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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.19a

Release Notes
2019-08-23: [r14221] Julien Lyotard
  fix jsxgraphcurve for polygon
2019-08-19: [r14215] mquerol
  catalan and/or spanish version
2019-08-19: [r14214] czzmrn
  Italian class 1368 new exercises
2019-08-17: [r14211] bpr
  [fix] replace oef_applet_option by oef_answer_option$i in some anstype
2019-08-17: [r14210] bpr
  [anstype] fix jsxgraphcurve for new version of jsxgraph (Julien Lyotard)
  add the possibility of moving points by the student (Julien Lyotard)
2019-08-15: [r14208] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: rewrite of sliders
2019-08-13: [r14206] bpr
  [fix] use of oef_answer_option$i
2019-08-13: [r14205] bpr
  [fix] fix typo when replacing quotes in
2019-08-11: [r14202] czzmrn
  minor fixes to the open class on mathematical games 1097
2019-08-09: [r14200] czzmrn
  Italian translation improvment
2019-08-08: [r14199] bpr
  [mathmlinput] no answer is shown if the analysis is by conditions
2019-08-08: [r14198] guerimand
  bug fix in moveto process in sheet
2019-08-08: [r14197] obado
  replace nested "foundation_dropdown_menu.js" file by more adaptable
  separates Foundation plugins files, as specified here :
2019-08-08: [r14196] czzmrn
  [fix/improvement] anstype draw merging r14187 with Julien Lyotard
  correction (now anstype draw accepts the option precision)
2019-08-07: [r14195] bpr
  [slib/chemistry/jmolshow] change test for loading or not jmolshow_init
2019-08-07: [r14193] bpr
  [mkindex] fix if the directory $BASES/site has disappear
2019-08-07: [r14192] bpr
  [fix] fix insertion address of a class document in helpexo
2019-07-25: [r14187] czzmrn
  [fix] anstype draw: type lines only check for parallelism
2019-07-23: [r14182] bpr
  [fix] replace oef_applet_option by oef_answer_option$i
  which depends on the $i
2019-07-22: [r14181] obado
  [minor/themes] add the navigation bar to documents displayed
  with lightpopup in all themes
2019-07-18: [r14180] obado
  adm/raw : add "getexam" job to protocol description
2019-07-13: [r14176] bpr
  fix mkindex for oef/cpp when there are two levels of inclusion of
2019-07-13: [r14175] bpr
  [wimsdoc] insert adm/raw help in wimsdoc
2019-07-13: [r14174] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: modification of slider and drag
2019-07-12: [r14173] schaersvoorde
  change scripts/authors/jm.evers/html/jqmath.css
2019-07-12: [r14172] bpr
  [glossary] economics from J. Vileo
2019-07-04: [r14170 and other] mquerol
  catalan and/or spanish version
2019-07-04: [r14167] bpr
  [slib] delete the title as the slib ggb2jsxgraph does not work (too difficult
  to maintain)
2019-07-04: [r14166] bpr
  [wimsdoc] improve presentation of help for slib
2019-07-04: [r14165] bpr
  [src/calc] add randomrow in embraced command.
2019-07-03: [r14162] bpr
  [canvasdraw] help presentation (specially for replyformat).
2019-07-03: [r14161] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw : fix: in multidraw circles the radius array was gone fishing
2019-07-03: [r14160] bpr
  [edit_area] tabulation -> 2 spaces
2019-07-03: [r14159] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: corrected flaw in 'multidraw circle' [BPR]
2019-07-03: [r14158] obado
  [icons] add 6 new domain icons
2019-07-02: [r14155] bpr
2019-07-02: [r14152] bpr
  [slib/geo3D] titles of some no more used slib are deleted
  (use java)
2019-07-02: [r14150] bpr
  [latex2wims] fix style in includegraphics
2019-07-02: [r14149] czzmrn
  [open classes] add an English open class on mathematical games (primary school level).
  Note: the module E3/geometry/ need to be translated into English.
  Apart from that, all the other exercises are available in English
2019-07-02: [r14147] bpr
  add keywords
2019-07-02: [r14146] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion(Jacques Vileo)
2019-06-30: [r14144] bpr
  slib has now the possibility to use
  add number of hydrogens for each atom in slib/chemistry/chemformula
2019-06-28: [r14142] mquerol
  [minor/trans] catalan and/or spanish version
2019-06-26: [r14141] mquerol
  [minor/trans] catalan and spanish version
2019-06-26: [r14140] obado
  [adm/raw] add !default scoremax=10 in getsheetscores job
2019-06-26: [r14139] obado
  [adm/raw] in getsheetscores job : add "sheet_weight"
    rename "weights" into "exo_weights"
    correct sheet formula
2019-06-25: [r14136] bpr
  [latex2wims] change the place of <div class="wimsdoc"> relatively to the toc
2019-06-25: [r14135] obado
  [adm/raw] now getsheetscores job gives the sheet formula
2019-06-25: [r14134] obado
  adm/raw : remove "weight_detail" (it was already present as "weights"
    and add "try_detail" to getsheetscores + correct a bug on requires
  corrects help on getscorepercent wims command (level seems <100, not <10 )
2019-06-25: [r14133] obado
  adm/raw : add "weight_detail" and "last_detail" to getsheetscores
2019-06-25: [r14132] obado
  in userscore tables : use "li" instead of "br"
  now sheet formula is displayed to supervisor + code formatting
2019-06-24: [r14128] guerimand
  [minor] improvment of button moveto in sheet/exam
2019-06-24: [r14127] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] the variable reply_cnt is used in oef/Main.phtml
  and should not be reset in this anstype
2019-06-24: [r14126] obado
  [minor/help] add help in wimsdoc.en for some wims command !score... commands from score.c
2019-06-22: [r14123] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: remove touchend for gesture devices
2019-06-21: [r14122] schaersvoorde
  translation in nl
2019-06-20: [r14119] czzmrn
  [italian] added italian example class on elementary mathematics/mathematical games
2019-06-19: [r14118] obado
  [jsxgraph] upgrade jsxgraph from 0.99.5 to 0.99.7
2019-06-17: [r14116] bpr
  [slib] clean molecule slib
2019-06-16: [r14114] obado
  [ergo] improve ergonomy of adding an exercice in a sheet
    (different choices are bigger, with icons + add wims_msg success
  + add missing icons in Font awesome theme
2019-06-16: [r14113] guerimand
  [minor] improvement of move change order of exercise in sheet/exam
2019-06-16: [r14109] guerimand
  [minor] keep score dependancy when changing order of exercises in exam
  + move after option
2019-06-16: [r14108] guerimand
  [major/bugfix] can delete exercise in exam after activation
2019-06-16: [r14107] guerimand
  [minor/ergonomy] two columns for action in sheetcontent
2019-06-16: [r14105] guerimand
  score dependancy is now keept when delete or change order of exercises in a sheet
2019-06-15: [r14104] guerimand
  [minor] replace button "go down" by "move after" to arrange exercises order quickly in a sheet
2019-06-15: [r14103] guerimand
  movedown can be done on activated sheet
2019-06-15: [r14102] obado
  [minor] Now "\keywords{}" and "\description{}" oef instructions can be edited
  in createxo adaptative mode (see fr/qtext.oef as sample)
2019-06-15: [r14101] obado
  [i18n] [to translate] add missing langs for TinyMCE editor (ca, es, nl, si) +
  add custom wims styles to be translated.
2019-06-15: [r14100] obado
  corrects a small bug causing rss link not working when wims-cgi
  was redirected to wims.html
2019-06-15: [r14099] obado
  [minor/ergo] slightly improve sheet activation pages (add wims_msg blocks)
2019-06-15: [r14098] obado
  slightly improve "about" and "module about" window
2019-06-14: [r14097] obado
  add general feedback to oef model "2correspond"
  replace "send source" by simply "send" in createxo model editing
2019-06-14: [r14096] bpr
  [oef] change size of description tooltip
2019-06-14: [r14093] bpr
  [anstype draw] gestion of poly3, ...
2019-06-14: [r14091] obado
[ergo] several ergonomic improvements in Modtool and Createxo
  (add some css wims_msg success class when exercice is sent or deleted,
  replace a js by required input, ....)
2019-06-13: [r14089] obado
  add a missing icon in Font Awesome for Keywords

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