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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.20

Release Notes
This new version 4.20 needs to be compiled with the option --jmol

wims.4.20 [r15252]
  many translations in es, nl, ca and it.
  modification of chemclick using new version of jsme
2020-06-28: [r15224] bpr
  [oef] add colorlegend for multipleclick
2020-06-27: [r15223] lemaire
  [keywords] new keywords
2020-06-27: [r15219] bpr
  [documentation] add oef documentation- use the files of the
  help of createxo.
2020-06-27: [r15218] bpr
  [minor] change the address of
2020-06-27: [r15216] bpr
  [wimsdoc] fix the question of examples in canvasdraw in wimsdoc.en
2020-06-27: [r15215] bpr
  [minor] add userlib in perl script
2020-06-27: [r15214] bpr
  [wimsdoc] add changelog (file, in the NEWS, only some part
  is shown)
2020-06-26: [r15208] lemaire
  [help/createxo] an example added in examples.phtml and more explanations
  for steps and conditions
2020-06-26: [r15207] and previous bpr
  adapt anstype/chemformula slib/chemistry/brut2html for ions
2020-06-26: [r15196] bpr
  [regclass] change the  default for the expiration date (not the limit).
2020-06-25: [r15193] bpr
  [mathmlinput] apply texmath to reply__$i
2020-06-24: [r15188] and other bpr
  [quicktool] add variable presentgood in type GAP and QCM and some models
2020-06-23: [r15185] reyssat
  [wimsdoc] improved help on debugging methods
2020-06-22: [r15183] bpr
  [mathmlinput] add chemformla in mathmlinput
2020-06-22: [r15181] bpr
  [oef] span -> div class=inline in oef/embed.phtml
2020-06-22: [r15180] bpr
  [mathmlinput] add test presentgood>1 to show the answer in the statement
2020-06-22: [r15179] lemaire
  minor changes in the presentation of the general help of each model
2020-06-22: [r15176] lemaire
    latex version is added in the model markprop
2020-06-22: [r15175] obado
  [mathmlinput] replace mathml textarea "rows" attribute by a style="width:"
2020-06-22: [r15174] bpr
  [wimsdoc] add - some undocumented function (to document ..)
  - insertion of the documentation of canvasdraw and flydraw, (canvasdraw examples
  not work ...)
2020-06-17: [r15161] guerimand
  [minor] disk quota for freework use class_limit instead of nbuser
2020-06-16: [r15159] bpr
   work on slib chessboard and anstype/chessgame
2020-06-16: [r15152] obado
  [JS] Upgrade some 3rd party libraries :
  * CodeMirror 5.48.4 => 5.54
  * CodeMirror : add neat + zenburn themes
  * what-input v5.2.7 => v5.2.10
  * jquery 3.4.1 => 3.5.1
  * marked 0.8 => 1.1.0
2020-06-16: [r15151] bpr
  [oef/answer] fix bug in case of multiple steps when the answer type is with dprompt
2020-06-16: [r15150] bpr
  [slib/chessmv]: can marked cells
  mvts are now put in the final slib_out (can be marked after)
2020-06-12: [r15136] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw touchend
2020-06-12: [r15134] bpr
  [glossary] correction of the title in case of several levels.
2020-06-11: [r15131] lemaire
  [model] answer is analyzed with range or numexp instead of numeric
    in 152twoparms and 154fourparms
2020-06-11: [r15130] obado
  Add a new "wims_form_id" that allow choosing a form id when using "!form" instruction
2020-06-11: [r15128] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw} added 'touchend' to improve behaviour of touch devices in case 'userdraw'
    and 'multidraw' [TO TEST]
2020-06-10: [r15127] bpr
  [anstype] in case of the answer of anstype multipleclick, add class selected (opacity)
2020-06-09: [r15120] obado
  [slib/anstype] chessboard
  "raw" option export now only chess pieces (no html) (used by chessgame anstype)
  new "rawhtml" option to export the list of html elements
2020-06-09: [r15119] bpr
  [model/markprop] replace balise p by div as it contains \embed{r}
2020-06-08: [r15111] schaersvoorde
  new version of canvasdraw
2020-06-01: [r15074] lemaire
  [model] In "Successive questions about an object" model (steps.oef),
    possibility to answer with a function
    possibility to fix the relative accuracy for numeric answers
    use of the variable to manage the display of correct answers
2020-05-29: [r15057] obado
  [class backup] : add an option "include dependencies" that allows supervisor
  to make a selective backup of his class without including required dependencies
  (at his own risks, but in some cases he can stil download an archive
  that would be too big otherwise)
2020-05-29: [r15054] bpr
  [createxo] add download="" to href
2020-05-29: [r15053] obado
  [minor] Anstype compose and reorder now use the same "compose.css" style
2020-05-28: [r15052] obado
  [minor] JS : add a "toggle all" checkbox to select easily all other checkboxes
  in Selective class backup
  + CSS : display selective backup options in columns
2020-05-28: [r15051] obado
  [minor] anstype compose : image displayed as mathml replacement for chrome
  use now same CSS padding as mathML
2020-05-28: [r15050] bpr
  [fix] fix computation of the score in multidraw
  [minor/ergo] link tchat is not same when it is open or close
2020-05-26: [r15043] obado
  [bugfix/html] OEF : Replace id="answeranalysis" by class="answer_analysis" to avoid some unwanted hiding in old oef models
  + modify all "qcm.oef" models to suppress an unwanted "display:none"
2020-05-25: [r15039] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] bad display of filelimitsize when freework activated
2020-05-24: [r15038] guerimand
  [minor/add] how to make a new type zone in freework
2020-05-24: [r15037] guerimand
  [minor/improvment] freework type=2 not display in menu selection
  when desactivated by server administrator
2020-05-23: [r15032] bpr
  [doc] glossary in documents can have two arguments as the oef primitive glossary
2020-05-20: [r15026] obado
  improve steps.oef model : now every response has a label
  feedbacks in steps.oef now uses oef_ind__ colors
  now feedbacks with oef_ind__ class use background-color to specify
    if response is bad/goof/partial.... (see steps.oef model as sample)

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