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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.19c

Release Notes
New administrative modules:
2019-12-10: [r14499] new module adm/sendbug supervisor
  can send internal bug message to author (FG)
2019-10 add module adm/class/freework (new ressources in a class) (FG)
2020-01-02: [r14579]
  improvment: choice of the number of the first used reply
  in tabsignes (Eulerwims)
2020-01-02: [r14575] bpr
  [slib runcode] update skulpt (JL)
2020-01-02: [r14574] bpr
  [anstype] the third argument of the first line of embed is
    now used in the analysis
2020-01-01: [r14571] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] localization of Mega/Mo units
2019-12-31: [r14565] bpr
  [clean] should not use the variable test in anstype except for "error".
2019-12-31: [r14564] bpr
  [oef] add possibility of having feedback or hint always.
2019-12-29: [r14558] bpr
  [minor] fix heading levels in print version
2019-12-27: [r14556] bpr
 [fix] in english vocabulary, the word "into" must be written into$ not to interfere
  with wims command (in particular !distribute)
2019-12-27: [r14552] bpr
  [scenario] try html/accessibility
 (test with H6/analysis/
2019-12-27: [r14550] bpr
  [update] update scripts skulpt for python3 (JL)
2019-12-25: [r14548] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: mouse corrections for 'affine transformation' and 'onclick'
2019-12-22: [r14546] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw:"onclick" and "rotate" may be combined
2019-12-22: [r14545] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw:string/text using 'xoffset','xyoffset','yoffset' will now
    use a 2*linewidth marge
2019-12-22: [r14544] schaersvoorde
  string/text using 'xoffset','xyoffset','yoffset' will now use a 2*linewidth marge
2019-12-21: [r14543] schaersvoorde
   canvasdraw: onclick+drag x|y|xy use read_dragdrop()
2019-12-21: [r14542] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw:corrected missing font-change, when text was set 'onclick'
2019-12-21: [r14541] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw:corrected missing font-change, when text was set 'onclick'
2019-12-20: [r14540] bpr
  [search engine] the translated title was not taken in account
2019-12-20: [r14539] mquerol
  [minor/trans] catalan version
2019-12-20: [r14537] guerimand
  [add] add type=3 (applet) in freework + open traduction warning version 0.3 not compatible with 0.2
2019-12-19: [r14535] bpr
  [src] delete creation eufxx as there is tex compilation trouble
    and they are neither used in modules.
2019-12-19: [r14533] bpr
  [fixbug] fix bug introduced by adding lines of tests in anstype draw
2019-12-18: [r14532] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] small update of italian class on math games
2019-12-18: [r14531] bpr
  small bug: number of the sheet should not appear when being in
  a sequence
2019-12-17: [r14528] czzmrn
  [lang] updating slib ecriturelettre to italian language
2019-12-17: [r14526] bpr
  [embed] add help on third argument of the first line of the script embed
2019-12-17: [r14524] bpr
    [wimsdoc] change the level of <h>
2019-12-17: [r14523] bpr
  possibility to have a module by language
  syntaxe: local/data/news en fr
  local/data/news.en will be the module by default
2019-12-17: [r14522] bpr
  [modtool] when publishing, add level and a warning if the file NEWS has not changed
2019-12-16: [r14519] bpr
  [minor] show the choosen levels when publishing
2019-12-13: [r14515] bpr
  [publish] add message for publication.
2019-12-11: [r14508] obado
  [minor] the description is now required in sendbug
    + some other EN translations
    + the sent message is now in HTML
2019-12-11: [r14507] obado
  [minor] Add a "sendbug" icon in font awesome icon theme
    + translate some sendbug texts in english
2019-12-10: [r14506] czzmrn
  [slib/lang] new slib for italian language
2019-12-10: [r14501] bpr
  [language] en: resources -> teaching material (CD)
2019-12-10: [r14499] guerimand
  [minor/add] supervisor can use wims to send bug message to exercise author
2019-12-10: [r14497] bpr
  [language] student-> user, motd (CD)
2019-12-10: [r14496] bpr
  [language] replace participant by user (C.D.)
2019-12-10: [r14495] bpr
  [language] corrections from C. Ducrocq (in particular sequence -> units)
2019-12-09: [r14493] bpr
  [help] warning about a bogue in drawinput
2019-12-09: [r14491] obado
  [OEF] Add a new "print solution" button on OEF solutions, to print only
    the solution without the exercice content.
2019-12-09: [r14489] obado
  [minor/css] add the foundation_flex.css in Nikaia + standard themes
    + some responsive changes in news & examples on front page, thanks to G. Marbeuf ;)
2019-12-05: [r14483] bpr
  [keywords] chemistry from Celine Dablemont
2019-12-02: [r14476] bpr
  fix score in chemdraw for option onlyheteroH
2019-11-30: [r14472] guerimand
  [minor] complete sheet structure information in file public_html/.formatsheet
2019-11-29: [r14465] obado
  [minor/CSS] replace the "news.css" in module home (no need to load it on every WIMS pages.
  + replace the "motd" before the "frontmsg"
2019-11-28: [r14458] and other
  add possibility to show a carrousel in the front page
2019-11-27: [r14457] obado
  [minor/js] Upgrade what-input js library, from 5.1.4 to 5.2.3
2019-11-26: [r14453] bpr
  [chemjsme] change the size
2019-11-26: [r14452] bpr
  [anstype] chemdraw: option allH (answer analysis)
2019-11-26: [r14451] bpr
  [minor] add button class (modtool/publish in local)
2019-11-24: [r14443] and other
  add Euler proposition of news and examples in the visitor page
    (need a local module, see .README)
2019-11-22: [r14441] guerimand
  [minor/add] can hide sheet for participant with condition written
    with technical variable (warning : global statistic score not
    modified with hidden sheet)
2019-11-21: [r14439] guerimand
  [minor/lang] improvment of some description text in freework
2019-11-21: [r14436] bpr
  [fix] printable version: ?analyze appeared in type compose
2019-11-20: [r14435] bpr
  [help] add glossary in document help
2019-11-20: [r14431] bpr
  [doc] add primitive glossary in document
2019-11-20: [r14430] and other (Julien Lyotard)
  add slib coding/editor and coding/runcode
2019-11-20: [r14429] bpr
  [html/pdf] when printing a pdf version with the browser, the oef score was not showed
  and next series was showed -> fix
2019-11-19: [r14428] obado
  [minor] [adm/raw] remove an unwanted comma introduced in r. 14384 in listexos job
2019-11-18: [r14425] bpr
  [slib/codeeditor] fix bystep method; add number to some variables (JL)
2019-11-18: [r14424] obado
  [minor/CSS] disable the "table{width:100%}" in foundation_table.css
2019-11-17: [r14421] bpr
  [anstype] multidraw: add a preliminary help; control the fields in multidraw
2019-11-15: [r14411] obado
  [minor/CSS] move unbeakable class from utilities2 to utilities.css
2019-11-14: [r14410] obado
  [minor/css] Add an "unbreakable" CSS style that can be use to surround
    a large text element that must not be wrapped (like a long math formula)
2019-11-13: [r14409] obado
  [minor/html] Canvasdraw Help : replace table used for column by a
    responsive column design with grid-x and cards
    + repair 2 javascripts bug causing the inline search engine not working
    + add some explanation about using canvasdraw code in OEF
2019-11-12: [r14408] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: corrected hex color bug [Sophie Lemaire]
2019-11-12: [r14407] obado
  [CSS] Add foundation_table.css to better handle large table on small devices.
  use "!set table_scroll=no" if you don't want your table automatically scroll
  on small screens.
2019-11-12: [r14405] obado
  [css] Better display for input inside "sup" or "sub" tags
2019-11-10: [r14401] bpr
  [tool/glossary] transforms a list in div
  (there are some titles in examples that cannot be put in a list)
2019-11-10: [r14400] bpr
  [glossary] html
2019-11-10: [r14399] bpr
  validator for glossary
2019-11-09: [r14397] bpr
  add anstype multidraw
2019-11-09: [r14395] bpr
  test to know if a sheet is used in an exam was not robust.
2019-11-09: [r14393] schaersvoorde
  added keyword "duplicates" || "allowdups" for default "multidraw" replyformat
2019-11-08: [r14391] obado
  Add the "foundation_typo" css, that change some general typography,
    with responsive behavior (change title sizes on small/medium devices)
2019-11-08: [r14390] schaersvoorde
  corrected multidraw curvedarrows numeric input [BPR]
2019-11-08: [r14389] obado
  Reset puce look order (disc > circle > square) of "ul" inside a "no_puce" liste
2019-11-06: [r14387] schaersvoorde
   canvasdraw: fix fontsize (still issues between 'legacy fontsize' and 'fontfamily')
2019-11-05: [r14386] bpr
  [anstype] draw: add curvedarrows
2019-11-05: [r14384] obado
  [adm/raw] add the job "changedates" (Repels the expiry date of `qclass`
    and all its sheets / exams)
    + Jobs "listsheets" and "listexams" now display the list of expiration dates
    + some code formatting
2019-11-05: [r14383] obado
  [minor] [adm/manage] Display a 2nd formula for testing LaTex server installation
    (the first one only tested TeX). If the 2nd doesn't display in "image mode",
    you have to install "texlive-latex-base"
   remove embedded table display
2019-11-02: [r14382] schaersvoorde
  [svn/minor] corrected multidraw reply in order to avoid NaN in case of non-numeric answers (like 'text')
2019-11-02: [r14381] schaersvoorde
  [svn/minor] reply format for "multidraw" in case of "circles" will give radius in x-range [BPR]
2019-10-31: [r14378] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion (from JV)
2019-10-31: [r14377] bpr
  [glossary] mathematics (from Euler-Versailles)
2019-10-31: [r14376] bpr
  chemdraw: add option for the analysis of hydrogen
2019-10-29: [r14374] obado
  [minor/html]  add div class="wims_content" on some modules
    (createqcm, forum/mboard, adm/sheet, adm/class/userscore)
2019-10-29: [r14373] obado
  [minor/css] remove 10% margin on exam pages in Nikaia theme + some other css corrections
2019-10-25: [r14371] bpr
  [glossary] arithmetic frome Euler_Versailles
2019-10-23: [r14367] guerimand
  [minor] bugfix (sourcesup12166) la page se recharge à chaque changement d'option
  pour la variable technique en cas de jquery!=yes (faute de mieux...)
2019-10-23: [r14366] guerimand
  [major/risk] internalise jquery!=yes in script datepicker.phtml
2019-10-22: [r14364] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion (JV)
2019-10-21: [r14361] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion
2019-10-19: [r14353] bpr
  [oef] possibility to use wims_oef_input css in codeinput (as it is possible
  in anstype with an input. (help only in french).
2019-10-18: [r14352] bpr
  [oef] style on reply is now taken in account in codeinput
  special methods
2019-10-17: [r14350] bpr
  [glossary] add level in the glose (to improve)
2019-10-17: [r14349] guerimand
  [minor] use of datepicker.phtml in adm/class/regclass and
    adm/class/config even if jquery_defined=no
2019-10-17: [r14346] bpr
  [model] add asis="explain" for the interrogation points in particular
  [minor]update src/Changelog
2019-10-17: [r14344] guerimand
  [minor] add CGU link in the class for user/supervisor
2019-10-17: [r14343] guerimand
  [minor] expiration date limit is now 15 months from current day
2019-10-16: [r14342] bpr
  [glossary] from Euler-Versailles
2019-10-16: [r14341] guerimand
  [minor] keep deleted user manual score + distinction between 0 and noscore in manual score
2019-10-15: [r14340] obado
  [minor/svg] correct calculator.svg (was not centered)
2019-10-15: [r14339] guerimand
  [minor/add] manage manual score for freework
2019-10-12: [r14330] guerimand
  [minor] class_limit opening module grades instead of nbuser TRADUCTION NEEDED
2019-10-12: [r14329] guerimand
  [minor/add] global system variable MAX_USERFORGRADES to delimit number of user to use module grades
2019-10-10: [r14328] guerimand
  [minor] add systeme variable MAX_FREEWORKS
2019-10-10: [r14325] guerimand
  [minor] module grades accept make difference between no score and 0 + html
2019-10-08: [r14323] guerimand
  [minor] exclude .bin file in dayly backup
2019-10-08: [r14322] guerimand
  [major] *.bin file not decrease class_quota
2019-10-08: [r14321] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] allowed_optional_module deleted when save other parameters in wims.conf
2019-10-08: [r14320] guerimand
  [minor] script use wims_superclass_quota instead of wims_class_quota when class_type=2,4
2019-10-08: [r14319] guerimand
  [minor] use script adm/class/quotafree.proc
2019-10-08: [r14318] guerimand
  [minor] use script adm/class/quotafree.proc in case of doc in a class
2019-10-08: [r14317] guerimand
  [minor] use script adm/class/quotafree.proc
2019-10-08: [r14315] guerimand
  use script adm/class/quotafree.proc + cleaning lang file (not cn)
2019-10-08: [r14314] guerimand
  [minor] use script adm/class/quotafree.proc to manage class free space left
2019-10-03: [r14310] guerimand
  [minor] script adm/class/quotafree.proc use now a centralised language definition
    file (no in each module)
2019-10-03: [r14309] guerimand
  [major/risk] script adm/class/classlang can now pass parameters to language file
2019-10-03: [r14308] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] freework don't display if there is no other ressources in the class
2019-10-03: [r14302] guerimand
  [minor] use script adm/class/quotafree.proc
2019-10-03: [r14301] guerimand
  [minor] display bugfix
2019-10-03: [r14300] guerimand
  [minor] use script adm/datepickerform.phtml
2019-10-03: [r14299] guerimand
  [minor/risk] change variable name for better compatibility
2019-10-03: [r14298] guerimand
  [minor]language improvment for datepickerform.phtml script
2019-10-01: [r14297] guerimand
  [add] new administrative module to manage new ressource type (work in progress)
2019-09-26: [r14296] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw : 'userdraw images,color' right click removes object under pointer
2019-09-26: [r14295] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw : solved issue with external div/image size
2019-09-19: [r14293] guerimand
  [minor/optimize] script can be use when jquery_defined!=yes and
  display three html form for date
2019-09-17: [r14290] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] All 'svg','div','span' elements on page may be used to drop onto canvas
2019-09-17: [r14289] obado
  [adm/forum] Security : add some prohibited_words to prevent hacking attempts in forum msg
2019-09-16: [r14287] obado
  [forum] Add some HTML tags in emails automatically sent when message added in forum
    + add some sucsess msg when changing forum config
    + adm/class/sendmail : correct some css class (block instead of box)
    + code formatting
2019-09-16: [r14286] obado
  [minor/ergo] correct some html in "forget password" phtml
2019-09-13: [r14283] obado
  [JS] Add some JS libraries :
    * CodeMirror (a WYSIWYG code editor with syntax highlighting)
    * Skulpt : lets execute some code with javascript
2019-09-13: [r14282] obado
    [JS] Update some JS libraries :
  * Mootools : 1.2.4 -> 1.6.0
  * TinyMCE : 5.0.3 -> 5.0.15
  * jQuery : 3.3.1 -> 3.4.1
2019-09-13: [r14281] obado
  [mail] Now all mail sent by WIMS will have a "Content-Type: text/html"
    so html tag can be interpreted by mail clients.
issuing wimsdev-Bug [#12140]
2019-09-13: [r14280] obado
  [minor/icons] add some icons in Font Awesome icon theme
2019-09-12: [r14279] obado
  [help/wimsdoc] Now we can add some samples to the command list in wimsdoc
    (look at !formcheckbox, !formradio , !mathmlmath and !makelist)
2019-09-11: [r14278] obado
  [minor] help/wimsdoc : add some samples to !formradio help
2019-09-11: [r14277] obado
  [minor] adm/manage : correct html labels on class/year formradio
+ now the supervisor link is displayed after the class restoration, so it can be given to the teacher.
2019-09-08: [r14276] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: use autofocus on inputfields added to canvas
2019-09-08: [r14275] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: use autofocus on inputfields added to canvas
2019-09-06: [r14272] obado
  [minor/slib] Replace "http" by "https" in external links of lang/swac slib  (and in all samples of media/*)
+ add a css class "wims_status" in exam status
2019-09-05: [r14271] obado
  [minor/ergo] Now sheet and exam titles are also displayed when copying all exo in an exam
+ correct a small html bug (/td instead of /label)
2019-09-05: [r14270] schaersvoorde
    canvasdraw commands userdraw images/multidraw images include external div's
2019-09-05: [r14269] obado
  [minor/lang] small corrections on english strings (thanks to C. May)
2019-09-04: [r14268] obado
  [class/sheet] improve ergonomy of the feature "change exercice order in series" : now Exercices titles are also displayed for exos inside classe. the change order table is in one file in scripts/ (no more duplicated instructions)
    + some other ergonomic changes
    + some code formatting
2019-09-03: [r14264] bpr
  [keywords] add competences in keywords
2019-09-03: [r14260] obado
  [js] Add the "Accordion" Foundation Plugin. See it in "adm/class/addmodule" :
    now the scoring system is hidden by default but can be displayed when clicked
2019-09-03: [r14259] obado
  [minor] addmodule : correct a wrong variable name in exo.phtml
    + correct a small bug in modtool EN lang file
    + add a missing </div> in modtool flist.phtml
2019-09-02: [r14258] obado
  [minor/ergo] add some "wims_msg" class to msg in Createxo
    + add a missing icon to Font Awesome theme

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