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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.17e

Release Notes
2019-05-06: [r13917] bpr
  add slib tabsign. Euler-Versailles
2019-05-06: [r13911] bpr
  [print version] add shuffle for clickfill
2019-05-06: [r13908] bpr
  [print version] correspond type in columns
2019-05-05: [r13906] bpr
   [help] add link on keywords help in the left menu in modtool
2019-05-05: [r13902] Euler-Versailles
  [slib/numeration/ecriturenombre] add option tex (Euler contribution)
2019-05-04: [r13897] bpr
  [src] increase the number of filewrite possible in a request (to adapt
  to the number of exos in a sheet).
2019-05-04: [r13893] bpr
  [print version] prompt_empty is now with dots
2019-05-03: [r13889] bpr
2019-05-03: [r13888] obado
  [minor/css] improve the "bottom left" positioning of tooltips
2019-05-03: [r13887] obado
  [http] replace the "HTTP 301" permanent redirect called by "!restart" by a "HTTP 302"
  temporary redirect, so it will prevent browser from saving the redirection in cache.
2019-05-02: [r13886] lemaire
  [minor/sheet oef] change the place where the description of an exercise
  in a sheet may be shown
2019-05-02: [r13885] obado
  [minor/bugfix] correct a bug in user_link causing some header links not
    being displayed in exam sessions since r.13836
  + add a missing icon in Font Awesome theme
2019-05-02: [r13884] bpr
  [print version] work on special methods in printing version
  (fields in imageinput are not yet at the good place)
2019-05-02: [r13883] bpr
  [class/9001] add exercises for special method
2019-05-02: [r13881] czzmrn
  [bug] headmenu not appearing in exolog (_check in wims session)
2019-05-01: [r13880] bpr
  [print version] - oef/printanalysis.proc is now used by oef/print.proc and adm/sheet
    - add oef/togetfile.proc in wims_trustfile for print version.
2019-05-01: [r13879] bpr
  [fix] fix the analysis of the anstype chemformula
2019-05-01: [r13878] bpr
  [class/9001] add oef examples for anstype
2019-04-30: [r13877] bpr
  [minor] sheet/print - harmonisation with oef/print (work in progress)
2019-04-27: [r13871] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] adding exercises in 1368/sheet16
2019-04-25: [r13868] obado
  [bugfix][CAS] correct a bug in auth-cas occuring when "tmp" directory was not here
    + reverse test order (first test for CAS 2.0 and then for CAS 1.0)
    + now the default is "bad_cas_connexion" so it will no more give a false positive.
    + give a more explicit message in case of bad_cas_connexion (to be translated)
    + add missing EN texts in adm/class/classes
2019-04-25: [r13867] bpr
  [slib] slib geogebra3 must not be used.
2019-04-23: [r13863] czzmrn
  [minor] adm/raw logging registration of new users (user_lastname, user_firstname are reset by mkuserlist)
2019-04-23: [r13862] obado
  [minor/help] update the multipleclick anstype help for CSS styling
2019-04-19: [r13858] schaersvoorde
  [mathml] add "\cancel" as alternative syntax for "\slash"
2019-04-18: [r13854 and als] mquerol
  [minor/trans] catalan and spanish version
2019-04-18: [r13853] czzmrn
  [minor] adm/raw loggint of new users
2019-04-18: [r13850 and als] bpr
  [9001] add jsxgraph examples, fix some exercises (images)
2019-04-17: [r13841] obado
  [oef/ergo] add a warning popup when user try
  to submit exercice with default unanswered responses
2019-04-16: [r13836] obado
  [JS] Move the Foundation call (previously in user_links) to the bottom
    of the page, so Foundation functions can be used in more situation, with the recommended way.
  + upgrade Foundation CSS to v. 6.5.3
2019-04-12: [r13830] czzmrn
  [minor/log] log supervisor login through adm/raw (as standard supervisor logins are logged)
2019-04-12: [r13828] obado
  [adm/raw] add "allowcloning" and "cloningpwd" to class_defs showed in
    getclass and listclasses (only allowcloning is accessible by listclasses)
  + remove debug informations displayed in cases of identification failure and
    connexion refused by requested class
2019-04-11: [r13825] bpr
  [improvment] the description of an exercise in a sheet may be show as a
    tooltip at the top of the exercise (for oef exercises). Vocabulary
    and help are not yet done
2019-04-11: [r13819] bpr
  [anstype/chemclick] add option show_hydrogen
2019-04-10: [r13817] bpr
  [anstype/chemdraw] option show_hydrogen
2019-04-10: [r13814] bpr
  add gifs/ndef.png
2019-04-08: [r13802] bpr
  [wimstest] add test in evalue
2019-04-05: [r13793 and als] bpr
  work on print version
2019-04-04: [r13785] bpr
  [wimsdoc] add files for documentation - meaning is not yet written
  please continue (work in progress)
2019-04-04: [r13784] bpr
  [wimsdoc] add html2iso command
2019-04-02: [r13780] bpr
  [class9001] modify some exercises (presentation)
2019-04-02: [r13779] lemaire
  [model] separate explain (for instruction) and data in 16menutext.oef and 16qtext.oef
2019-04-02: [r13775] obado
  [WYSIWYG] Prevent TinyMCE for replacing diacritics (é, à, ù...) by HTML entities.
  + reactive editor in 16menutext, as it will work with accents now.
2019-04-02: [r13772] lemaire
  [quicktool] add nocase format in GAP
2019-04-02: [r13771] obado
  [bugfix/docs] add "zip" and "tgz" extensions to href links in wims docs.
  + replace the adm/doc/primitives/href.phtml by a link to
    scripts/docu/primitives/href.phtml as it was exactly the same.
  + add some missing chars in htmlsymbs for html2iso conversion
2019-04-01: [r13769] bpr
  [maxima] no point in the alias of log10, lof2 in maxima header
2019-03-31: [r13764] bpr
  [print] if random=0, keep the order of the exercises in the
  print and latex version.
2019-03-31: [r13763] bpr
  [wimstest] add tests for html2iso
2019-03-31: [r13760] bpr
  [fixbug] fix bug when confparm has commas (replace item by line in
  the analysis of the iniparm)
2019-03-31: [r13758] bpr
  [minor] change the test for limit of exos in latex.
2019-03-31: [r13757, r13783] bpr
  add a wims command html2iso to translate html characters for latex print.
2019-03-31: [r13755] bpr
  [adm/manage] add test for maxima-share (has to be checked)
2019-03-29: [r13749] obado
  [oef/models] add "asis" to the true/false model
2019-03-28: [r13748] obado
  [minor/html] add label tags to document editing (adm/doc/edit.phtml)
2019-03-28: [r13747] obado
  [minor/css] add the CSS vars in tinyMCE
2019-03-27: [r13744] obado
  [minor/html] move the meta "viewport" tag to !header instruction,
    so it is displayed on every wims pages
    + move wims_mathml js from body to head tag
2019-03-25: [r13741] obado
  [minor/css] Replace "oef_question" by "wims_question" in oef models,
  as it has been replaced in r. 13738
2019-03-25: [r13740] obado
  [minor/bugfix] Now the "clear" button in createxo models also clear textarea content
    when editor is disabled.
2019-03-25: [r13737] obado
  [CSS] Introduce CSS vars. (+try for oef_question)
2019-03-22: [r13730] obado
  [config.c] increase the default class quota from 100 to 150MB, to be more in touch with the increased size of .bin scores files
  + correct some typo
2019-03-22: [r13728] obado
  [minor/js] upgrade tinyMCE 5.0.1 to 5.0.3 + add the "fullscreen" plugin
2019-03-22: [r13727] obado
  [bugfix] Correct a bug causing div not being closed in *fill anstypes
  in some cases (in replygood, when it contains more than one item)
2019-03-21: [r13725] obado
  [minor/css] add a new "oef_question" style, and use it as replacement of ".question"
  in "select" and "classifysentence" oef models
2019-03-21: [r13724] obado
  [WYSIWYG] Replace some WIMS styles in WYSIWYG editor in Createxo
2019-03-21: [r13723] bpr
  [fix] fix print version and hint
2019-03-20: [r13722, r13724] obado
  [WYSIWYG] Add some WIMS styles to WYSIWYG editor in Createxo (like oef_ind colors, etc...)
  + remove the "link" button in Createxo,  Replace some WIMS styles in WYSIWYG editor in Createxo
2019-03-20: [r13721] obado
[minor/css] reduce p margin for sheet, exam, exo... descs
  + remove "h1" from WYSIWYG editor
  + close a missing tag in adm/class/livret
2019-03-20: [r13720] bpr
  [html] delete attribute for style and script
2019-03-19: [r13719] bpr
  [fix] fix tooltip when it uses through slib
2019-03-18: [r13716] obado
  [Createxo/models] Display a WYSIWYG editor on some textareas in OEF models
  when it's possible and relevant
2019-03-18: [r13715] obado
  [Createxo/models] Display a WYSIWYG editor on some textareas in OEF models
  when it's possible and relevant
2019-03-18: [r13713] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] cdt disappear in class of a groupement...
2019-03-18: [r13711] bpr
  [improvment] in userscore, when some sheets are selected, the
  average is done on selected sheets
2019-03-17: [r13707,r13708] bpr
2019-03-15: [r13704,r13714, r13705] obado
  [Createxo/models] translate some OEF models from french to english
    (to be reviewed by a fluent english)
2019-03-15: [r13703] bpr
  [anstype] if the answertype is chemeq and if there is an option symbols
    try to use chemeq
2019-03-14: [r13699] bpr
  [major/OEF] fix weight=0 in some answer. Fix some calculations with weight in conditions
  and answers in particular in case of steps with faults.
2019-03-13: [r13697] obado
  [minor/bugfix] correct a bug causing line breaks being deleted in
  textareas when returning to OEF intro after testing an exercise.
  (see Lang/francais/ as an example)
2019-03-13: [r13696] obado
  [minor/css] input class:inline no more has a 100% width
2019-03-12: [r13695] obado
  [minor/ergo] add a "disable WYSIWYG editor" button on each editor with an id.
2019-03-11: [r13694] lemaire
  [fix] legend appears twice in a program with a test zone
2019-03-11: [r13692] obado
  [CSS] improve input styles (inspired by Foundation 6 forms)
  + numeric inputs in createxo models now use the html5 "number" type

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