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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.23b

Release Notes

2021-12-22: [r16198] bpr [minor] use rint in all sheet score 2021-12-22: [r16197] guerimand [adm/class/usermanage] mkuserlist after use of job=regmanage 2021-12-21: [r16196] bpr [score] harmonisation of the approximation of the score of a sheet 2021-12-21: [r16195] guerimand [adm/class/sheet,adm/class/exam] error message when use a wrong technical variable name in hidden_condition 2021-12-20: [r16194] guerimand [adm/class/exam] now different description message for sheet and exam to hide/show with technical variable option (traduction needed) 2021-12-20: [r16192] guerimand [adm/class/usermanage] bad display when no technical variable and no comments for a user in userlist page 2021-12-20: [r16191] reyssat [bug] for chemeq, due to to wrap..exec 2021-12-20: [r16190] guerimand [minor/bugfix] when use direct link to program in a course of portal 2021-12-20: [r16189] guerimand [css] bugfix when no manager class message on the server 2021-12-20: [r16188] bpr [slib/numeration/ecriturelettre] no comma in english version of a number 2021-12-19: [r16186] guerimand [adm/class/freework] tmp desactivation of type=4 to make distribution 4.23b 2021-12-19: [r16185] guerimand [adm/manage] add a description for job=motd 2021-12-18: [r16183,16183] czzmrn [minor/fix] it openclass 1368 fix link in external links 2021-12-18: [r16181] czzmrn [minor/fix] it openclass 1367 remove class exercises from sheets 2021-12-18: [r16180] czzmrn [minor/fix] it openclass 1368 remove class exercises from sheets 2021-12-17: [r16178] obado [minor] set default values in new message settings manager 2021-12-17: [r16177] obado [minor] Improve helps in new "Message setting" manager. (add english strings) 2021-12-17: [r16176] obado [minor] Improve new "message setting" in admin manager 2021-12-17: [r16174] bpr [language] es 2021-12-17: [r16173] guerimand [adm/manager] can modify file motd.phtml and manager_msg.phtml file with interface 2021-12-16: [r16171] reyssat [help] for slib ecriturelettre 2021-12-16: [r16169r16165] bpr [numeration/ecriturelettre] variante avec septante, etc 2021-12-16: [r16160] bpr [minor] add file for help exam (not translated) 2021-12-15: [r16158] guerimand [adm/class/sequence] bugfix for the first use of technical variable to hide/show sequence 2021-12-13: [r16157] obado [minor] Replace by 2021-12-13: [r16156] guerimand [sequence] change name for sequence status 2021-12-13: [r16154] guerimand [adm/class/sequence] bugfix saved parameters lost for hide/show sequence 2021-12-12: [r16153] guerimand [adm/class/sequence] bugfix when use hide/show sequence with technical variable 2021-12-08: [r16148] guerimand [adm/class/userscore] display detail of exam session bugfix when two many exam try for a student 2021-12-07: [r16145] bpr [oef] add the possibility to add a small calculator 2021-12-04: [r16143] guerimand [adm/class/sequence] hide/show sequence with same interface than score in sheet and exam 2021-12-03: [r16142] bpr [openclass] fix some scoredelay in sheets (thanks to GM) 2021-11-29: [r16141] bpr [compile] other proposition for configure for homebrew 2021-11-22: [r16140] bpr [] fix warning 2021-11-22: [r16139] bpr [compile] add src/config.hin + comments for option for configure in compile 2021-11-19: [r16138] obado [CSS] make input buttons larger than secondary buttons 2021-11-19: [r16137] obado Make actions buttons larger on small devices 2021-11-16: [r16134] bpr [codeinput] fix inputsize treatement by default 2021-11-15: [r16133] bpr [fix] MAX_SHEET in c: hope it fixes the getscore error (the set of exams count as a sheet). 2021-11-15: [r16131] guerimand [minor] add link from courses to program in a portal (work in progress) 2021-11-15: [r16129] bpr [my_debug] call_sh is different in wims.c and in Wimslogd 2021-11-14: [r16128] bpr [template] add related.phtml in intro of exercise template 2021-11-10: [r16124] guerimand add system variable MAX_SUBCLASSES and use it in module adm/class/regclass adm/class/gateway 2021-11-08: [r16122] bpr [deduc] towards multilanguage 2021-11-06: [r16112] bpr add publisher in error message for noright 2021-11-05: [r16111] guerimand [adm/class/usermanage] bugfix bad order in column lastconnect 2021-11-05: [r16110] guerimand [home] bugfix bad exam title when use technical variable to hide exam 2021-11-05: [r16109] guerimand [adm/class/sequences] bugfix hide/show sequence 2021-10-23: [r16100,..,r16105] bpr [translation] es translation (Luis Alejandro Marquez Martinez) 2021-10-22: [r16099] guerimand [adm/class/exploresave] minor optimization 2021-10-22: [r16098] guerimand [adm/class/exploresave] can import/replace freework 2021-10-20: [r16097] guerimand [adm/class/livret] display description in user page 2021-10-20: [r16096] guerimand [adm/class/config] add index for sheet button 2021-10-20: [r16095] guerimand [adm/sheet] build index files of sheet when sheet_active=0 and discordance 2021-10-19: [r16094] guerimand [adm/class/config] add freework for restore and save 2021-10-15: [r16093] czzmrn [language] internationalization adm/class/freework 2021-10-15: [r16091] guerimand [adm/class/config] forbidden upload ressources exceed system limit 2021-10-14: [r16090] guerimand [script/adm] limit writeweights to MAX_SHEET parameter 2021-10-14: [r16089] guerimand [adm/sheet] limit importation of sheet to MAX_SHEET value 2021-10-13: [r16087] guerimand [adm/class/freework] add type=4 freework (workinprogress...) 2021-10-07: [r16086] bpr [accessibility] oefcolors as in Nikaia ! 2021-10-07: [r16084] guerimand [adm/class/freework] hide user login when display file name in user page when type=2 2021-10-07: [r16083] guerimand [adm/class/freework] bugfix can delete freework with an active freework after 2021-10-06: [r16082] bpr detag label in print version. 2021-10-01: [r16080] bpr modification of calc_detag: can detag only a list of environment (DB) use in oef exercises for deleting label when the answer is done.

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