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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.21f

Release Notes
Il est recommandé de mettre à jour pari si vous ne l'avez pas fait depuis longtemps, au minimum 2.11.0, mais la plus récente stable est mieux.
Change Log
2021-04-01: [r15744] bpr
  [tabsignes] improvment in tabsignes (from eulerwims)
2021-04-01: [r15743,15742,15740] guerimand
  [minor] maximal number of technical variable can be set by site manager
2021-03-31: [r15739] guerimand
  [major] check boundary of integer parameters
2021-03-13: [r15735] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] italian
2021-03-12: [r15734] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: add "version 0.5" to  js-include file
2021-03-09: [r15723,r15733-157310] obado
  [minor/canvasdraw] improvment of the presentation of canvasdraw help
2021-03-06: [r15729] reyssat
  [bug] missing tail when viewing checked exercises from supervisor point of view
2021-03-06: [r15728] reyssat
  [bug] missing tail when viewing checked exercises
  (non closed div tags, and geogebra applet did'nt show up)
2021-03-06: [r15727] reyssat
  [clean] useless things in geogebra slibs
2021-03-02: [r15724] bpr
  [minor] replace ceil by rint to be compatible with other places as csv in sheet notes
  (print in the html page)
2021-03-01: [r15722] obado
  [minor][html/css] Improve display of canvasdraw command list in help
  + code formatting on CSS files
2021-02-28: [r15721] bpr
  [formatage] add name_votants in french
2021-02-26: [r15718] bpr
  [vote] fix: the results did not appeared in some circonstances.
2021-02-23: [r15717] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw] canvasdraw: corrected alternative command for jsplot
2021-02-23: [r15716] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw]  canvasdraw: add generic command 'kill argument' [work in progress]
2021-02-21: [r15715] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw]alternative commands are 'searchable' again
2021-02-20: [r15713] schaersvoorde
  [scienceprint] random id in case of installed KaTeX
2021-02-19: [r15711] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw]  slightly improved dashing of arrows (in dragstuff,userdraw & multidraw)
  resetting dashing for the arrow head...
2021-02-17: [r15707] bpr
  [fixbug] fix bug in exam dependencies (thanks to DB).
2021-02-13: [r15706] reyssat
  [help] techdoc if and ifval commands
2021-02-13: [r15705] czzmrn
  [fix] for polygons does not matter the order in which you draw the vertices
  (to be tested e.g. with multidraw)
2021-02-12: [r15704] obado
  [minor] improve accessibility :
  * remove redundant titles attributes (no need to say same thing twice :)
  * raise up some small font sizes
  * raise up some small contrast colors
  * hide robot trapper link to screen readers
2021-02-12: [r15703] obado
  [minor/html] replace p by div in hanging and wordjumble OEF models,
  to let users add more tags inside, and avoid unwanted p inside p.
2021-02-11: [r15701] guerimand
  [minor/add] can import tool and glossary + work on ressources limit (not ended)
2021-02-09: [r15700] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] delete eventually end line space in module exo name in .sheet..
2021-02-06: [r15699] bpr
  [fix] in external_auth, - and words less than 4 characteurs are allowed
2021-02-03: [r15695] bpr
  [anstype clickfill] fix a bug when there is a default and nothing to answer
2021-02-03: [r15692-r15693] reyssat
  [translation english]
2021-02-02: [r15691] bpr
  [model hanging] add options (noaccent, first and last letters shown)
2021-02-02: [r15690] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw] added command 'arcarrow|arrowarc', left,right,left/right
  added commands 'arc','angle','arcarrow' to onclick and drag&drop
2021-02-01: [r15689] bpr
  [slib tabsigns] bug fixed "end tag had attributes" in table
  modification of variable tab_tag
  new variable tab_tag_attr to cancel this bug
  bug fixed "color for + and -" (from Euler-Versailles)
2021-01-31: [r15688] bpr
  [class/config] connexion links must not appear in case of
  a program in a portail
2021-01-26: [r15687] obado
  [minor/bugfix] [createxo] add a step of 0.0001 in html5 number
2021-01-25: [r15685] obado
  [minor/css] Finally removes .table-scroll from utilities.css,
  as it could be confusing with "unbreakable" to users.