr
  [fixbug] the link to userscore in adm/class/activity was not always good.
2019-01-28: [r13567] bpr
  [fix] fix helpexo in addmodule (the total number of exos was not good)
2019-01-19: [r13564] bpr
  [fixbug] in case of format=menu, len must be empty (model menutext.oef)
2019-01-18: [r13563] obado
  [minor/js] update some 3rd party librairies :
  * update ASCIIMathML to its last version (02/12/18)
  * update normalize.css v8.0.0 -> v8.0.1
2019-01-18: [r13562] obado
  [minor/w3c] corrects html for robot related pages, improving w3c validation for wims home page
2019-01-11: [r13560] bpr
  [fix] some langage was not read when we enter in adm/class/config with a code
  send by mail
2019-01-08: [r13557] obado
  [minor/W3C] remove useless type="text/css" on some style tags in anstypes,
  and  type="text/javascript" on some script tags, for better W3C compliance.
2019-01-07: [r13556] czzmrn
  [minor/trans] models

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