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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.21e

Release Notes
2020-12-28: [r15619] bpr
  add compilation of doc 1028
2020-12-27: [r15611,r15613] schaersvoorde
  [minor/canvasdraw] corrected command "parallel", to be more compatible
    with flydraw & affine transformations
2020-12-27: [r15610] bpr
  [minor] tchat does not appear in the cgu pages (in general adm/light)
2020-12-26: [r15608] bpr
  [minor] hide the module adress in case of an exolog / examlog for the student.
2020-12-26: [r15606] bpr
  [exam] exam score has 2 decimals (hope !)
2020-12-26: [r15605] bpr
  [about] no about when wims_user is not empty or surpervisor or developper
    (the test was not good)
2020-12-26: [r15604] bpr
[slib] add canvasdraw as option in slib circuits
2020-12-26: [r15602] bpr
  [adm/userscore/csv] add to exam scores for the different sessions
2020-12-24: [r15601] schaersvoorde
  [minor/canvasdraw] solved some issues with curve & affine/rotate
2020-12-22: [r15600] schaersvoorde
  [minor/canvasdraw]  command "fillpattern image_url" was gone fishing!
2020-12-21: [r15598] bpr
  [canvasdraw] add the module which compare flydraw and canvadraw.
  For the moment, no link to it (see README) because it should be
  checked and modify.
2020-12-21: [r15597] bpr
  [anstype] image mode only if ans_require=dynapi3
2020-12-21: [r15596] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn]  checking on correct usage of parenthesis in functions
2020-12-18: [r15595] bpr
  [createxo/help] delete some link (don't work in the help from the home page)
2020-12-18: [r15594] bpr
  [glossary] from eulerwims
2020-12-15: [r15591] bpr
  [fix] glossary was not in the list of the special subjects help
2020-12-15: [r15590] bpr
  [fix] add limit in html5 - test parenthesis with checkallpar
2020-12-15: [r15588] bpr
  [major] add command checkallpar -- add/fix tests in wimstest
2020-12-13: [r15585] schaersvoorde
  [minor/transl] synchronized useropts.phtml 'nl' version with 'en'
2020-12-13: [r15584] bpr
  [adm/class/glossary] fix the modification of glose titles
2020-12-12: [r15583] bpr
  [useropts] by default the zoom is disactivated (the test was not good).
2020-12-11: [r15581] bpr
  [src2def] adapt to be able to compile documents in the directory
2020-12-11: [r15579] bpr
  [minor] take in account scoremax in the userexambar
2020-12-11: [r15578] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] Italian
2020-12-10: [r15576] and +  bpr
  [oef/button] take in account series of exercises
2020-12-10: [r15574] bpr
  [improvment] case of seedrepeat>0: the button renew is replaced by Try
  before the last allowed try + msg
2020-12-10: [r15573] bpr
  [src debug] add a variable tmp_debug_use_var: each time one of this variable is used,
  its value is put in the debugging trace.
2020-12-10: [r15571] bpr
  [exam] add bar for exam in sequence
2020-12-09: [r15569] bpr
  [exam] add bar showing the differents sessions in the list of exam.
2020-12-08: [r15568] obado
  [tinyMCE] Remove "link" button for students in freework.
    (change by Marina & Fabrice, thanks ;)
2020-12-07: [r15567] czzmrn
  [minor/language] updating Italian help files
[minor/language] updating Italian help files (work in progress)
2020-12-07: [r15564] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] lost of seealltime option in a frewwork when modify other freework options
2020-12-06: [r15563] czzmrn
  [language/Italian] Italian words for bases/dic/it
2020-12-05: [r15562] bpr
  [userscore] add explanation (with mouse) to "details" in the exam list.
2020-12-05: [r15560] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] move out of the way potentially offensive fortunes
2020-12-05: [r15558] bpr
  [exam score] add colors for exercise scores and title of the exam.2020-12-03: [r15557] bpr
2020-12-03: [r15556] bpr
  [latex2wims] label must not have accents as they are used in balise a in html
2020-12-01: [r15555] bpr
  [slib/tabsignes] delete color:black which is useless
2020-12-01: [r15554] bpr
  [adddoc] add cmd=new if there is some parameters in the address of the tool to insert
  (for tools)
2020-12-01: [r15553] bpr
  [css] use ref_menucolor in latex2wims default styles
2020-11-27: [r15552] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] typos + updating Italian help files

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