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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.18

Release Notes
Compile with option --jmol at least
Change Log
wims.4.18 [r14080]
2019-06-08: [r14072] bpr
  [minor] true number of participants in the table of scores (case of a subgroup)
2019-06-08: [r14071] bpr
2019-06-08: [r14070 r1406] bpr
   add light link in about as a textarea to be copied
2019-06-07: [r14059-> r14063] schaersvoorde
[minor/svn] canvasdraw: in multidraw right mouse click removes last object of selected draw type & docs
2019-06-06: [r14057] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: ruler & protractor
2019-06-06: [r14056] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] class css is now loaded also during exams
2019-06-06: [r14055] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added info on creating tailormade delete button
2019-06-06: [r14054] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: added info on creating tailormade delete button
2019-06-06: [r14053] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added 'NOCONTROLS' argument to command 'multilabel'
    to disable all buttons for multidraw (see documentation)
2019-06-06: [r14052 r14050] bpr
  check if/endif
2019-06-06: [r14048] guerimand
  [minor] script to check bad number of if/endif in a file
2019-06-06: [r14047 r14046] guerimand
  [minor]forget endif in gateway/var.proc activity/activity.phtml
2019-06-05: [r14045] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: command drag xy|x|y was gone fishing
2019-06-04: [r14041 r14042] guerimand
[minor] forget endif
2019-06-03: [r14040] bpr
  [createxo help] cut advanced method in createxo -> special methods
2019-06-03: [r14038] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: multidraw
2019-06-03: [r14037] bpr
  [direct exec] add jsme
2019-06-03: [r14036] obado
  [minor/css] correct a display bug causing a bad display on l2w toc
    with standard theme
2019-06-03: [r14035] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: 'userdraw curvedarrow,color' now uses 3 points and
  default replyformat=2 (eg x1,x2,xc... \n y1,y2,yc,... )
2019-06-02: [r14033] bpr
  [fix] it is now possible to desactivate an exam in a program without courses
 (bug #11948)
2019-06-01: [r14032] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw:added to multidraw family 'curvedarrow' and 'curvedarrow2'
2019-06-01: [r14030] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: just to be complete...added to dragstuff
    library objects
    'curvedarrows color,x1,y1,xc,yc,x2,y2,...'
    'curvedarrows2 color,x1,y1,xc,yc,x2,y2,...'
2019-06-01: [r14029] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw:added to dragstuff library objects
    'curvedarrow x1,y1,xc,yc,x2,y2,color'
    'curvedarrow2 x1,y1,xc,yc,x2,y2,color'
2019-06-01: [r14027] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added 'userdraw curvedarrow2,color' and 'userdraw curvedarrows2,color'
2019-05-31: [r14026] lemaire
  [help] add a section in the help of createxo about the score of an exercise
2019-05-31: [r14025] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw added 'userdraw curvedarrow,color' and 'userdraw curvedarrows,color'
2019-05-31: [r14024] bpr
  [keywords] add ecogestion as father of economics and gestion
2019-05-30: [r14023] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion
2019-05-30: [r14022] bpr
  [print version] adaptation for print version for draw, jsxgraph, jsxgraphcurve
2019-05-30: [r14019] bpr
  [class 9001] replace javacurve by jsxgraphcurve
2019-05-30: [r14018] bpr
  [print version] no solution for some answer types in print version
2019-05-28: [r14017] bpr
  [anstype/clock] in print version, exit before javascript buttons
2019-05-28: [r14014 r14015] bpr
  [fix] regvars can contain accents or spaces (it was not the case before)
2019-05-28: [r14013] obado
  [minor/html] move an help button inside a div to avoid a display glitch
2019-05-26: [r14008] bpr
  [fix] fix bug in print version when there is commas in math mode
    and type compose or reorder
2019-05-26: [r14007 r14021] bpr
  [print version] add some css style for anstype radio, menu,
    checkbox, click in print version
2019-05-26: [r14006 r14009] bpr
[print version] in print version, change variable i in iii to avoid confusion
  with the variable i in anstype
2019-05-25: [r14003] bpr
  [fix] sheet score mean was not always good when only a part of the students
    was selected
2019-05-23: [r14000] bpr
[help] english version was better !
2019-05-23: [r13998] bpr
  [slib/matrixhtml] help
2019-05-22: [r13996] bpr
  [class 9001]
2019-05-21: [r13984 r13985 r13991] bpr
  [slib] change the slib presentation page.
2019-05-20: [r13980] bpr
  [search_engine] keyword wimshelp (when it is alone) has a particular status
    (all level)
2019-05-20: [r13978] bpr
[print version] correction in special method imageinput.phtml
2019-05-16: [r13975] obado
  [minor/html] present slib parameters with divs instead of table,
  for better accessibility and responsivity
2019-05-16: [r13973] bpr
  [backup] add data/local in backup
2019-05-16: [r13972] obado
  [minor/css] correct a display bug causing draggable elements breaking line
  in some clickfill anstype
2019-05-15: [r13971] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw:  dragging external images centers the image around the mouse pointer
2019-05-14: [r13969] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: draw_external (images) now makes use of 'dragstuff.getMouse()'.
2019-05-14: [r13968] obado
  corrects some typo in links displayed after class creation
2019-05-13: [r13964 and als] bpr
  canvasdraw help in directexec
2019-05-10: [r13947] obado
  correct a bug in adm/raw causing a malformed json
  when addexo return a compilation error.
2019-05-08: [r13935 and als, r13940, r13944] bpr and schaersvoorde
  work on canvasdraw help in createxo
2019-05-08: [r13930] bpr
  [chemdraw] add option: reaction, show_valence (in test, need to
  make an update of jme)