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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.23a

Release Notes
2021-09-30: [r16074] bpr
  [model] replace instruction class by wims_question
2021-09-30: [r16071] guerimand
  [adm/modtool] default parameters for oef exercise used when test
    a single exercise in a class
2021-09-29: [r16070] guerimand
  [adm/modtool] define default value for oef exercise for test link
2021-09-29: [r16069] guerimand
  [bugfix] tchat link was not displayed in exercise page
2021-09-28: [r16068] guerimand
  [adm/class/freework] can use tex in description zone in type=3
2021-09-27: [r16063] bpr
  [slib brut2html] fix when there is no ion
2021-09-26: [r16053,r16052] bpr
  add open classes (H4 and H5 professionnelle)
2021-09-24: [r16050] georgesk
  Implemented new units : VA and var
2021-09-21: [r16049] guerimand
  [adm/class/tchat] bugfix session problem in supervisor page
  when several user activate sharing page + sh error when no user shared file
2021-09-18: [r16048] bpr
  [fixbug] in clickfill, correction with &nbsp
2021-09-15: [r16044] guerimand
  [adm/class/usermanage] display user_lastconnect
2021-09-14 [r16040] guerimand
  [minor] display lastconnect date in home page ; only after connect
2021-09-05: [r16038] bpr
  [doc] when deleting a document, mkdir the directory src (SL)
  (in some circonstances, the new file main was not saved)
2021-09-04: [r16037] bpr
  [fix] for modifying the order in a series
2021-08-25: [r16034] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion
2021-08-24: [r16033] obado
  [forum/mboard] email is only required when specified by mboard options
  + only supervisor can view students email
2021-08-24: [r16032] obado
  [adm/raw] "getclass" job can now return strings with '"' in correct json
2021-08-24: [r16031] obado
  [adm/raw] "addclass" job handle fields limits now
2021-08-23: [r16030] obado
  [minor/anstype] multipleclick : remove some padding on selectable cells +
2021-08-23: [r16029] bpr
  [fix] replace = by issametext in scripts/adm/class/colors
2021-08-20: [r16026] bpr
  [glossary] typo in counting the records
2021-08-18: [r16024] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion
2021-08-14: [r16023] bpr
  [fix] fix ariane for visitor and public sheets
2021-08-14: [r16022] bpr
  [fix] try to fix the problem of nextseries in public sheets.
2021-09-14: [r16043] czzmrn
  [fix] doc directory might not exists (e.g. when class created via adm/raw) module=adm/class/adddoc
2021-08-04 [r16020] guerimand
  [minor] add variable user_agreesupcgu to prevent agree cgu to each class creation
2021-08-03: [r16019] bpr
  [] accept directory with two levels, as local/1
2021-08-02: [r16018] bpr
  [oef/intromenu] delete empty items in the keywords
2021-07-29: [r16016] guerimand
  [minor] preview of text zone for student in adm/class/freewor
2021-07-28: [r16015] bpr
  [maintainer] put configure in svn and comment in compile autoconf
  should update configure by hand for the release
2021-07-26 [r16013] guerimand
  [minor] add .def to save file of class
    can restore in the class some data of .def from a save file
2021-07-21 [r16006] guerimand
  [major] add hide exam with a technical variable
2021-07-08 [r15998] guerimand
  [major] add auto show/hide sequence

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