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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.21a

Release Notes
Correction of bugs
Change Log
many translation corrections.
2020-08-12: [r15302] czzmrn
[minor/openclasses] add games to italian game class
2020-08-11: [r15300] czzmrn
[openclass] updating italian class on  math games (symmetry).
  need to test before translating to other languages
2020-08-10: [r15298] schaersvoorde
  add 'freework' for theme 'default'
2020-08-07: [r15295] bpr
  [minor]  hash password only if the login is OK
2020-08-06: [r15293] bpr
  latex commands in canvasdraw were not taken in account.
2020-08-05: [r15290] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] error when creating users/teacher with empty login in case of php
2020-07-30: [r15284] guerimand
  [minor] centralise test to add tchat link in script/adm/linkmodule
2020-07-30: [r15282] bpr
  [minor] adapt the maintainer address as the author address in the about
2020-07-29: [r15280] obado
  [modtool] Replace webget by curl to send tgz module, allowing SSL connections
  (not handled by webget) + add extensions (.proc, .sh) to all scripts
2020-07-28: [r15278] obado
  [minor/i18n] Correct some translations in SharpTools
2020-07-24: [r15276] obado
  [minor] improve WIMS display when crawled by robots
  + Add  "SameSite" attribute (now required) on WIMS cookie
2020-07-24: [r15275] bpr
  [anstype] use the id of canvasdraw instead of taking the first one ...
2020-07-21: [r15273] bpr
  [fix] bug when there is only one record content in the glossary.
2020-07-21: [r15272] guerimand
  [minor/slib] change space between three digits in html mode
2020-07-20: [r15270] bpr
  [minor] bad return line char
2020-07-19: [r15269] lemaire
  [anstype] chemformula - correction of latex option when
    replygood is not given
2020-07-18: [r15268] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] bad title in cdt in a class of a groupement
  + add a description of the cdt in this case
2020-07-18: [r15267] guerimand
  [major] centralize test to display link for cdt and livret
2020-07-18: [r15266] guerimand
  [minor] no display of the cdt when error=bad_class
2020-07-10: [r15265] georgesk
  changed the attribution for the last nucleide data
2020-07-09: [r15264] georgesk
  added some Transuranium elements
2020-07-08: [r15263] georgesk
  fixed a bug with scrambled mass numbers of isotopes
2020-07-08: [r15262] georgesk
  new slibs to deal with nuclear reactions's typesetting
2020-07-08: [r15261] obado
  [minor/tchat] prevent date to overflow with message content
2020-07-08: [r15260] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw bug:command 'input' did not accept an 'empty string'
  as 'value'
2020-07-04: [r15258] bpr
  [glossary] add glossary in ecogestion
2020-06-30: [r15256] bpr
  [chemclick] colors to adapt, using the jsme of june 30 !
2020-06-30: [r15255] bpr
  [minor] add colorlegend to chemclick