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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.24

Release Notes
- Nettoyer avec le script

- Decompresser l'archive wims4.24.tgz

- .compile --mathjax

Change Log
wims.4.24 [r16873]
2022-06-26: [r16872] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: add keyword 'group' and command 'kill group'
2022-06-25: [r16869] bpr
  [slib/odejs] use runge-kutta (from SL)
2022-06-24: [r16867] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] typo, wrong variable name adm/class/userscore exam score colors
2022-06-24: [r16866] guerimand
  [minor,src/Misc/exostat] bugfix some activities double count +
  simulation exam count in score instead of noscore + no more reading file user.exam and user.bin
2022-06-24: [r16865] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/stat] bugfix bad display of first exam in case of only one sheet in the class
2022-06-24: [r16864] obado
  [minor/css] add missing text_icons to font awesome
  + add a .wims_details class to add background colors do details/summary tags
2022-06-24: [r16862] bpr
  [jsxgraph] responsivity if it is asked explicitly
2022-06-23: [r16859] obado
  [minor/js] Upgrade codemirror from 5.65.2 to 5.65.6
  + add new codemirror themes (3024 + base16)
2022-06-23: [r16857] gmarbeuf
  [slib/geo2d/jsxgraph] turn back to version 1 to cancel automatic conversion
    of applets no responsive into responsive
2022-06-23: [r16855] bpr
  [menumodubox] change order in the "left menu"
2022-06-23: [r16854] bpr
  [help] from Sophie Lemaire
2022-06-23: [r16851] obado
  [minor/css] add css transitions to details>summary boxes.
2022-06-23: [r16850] obado
  [minor/icons] Allow some Font Aweseome icons to be displayed
    with "text_icon" (doch_toc doch_up doch_prev doch_next nexthist backhist)
2022-06-23: [r16848] obado
  [minor/jsxgraph] display oef_indXXX icon inside jsxgraph wrapper.
2022-06-23: [r16847] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: drag&drop reply for external images was gone fishing...
2022-06-23: [r16846] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/userscore] bugfix display sendbug for student
2022-06-22: [r16845] bpr
  [canvasdraw] make responsive (from Olivier Bado)
2022-06-22: [r16843] obado
  [minor/molecule] replace ch4.pdb (from Gerard dupuis) by ch4.pdb
  generated by openBabel
2022-06-22: [r16842] obado
  [minor/jsxgraph] do not put jsxgraph in "inline" mode after oef response.
  + jsxgraph border color now apply oef_ind colors after reply
2022-06-21: [r16841] bpr
  [slib/algebra/slopedraw] can be done in canvasdraw.
    fix a problem with pari_header when there is several slopedraw.
2022-06-20: [r16840] bpr
  [help] add wims_name_title_techvar
2022-06-20: [r16839-r16838] bpr
  [oef] add slib.phtml
2022-06-20: [r16837] obado
  [minor/css] Improve responsiveness of property_fields forms embedding large code/pre or textarea
2022-06-20: [r16835] bpr
  [slib/balance] can be drawn with canvasdraw (yet some problem with fill)
2022-06-20: [r16833] gmarbeuf
  [slib/geo2d/jsxgraph] add option nocssjs noalert and automatic conversion
    of applets using the old version into responsive applets
2022-06-19: [r16828] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: 'multidraw function' accepts multiple function inputs
2022-06-19: [r16827] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw] add functionplot to multidraw
2022-06-18: [r16825] bpr
  2022-06-18: [r16824] bpr
  [images] add images for methods
2022-06-17: [r16822] bpr
  [oefconfig] update oefdefault with modifications of expert oefmenu
2022-06-17: [r16821] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exolog,adm/class/config] add option class_mexolog :
    supervisor can allow participant to send a warming internal message when make an exolog
2022-06-17: [r16818] bpr
  [anstype] multidraw, fix bug,
2022-06-17: [r16812] bpr
  [password] if authentification is not wims auth, forcechangeword is no when added a reguser
2022-06-15: [r16809] czzmrn
  [minor/html] forgotten start b tag (with no end tag)
2022-06-15: [r16805] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] add option class_hideaverage
2022-06-15: [r16804] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] job=neighbor keep open sharing detail when saving choice
2022-06-14: [r16801] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sequence] share hide restriction in sharing class
2022-06-14: [r16800] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sequence] installation of multilangage help
2022-06-14: [r16799] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exam] score restriction with technical variable :
  in case of sharing class disallow use of a techvar not defined in all the sharing class in case of propagation
2022-06-14: [r16798] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sheet] score restriction with technical variable :
  in case of sharing class disallow use of a techvar not defined in all the sharing class in case of propagation
2022-06-14: [r16795] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exam] help for exam forget exit
2022-06-14: [r16794] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] ergonomie on sharing/import relation page
2022-06-14: [r16793] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] balise </li> without <li> and </ul> without <ul>
2022-06-13: [r16792] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] bad display of link add_freework in class in portal + mutualisation of test to access freework in linkmodule file
2022-06-13: [r16791] czzmrn
  [minor/css] better display of exam scores
2022-06-13: [r16790] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/tchat] display link for tchat even if tchat desactivated by server administrator
2022-06-13: [r16789] guerimand
  [minor,adm/classfreework] display link for add_freework even if freework desactivated by server administrator
2022-06-13: [r16787] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] clarification of neighbor usage option in fr
2022-06-10: [r16785] bpr
  [moleculeViewer] deprecated (no title)
2022-06-10: [r16785] bpr
  [slib moleculeViewer] deprecated (no title)
2022-06-10: [r16784] bpr
  [fix] special codeinput: can be used with for="reply1" (with no space)
2022-06-09: [r16782] bpr
  [model] hanging: add an embraced randitem.
2022-06-07: [r16773] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] in examcheck the color does not take into account the setting of scoremax
2022-06-07: [r16772] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] better display of score colors in examcheck
2022-06-07: [r16771] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] in examcheck the color does not take into account the setting of scoremax
wims.4.23d [r16764]
2022-06-04: [r16763] bpr
  [classification] unisciel
2022-06-03: [r16755] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] don't display 'remark when working'
    when option seealltime not activated
2022-06-03: [r16754] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] bugfix unable to uncheck option seealltime
2022-06-03: [r16753] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] bugfix add ; for each new line in textarea form zone
2022-06-02: [r16751] bpr
  [wimsdoc] add doc for getscorestatus
2022-06-02: [r16747] bpr
  [openclass 1049]
2022-06-02: [r16740] bpr
  [moldraw] fix for names with space
2022-06-02: [r16739] bpr
  [moldraw] use of the database
2022-06-01: [r16738] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] disallow more than one wimsexo zone
2022-06-01: [r16736] bpr
  [oef] add option for feedback, solution, etc in oef
    (can appear only if scoringstatus=no if exo is in a sheet)
2022-06-01: [r16734] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] bugfix lost solution files
    index when save structure of freework in type=3
2022-06-01: [r16733] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] disallow option scoring in portal
    (incompatibility of file .grades saved in different course)
2022-05-31: [r16731] bpr
2022-05-31: [r16729] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sheet] disallow activation of sheet with more than MAX_EXOS exercise
2022-05-31: [r16728] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sheet] job=delete use adm/sheet/writeweights
    to clean .vars .weights .require .active files
2022-05-31: [r16727] guerimand
  [major] confusion bad limit of sheet number + fix warning
2022-05-31: [r16726] bpr
  [open class 1149] activation of sheets 4 and 5
2022-05-25: [r16717] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] bugfix incomplet exolog in case of autoreg
2022-05-24: [r16711] guerimand
  [major,adm/class/freework] add auto registration of exercise
    option in freework type 3 wimsexo
2022-05-24: [r16709] guerimand
  [minor,oef] don't display link intro/config (tail) for student
    in class (exercise launch from doc or freework)
2022-05-24: [r16708] guerimand
  [major] bugfix freework in a programm don't display in linked course
2022-05-21: [r16705] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] added script size imitation for 'sub / sup' in canvasdraw 'string' command family
  corrected doc's
2022-05-20: [r16702] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] job=clean : user in a sub-structure of groupement or portal
    are really deleted in this sub-structure
2022-05-20: [r16701] guerimand
  [minor,adm/sendbug] bad bug log in case of exercise in an exam
2022-05-20: [r16700] schaersvoorde
  [canvasdraw] added sup / sub imitation to canvasdraw 'string' command family
2022-05-20: [r16699] bpr
  [anstype] add option shuffle to compose
2022-05-19: [r16696] bpr [r16704] guerimand
  [fix] in case of exams, use of MAX_EXAMS as it is different from MAX_EXOS
    and from 64 for score (to check).
2022-05-18: [r16694] guerimand
  [minor,bugfix] bad link to examples classes page in documentation
2022-05-18: [r16693] guerimand
  [minor,doc] key serial of fold/unfold is now with number instead of filename
2022-05-14: [r16687] guerimand
  [minor,adm/doc] bugfix12996 for fold in document (preliminary version)
2022-05-12: [r16686] obado
  revert vgeogebraversion to old 452
2022-05-11: [r16684] guerimand
  [minor,home] display correct acces in portal for supervisor with participant access
    to a class + use html details
2022-05-10: [r16683] guerimand
  [major,oefmodule] bugfix when use hint/resume in an oef exercise m_reply$i
    and m_choice$i values not initialized
2022-05-10: [r16682] guerimand
  [minor,adm/raw] limit job=addclass to individual class/groupement / class in groupement
2022-05-10: [r16680] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exploresave] job=import sheet delete reference to doc presentation
    and hidesheet with technical variable when import
    + disallow import of a sheet with individual techvar
    + optimization of error message manage for sheet
2022-05-09: [r16679] bpr
  [anstype/clock] equivalence 12 and 0 for the hours (Luis Alejandro Marquez Martinez)
2022-05-07: [r16676] bpr
[css] transfer wims_scrollable in utilities to be listed in createxo help
2022-05-06: [r16671] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/tchat] hide error message toobigfile in case of select a new file
2022-05-06: [r16666] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/tchat] bugfix problem for uploading a second file in
    the tchat with extension different
2022-05-04: [r16659] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] protect variables expiration,institution,location,
    geoloc from upload backup in a subclass of groupement or portal
2022-05-04: [r16658] bpr
  [css] add css wims_scrollable to canvasdraw.phtml
2022-05-04: [r16656] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] bugfix display intro/config link when user do exercise
2022-05-04: [r16654] obado
  [minor/reactiondraw] Add a "wims_scrollable" css class and use it on all reactiondraw slib calls
2022-05-04: [r16653] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] display activity log for exowims in a freework
2022-05-03: [r16650] obado
  Improve direct exec accessibility (add missing labels / h2)
2022-05-03: [r16647] guerimand
  log freework activity in case of exowims
  check right exercice parameters by c before rgistering exercise
2022-05-02: [r16642] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] disable javascript timeout in case of KaTeX
2022-05-01: [r16638] bpr
  [canvasdraw] add Timeout in command centered because of delay of Mathjax (Joke Evers)
2022-05-01: [r16634] bpr
  add reactiondraw in direct exec
2022-04-29: [r16628] obado
  Upgrade MathJax to 3.2.0
  Must run "./compile --mathjax" to work properly
2022-04-29: [r16625] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] add restriction access file to class backup
2022-04-28: [r16621] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] use job=directexo to launch wims exercise
    in freework instead of direct link
2022-04-27: [r16617] guerimand
  [minor] force change password process in case of supervisor
    use tableur link + centralisation of process in adm/class/adduser file
2022-04-26: [r16616] gmarbeuf
  [slib/function/tabsignes] Auto-completion in manual mode of missing items
    at the end of a line with empty items. New option nocss to not load the css via the slib
2022-04-25 [r16615] guerimand
    add parameters user_forcechpwd to force user to change password in case of
    supervisor change it or send password process
2022-04-22: [r16597] bpr
  [mathml] add hrectangle and vrectangle
2022-04-22: [r16596] bpr
  [major mathml] add macro lewis (with the help of Joke and Dominique)
2022-04-20: [r16592] obado
  [minor] add short descriptions of new adm/raw jobs in
2022-04-20: [r16591] obado
  [adm/raw] add 2 jobs (restoreclassbackups and listclassbackups) to handle class backups
2022-04-15: [r16584] gmarbeuf
  [slib/geo2d/jsxgraph] upadte for responsiveness of jsxgraph applet
2022-04-15: [r16582] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sendmail] lang + in case of wims_mail_hidden=yes
    add a message "not reply to this message..."
2022-04-15: [r16581] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sendmail] hide sender mail in case of wims_mail_hidden=yes
2022-04-14: [r16579] guerimand
  [minor,adm/raw] add job=getmodulesstat to get module statistic
2022-04-14: [r16578] obado
  [minor/css] update .jxgbox style to be centered in wims_form
2022-04-13: [r16577] gmarbeuf
  [glossary/dynamic example] change display
2022-04-13: [r16576] gmarbeuf
  [glossary/macro multiple] change generation and display
  [minor/css] add styles for details/summary html5 tags (accordions)
2022-04-11: [r16569] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] hide "corrected file zone" in case of no file zone for student
2022-04-11: [r16568] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] separate remark (when student working) from
    final remark (after student work)
2022-04-10: [r16567] bpr
  [multidraw] missing centered when reinput the answer
2022-04-10: [r16565] czzmrn
   M /trunk/wims/public_html/modules/adm/class/sendmail/lang/
2022-04-09: [r16560] bpr
  [fix] fix html in formbar
2022-04-08: [r16558] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] solution/feedback of oef exercise can be display
    to  user when codownload=1 (supervisor choice)
2022-04-08: [r16556] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] badcount of nbcorrectedcopies
2022-04-08: [r16555] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] fix sh error message in case of no files in
    freework data directory
2022-04-07: [r16554] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] tracing of user first connect after
    codownload=1 / supervisor can see
2022-04-07: [r16547] guerimand
  [minor,srcipt/oef] display observation on OEF exercise page in case of wims_user=supervisor
2022-04-06: [r16545] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] bugfix type=3 upload by supervisor corrected files to user page
2022-04-06: [r16544] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] bad description message in job=listwork3 in case seealltime=1
2022-04-06: [r16542] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] in case of seealltime=1 supervisor can write
    remark on student work and student can see it
2022-04-06: [r16539] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/reguser] separate reguser/regteacher
2022-04-04: [r16530] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sendmail] change accordion by toggle for selecting recipient
2022-04-04: [r16529] guerimand
  [major,anstype=numexp] bugfix in case of use condition with type=numexp
    (irreductible fraction not recognize)
2022-04-02: [r16518] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/usermanage] activate parameter wims_mail_hidden
    for user account (not for user_supervisable=yes account)
2022-04-02: [r16516] guerimand
  [minor] add global variable parameter wims_mail_hidden to show/hidden user mail
2022-04-02: [r16514] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sendmail] add a warning message in case of user without mail write to supervisor
2022-04-02: [r16513] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] add parameter to fix score limit for save exercise in a freework
2022-04-01: [r16512] guerimand
  [major,adm/class/sendmail] mail sending by user to supervisor is now internal process
2022-04-01: [r16509] guerimand
  [bugfix,adm/class/exam] bad display of score in case of allowtype=simulation
    when class_examscore_withoutip!=yes
2022-04-01: [r16508] guerimand
  [minor] set default values for OLD_LOG_FILES to 5
2022-03-31: [r16507] guerimand
  [minor] change default value for site_accounting and show_stat
2022-03-30: [r16504] bpr
  [open class] 1149: activate sheet3
2022-03-30: [r16503] guerimand
  [minor] exclude user anonymous in example class of process lastconnect
2022-03-28: [r16501] reyssat
  [sh] fix sh compatibility problem in wimstest/validation/checkhtmlwims
2022-03-28: [r16500] obado
  [bugfix] Replace "exit" by "else" in Nikaia and standard themes tails,
    so it can load bottom scripts.
2022-03-25: [r16489 .. r16497] obado
  Upgrade jquery-ui 1.12.1 -> 1.13.1
  Upgrade marked.js to v3.0.8
  Upgrade Skulpt to 1.2.0
  Upgrade codemirror to 5.65.2
  Upgrade Jquery 3.5.1 -> 3.6.0
  Upgrade TinyMCE editor 5.4.2 -> 5.10.3
  Upgrade jsxGraph 1.1.0 to 1.4.2
2022-03-24: [r16486] gmarbeuf
  set gl_renew to 0 for a no reload button
2022-03-24: [r16485] bpr
  [glossary] if variable gl_renew =0, no reload button in dynamic glossary
2022-03-24: [r16482] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sendmail] add option to send or not copy of message
    to teacher/supervisor
2022-03-23: [r16481] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/sendmail] transfert data to chooselist script with file instead
    of variable to prevent too_long_variable error in case of many user in the class
2022-03-19: [r16471] bpr
  [anstype] in anstype draw, trim some params (if not, if one has indented, canvasdraw
    gives an error).
2022-03-19: [r16466-r16469] guerimand
  [minor] hide link to insert ressources in case of print version of exercise
  [minor,adm/class/freework error message in case of insertion of a printing version of exercice in a freework
  [minor,adm/class/addmodule error message in case of insertion of a printing
    version of exercice in a sheet
wims.4.23c [r16464]
2022-03-17: [r16453] obado
  [minor/ergo] Now multipleclick legend also display icons (not only colors)
2022-03-16: [r16450 and others] bpr
  [taxonomy] add some modules in unisciel taxonomy
2022-03-14: [r16442] bpr
  [modtool] if the module is deprecated, it is written in the Properties.
    Not erased if one save the other properties.
2022-03-11: [r16433] guerimand
  [minor,adm/raw] job=getserverstat add option=server to get server connexion/session/site statistic
[minor/fix,adm/raw] add directory freeworks freeworksdata when create a new class (same as r16418) for adm/raw
2022-03-10: [r16423] guerimand
  [bugfix,module=adm/class/exploresave] configuration of wims exercise zone in type=3 not imported
2022-03-10: [r16422] guerimand
  [bugfix,module=adm/class/freework] bad .grades file format created when no .grades file exists in class
2022-03-10: [r16421] guerimand
  [bugfix,adm/class/freework] no name in score title when use manual score in freework
2022-03-10: [r16420] guerimand
  [bugfix,module=adm/class/freework] lost of no scoring information in case of desactivate freeworkm
2022-03-09: [r16416] obado
  [minor/css] wimscenter now also centered when combined with flex style.
2022-03-07: [r16412] bpr
  [major] in the indexation, deprecated modules are not treated
2022-03-07: [r16410] obado
  [minor/JS] Now dropdown button panel close on body click
    + display a small arrow to indicate this is a dropdown button.
2022-03-06: [r16406] bpr
  [oef] add message when there is a latex version.
2022-03-04: [r16402 and others] bpr
  [translation] es
2022-03-03: [r16395] obado
  [js] Update new dropdownbutton (use Foundation dropdown js)
2022-03-03: [r16394] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] module_title_LANG is not defined for languages with no translation.
  The check is done in main.phtml so the variable module_title is
  defined according to the language in use
2022-03-03: [r16391] bpr
  [fix] fix segmentation fault in cache.c
2022-03-02: [r16388] guerimand
  [ergo,adm/class/exam] use dropdownbutton to move exercise in examen
2022-03-02: [r16387] guerimand
  [ergo,module=adm/class/sheet] use dropdownbutton instead of two classic button
    to move exercise in sheet
2022-03-02: [r16386] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/userscore,adm/sendbug] can sendbug on a student examlog exercise
2022-03-01: [r16385] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] bugfix bad display of tex code in preview window
    for zonetype=texte in student area
2022-03-01: [r16383] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/userscore] bugfix errorlink in case of exercise file not exists
    for an exam in job=examcheck
2022-02-28: [r16381] bpr
  [minor] add lang in the connexion links
2022-02-27: [r16379] bpr
  [codeinput] allows to put <label for="reply1"> ...
2022-02-27: [r16378] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exam,adm/class/userscore] display correct score in
  cas of class_scorewithoutip=no
2022-02-27: [r16377] bpr
  [scenario] small cleaning
2022-02-23: [r16370] guerimand
  [minor] site_languages set to all possible languages
2022-02-23: [r16368] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/exam] link to close exam is display evenif an exercise is not done
2022-02-23: [r16367] guerimand
  [minor,sequence] correct view of participant in case of hidden sequence
    without technical variable
2022-02-23: [r16366] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/tchat] move tmp file from s2 to sessions directory
2022-02-22: [r16364] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/tchat] improvment of window title when supervisor look to user page
2022-02-20: [r16359] bpr
  [anstype compose] empty was not taken in account
2022-02-19: [r16355] guerimand
  [major,module=adm/class/tchat] use module adm/class/exolog
    to display exercise page of the user
2022-02-18: [r16353] guerimand
  [bugfix,module=adm/class/tchat] bad list of session for user
2022-02-18: [r16352] bpr
  [validator] delete lines with no problem (as to be checked !)
2022-02-17: [r16346] obado
  [OEF-qcm] Now we can indicate an author name in every OEF .data file
    (add a line starting with ".author" and write firstname,lastname of the .data author
mkindex will then automatically extract it in the DataIndex file in the module
And datafile.proc will put it in an array variable "df_authors"
2022-02-17: [r16345] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] zonetype texte : supervisor can choose
    maximal number of characters in student area
2022-02-17: [r16344] bpr
  [flydraw] add command "segments" in flydraw (as in canvasdraw)
    add "brokenline" as an alias of "polyline"
2022-02-17: [r16340] guerimand
  [bugfix,module=adm/class/freework] lost of lastest student score in type=2
    when save after correction date
2022-02-17: [r16339] guerimand
  [bugfix,module=adm/class/freework] bad count of corrected copies in type=2
2022-02-17: [r16338] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] display error message when supervisor send a bad score
2022-02-16: [r16336] obado
  [bugfix] [adm/raw] replace double dot (:) by &#8282; in sheets/exams
    descriptions to avoid string being splitted
2022-02-16: [r16334 and other] bpr
  [translation] es from Luis Alejandro Marquez Martinez
2022-02-14: [r16328 and other] bpr
  [slib/moldraw] work in progress
2022-02-14: [r16327] obado
  [theme] Add "wims_columns" class in Nikaia visitor page
2022-02-14: [r16326] obado
  [oef/css] Add text icons to ans_multipleclick answered labels
2022-02-13: [r16325] bpr
  [src] fix a segmentation fault when subst in fields as observation
2022-02-13: [r16324] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] supervisor can upload personnal file
    in type=3 when student part have a file zone
2022-02-11: [r16323] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] improvment of too many file message display in zonetype file
2022-02-08: [r16321] bpr
  [translation] es (Luis Alejandro Marquez Martinez)
2022-02-04: [r16317] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/createxo] log source module when import oef exercise in a class
2022-02-03: [r16316] bpr
  [fix] add option s in matchmol (strict comparaison of molecules)
2022-02-03: [r16315] bpr
  [help] correction in latex command help
2022-02-02: [r16311] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/freework] type=3 supervisor can put a maximum number
    of file in student zonetype file
2022-02-02: [r16310] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] type=3 accept freework without student
    zone (do not use interface to send work)
2022-02-02: [r16307] guerimand
  [major,module=adm/class/freework] type=4 become a zonetype of type=3 ; no back compatibility
2022-02-02: [r16306] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] add description of parameters for each file
2022-01-28: [r16295] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] script/oef/var.proc display help title in user language if no other choice
2022-01-28: [r16294] guerimand
  [minor,oef] reset test Test variables at end of anstype analyse to
    prevent values to be used in analyse of the next anstype
2022-01-28: [r16293] guerimand
  [minor,oef] type=numeric ; delete unused cmd
2022-01-28: [r16292] guerimand
  [major,oef] bugfix : wrong error message on exercise when use condition with type numexp
2022-01-27: [r16291] bpr
  [wimsdoc] add example and complete the doc of formradio as in formcheckbox
2022-01-26: [r16290] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] bad zonetype name when some zonetype not allowed
2022-01-26: [r16288] guerimand
  [minor,bugfix] wrong message on user page in case of only freework ressources in class
2022-01-23: [r16287] lemaire
  [slib/help] description of how the median is computed in the french version
2022-01-23: [r16286] bpr
  [fix] fix bug: the file severity was not created when a sheet was activated
2022-01-21: [r16285] obado
  Correct steps.oef
    + add wims_columns css class
    + change default background color for better contrast
2022-01-21: [r16283] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] typo + ergo
2022-01-19: [r16280] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/userscore] job=getuser desactivate link
    to ressources for hidden sequence
2022-01-19: [r16279] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] bugfix bad compute of nbcopies/nbcorrectedcopies
    in case of deleted user
2022-01-19: [r16278] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] add default parameter
    showMenuBar=true for teacher in applet geogebra
2022-01-18: [r16277] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/sendbug] improvement of mail format (in test)
2022-01-18: [r16275] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/exolog] use module adm/sendbug to report a bug in a registered exercise
2022-01-18: [r16274] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/cdt] add link to freework ; better page presentation improvement
2022-01-15: [r16272] bpr
  [flydraw] possibility to choose the attribut alt in images created
    by flydraw in OEF and documents
2022-01-15: [r16271] bpr
  [modtool] add variable deprecated in INDEX (must be written directly,
    not by the interface)
2022-01-15: [r16270] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/sendbug] sendbug add exologfile to the sending message
2022-01-14: [r16267] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/manage] ergonomie
2022-01-13: [r16265] reyssat
  [help] more help on model swac1
2022-01-13: [r16260] bpr
  [model] swac: code was not consistent with what I understood from the doc
  [minor] use rawtex before texmath in command \special{mathmlinput ...}
    since texmath does not accept 2x
2022-01-13: [r16258] reyssat
  [help] behaviour of texmath precised in tech doc
2022-01-13: [r16257] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/freework] use module adm/class/exolog to view exo
    instead of internal job (mutualisation)
2022-01-12: [r16256] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/userscore] job=getuser bugfix in supervisor view
    hide sequence for user in fonction of hidden parameter
2022-01-12: [r16255] bpr
  [modtool] exclude the file content.html in differences for oef
2022-01-12: [r16254] guerimand
  [bugfix,module=adm/class/userscore] hidden sheet with technical variable
    no more display on user score panel (stay on superviso view)
2022-01-11: [r16252] bpr
  [slib] in rungekutta, reset slib_out at the beginning
2022-01-11: [r16251] reyssat
  [texmath] modif integrate : \textrm{d}, best for MathML in firefox and chrome
2022-01-11: [r16250] guerimand
  [minor] supervisor of a groupement can disallow teacher right to create subclasses
2022-01-10: [r16248] bpr
  [modtool] cpp with - in target are no more compiled
2022-01-10: [r16245] czzmrn
  [minor/lang] Italian, typo (not actual translation)
2022-01-10: [r16244] bpr
  [modtool] change help (must be done for all languages after verification)
2022-01-10: [r16243] bpr
  [modtool] - not allowed in new oef files
2022-01-10: [r16242] bpr
  [texmath] modif integrate (add \\rm{d})
2022-01-08: [r16241] reyssat
  [typography] the code \(int(f(x),x)) now gives dx in italics and slightly separated from f(x).
2022-01-08: [r16240] reyssat
  [wimstest] changed according to last commit of checkhtmlwims
2022-01-08: [r16239] reyssat
  [wimstest] checkhtmlwims can now treat one module or a category of modules
    or a list of zones or all zones
2022-01-08: [r16236] bpr
  [minor] fix trouble in authors in intro.phtml when there is a . in the file
  (old modules)
2022-01-07: [r16233] guerimand
  [minor,bin] script mkexamplesheet don't copy, in base/sheet,
    sheet from example class with local class exercise
2022-01-06: [r16232] obado
  Replace Helvetica neue font by Verdana for better accessibility (distinct l,1,I and O,0)
2022-01-06: [r16231] reyssat
  [minor] add time to date info when showing last access of a file
2022-01-05: [r16230] reyssat
  [minor] Changed address of repository from cru to renater
2022-01-04: [r16229] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/sequence] bugfix bad format file when create a sequence without ressources
2022-01-04: [r16228] bpr
  [l2w] css
2022-01-04: [r16227] bpr
  [formatage] scenario
2022-01-04: [r16225] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/class/sequence] bugfix introduced when cleaning r16223
2022-01-03: [r16224] guerimand
  [minor,module=adm/freework] reactivation of type=4 freework
2022-01-03: [r16222] guerimand
  [minor/add,module=adm/class/sequence] keep correct hide/open sequence
    option when delete or moveup a sequence
2022-01-03: [r16220] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] alone sequence not displayed
2022-01-03: [r16217] reyssat
  [minor,adm/sendbug] replaced by the generic variable
  DEBUG_MODULE of bases/sys/define.conf
  2022-01-03: [r16215] reyssat
  [minor,adm/sendbug] put back into list of recipients
2022-01-03: [r16214] obado
  [Minor/CSS] l2w : use ref_bgcolor in emph class.
2022-01-03: [r16213] bpr
  [doc] put class wims_button only on "wims" words as n_detail, n_foldout
2022-01-02: [r16212] bpr
  [fix] fix error when using readdef in some cases
2022-01-02: [r16210] bpr
 [document] add wims_button to href in fold
2021-12-28: [r16208-16206] bpr
2021-12-28: [r16205] bpr
  [css] add button in the script tool.phtml=
wims.4.23b [r16202]
2021-12-22: [r16198] bpr
  [minor] use rint in all sheet score
2021-12-22: [r16197] guerimand
  [adm/class/usermanage] mkuserlist after use of job=regmanage
2021-12-21: [r16196] bpr
  [score] harmonisation of the approximation of the score of a sheet
2021-12-21: [r16195] guerimand
  [adm/class/sheet,adm/class/exam] error message when use
  a wrong technical variable name in hidden_condition
2021-12-20: [r16194] guerimand
  [adm/class/exam] now different description message for sheet and exam to
  hide/show with technical variable option (traduction needed)
2021-12-20: [r16192] guerimand
  [adm/class/usermanage] bad display when no technical variable
  and no comments for a user in userlist page
2021-12-20: [r16191] reyssat
  [bug] for chemeq, due to to wrap..exec
2021-12-20: [r16190] guerimand
  [minor/bugfix] when use direct link to program in a course of portal
2021-12-20: [r16189] guerimand
  [css] bugfix when no manager class message on the server
2021-12-20: [r16188] bpr
  [slib/numeration/ecriturelettre] no comma in english version of a number
2021-12-19: [r16186] guerimand
  [adm/class/freework] tmp desactivation of type=4 to make distribution 4.23b
2021-12-19: [r16185] guerimand
  [adm/manage] add a description for job=motd
2021-12-18: [r16183,16183] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] it openclass 1368 fix link in external links
2021-12-18: [r16181] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] it openclass 1367 remove class exercises from sheets
2021-12-18: [r16180] czzmrn
  [minor/fix] it openclass 1368 remove class exercises from sheets
2021-12-17: [r16178] obado
  [minor] set default values in new message settings manager
2021-12-17: [r16177] obado
  [minor] Improve helps in new "Message setting" manager. (add english strings)
2021-12-17: [r16176] obado
  [minor] Improve new "message setting" in admin manager
2021-12-17: [r16174] bpr
  [language] es
2021-12-17: [r16173] guerimand
  [adm/manager] can modify file motd.phtml and manager_msg.phtml file with interface
2021-12-16: [r16171] reyssat
  [help] for slib ecriturelettre
2021-12-16: [r16169r16165] bpr
  [numeration/ecriturelettre] variante avec septante, etc
2021-12-16: [r16160] bpr
  [minor] add file for help exam (not translated)
2021-12-15: [r16158] guerimand
  [adm/class/sequence] bugfix for the first use of technical variable
    to hide/show sequence
2021-12-13: [r16157] obado
  [minor] Replace by
2021-12-13: [r16156] guerimand
  [sequence] change name for sequence status
2021-12-13: [r16154] guerimand
  [adm/class/sequence] bugfix saved parameters lost for hide/show sequence
2021-12-12: [r16153] guerimand
  [adm/class/sequence] bugfix when use hide/show sequence with technical variable
2021-12-08: [r16148] guerimand
  [adm/class/userscore] display detail of exam session bugfix when
    two many exam try for a student
2021-12-07: [r16145] bpr
  [oef] add the possibility to add a small calculator
2021-12-04: [r16143] guerimand
  [adm/class/sequence] hide/show sequence with same interface than score
    in sheet and exam
2021-12-03: [r16142] bpr
  [openclass] fix some scoredelay in sheets (thanks to GM)
2021-11-29: [r16141] bpr
  [compile] other proposition for configure for homebrew
2021-11-22: [r16140] bpr
  [] fix warning
2021-11-22: [r16139] bpr
  [compile] add src/config.hin + comments for option for configure in compile
2021-11-19: [r16138] obado
  [CSS] make input buttons larger than secondary buttons
2021-11-19: [r16137] obado
  Make actions buttons larger on small devices
2021-11-16: [r16134] bpr
  [codeinput] fix inputsize treatement by default
2021-11-15: [r16133] bpr
  [fix] MAX_SHEET in c: hope it fixes the getscore error
    (the set of exams count as a sheet).
2021-11-15: [r16131] guerimand
  [minor] add link from courses to program in a portal (work in progress)
2021-11-15: [r16129] bpr
  [my_debug] call_sh is different in wims.c and in Wimslogd
2021-11-14: [r16128] bpr
  [template] add related.phtml in intro of exercise template
2021-11-10: [r16124] guerimand
  add system variable MAX_SUBCLASSES and use it in
    module adm/class/regclass adm/class/gateway
2021-11-08: [r16122] bpr
  [deduc] towards multilanguage
2021-11-06: [r16112] bpr
  add publisher in error message for noright
2021-11-05: [r16111] guerimand
  [adm/class/usermanage] bugfix bad order in column lastconnect
2021-11-05: [r16110] guerimand
  [home] bugfix bad exam title when use technical variable to hide exam
2021-11-05: [r16109] guerimand
  [adm/class/sequences] bugfix hide/show sequence
2021-10-23: [r16100,..,r16105] bpr
  [translation] es translation (Luis Alejandro Marquez Martinez)
2021-10-22: [r16099] guerimand
  [adm/class/exploresave] minor optimization
2021-10-22: [r16098] guerimand
  [adm/class/exploresave] can import/replace freework
2021-10-20: [r16097] guerimand
  [adm/class/livret] display description in user page
2021-10-20: [r16096] guerimand
  [adm/class/config] add index for sheet button
2021-10-20: [r16095] guerimand
  [adm/sheet] build index files of sheet when sheet_active=0 and discordance
2021-10-19: [r16094] guerimand
  [adm/class/config] add freework for restore and save
2021-10-15: [r16093] czzmrn
  [language] internationalization adm/class/freework
2021-10-15: [r16091] guerimand
  [adm/class/config] forbidden upload ressources exceed system limit
2021-10-14: [r16090] guerimand
  [script/adm] limit writeweights to MAX_SHEET parameter
2021-10-14: [r16089] guerimand
  [adm/sheet] limit importation of sheet to MAX_SHEET value
2021-10-13: [r16087] guerimand
  [adm/class/freework] add type=4 freework (workinprogress...)
2021-10-07: [r16086] bpr
  [accessibility] oefcolors as in Nikaia !
2021-10-07: [r16084] guerimand
  [adm/class/freework] hide user login when display file name in user page when type=2
2021-10-07: [r16083] guerimand
  [adm/class/freework] bugfix can delete freework with an active freework after
2021-10-06: [r16082] bpr
  detag label in print version.
2021-10-01: [r16080] bpr
   modification of calc_detag: can detag only a list of environment (DB)
    use in oef exercises for deleting label when the answer is done.
wims.4.23a [r16076]
2021-09-30: [r16074] bpr
  [model] replace instruction class by wims_question
2021-09-30: [r16071] guerimand
  [adm/modtool] default parameters for oef exercise used when test
    a single exercise in a class
2021-09-29: [r16070] guerimand
  [adm/modtool] define default value for oef exercise for test link
2021-09-29: [r16069] guerimand
  [bugfix] tchat link was not displayed in exercise page
2021-09-28: [r16068] guerimand
  [adm/class/freework] can use tex in description zone in type=3
2021-09-27: [r16063] bpr
  [slib brut2html] fix when there is no ion
2021-09-26: [r16053,r16052] bpr
  add open classes (H4 and H5 professionnelle)
2021-09-24: [r16050] georgesk
  Implemented new units : VA and var
2021-09-21: [r16049] guerimand
  [adm/class/tchat] bugfix session problem in supervisor page
  when several user activate sharing page + sh error when no user shared file
2021-09-18: [r16048] bpr
  [fixbug] in clickfill, correction with &nbsp
2021-09-15: [r16044] guerimand
  [adm/class/usermanage] display user_lastconnect
2021-09-14 [r16040] guerimand
  [minor] display lastconnect date in home page ; only after connect
2021-09-05: [r16038] bpr
  [doc] when deleting a document, mkdir the directory src (SL)
  (in some circonstances, the new file main was not saved)
2021-09-04: [r16037] bpr
  [fix] for modifying the order in a series
2021-08-25: [r16034] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion
2021-08-24: [r16033] obado
  [forum/mboard] email is only required when specified by mboard options
  + only supervisor can view students email
2021-08-24: [r16032] obado
  [adm/raw] "getclass" job can now return strings with '"' in correct json
2021-08-24: [r16031] obado
  [adm/raw] "addclass" job handle fields limits now
2021-08-23: [r16030] obado
  [minor/anstype] multipleclick : remove some padding on selectable cells +
2021-08-23: [r16029] bpr
  [fix] replace = by issametext in scripts/adm/class/colors
2021-08-20: [r16026] bpr
  [glossary] typo in counting the records
2021-08-18: [r16024] bpr
  [glossary] ecogestion
2021-08-14: [r16023] bpr
  [fix] fix ariane for visitor and public sheets
2021-08-14: [r16022] bpr
  [fix] try to fix the problem of nextseries in public sheets.
2021-09-14: [r16043] czzmrn
  [fix] doc directory might not exists (e.g. when class created via adm/raw) adm/class/adddoc
2021-08-04 [r16020] guerimand
  [minor] add variable user_agreesupcgu to prevent agree cgu to each class creation
2021-08-03: [r16019] bpr
  [] accept directory with two levels, as local/1
2021-08-02: [r16018] bpr
  [oef/intromenu] delete empty items in the keywords
2021-07-29: [r16016] guerimand
  [minor] preview of text zone for student in adm/class/freewor
2021-07-28: [r16015] bpr
  [maintainer] put configure in svn and comment in compile autoconf
  should update configure by hand for the release
2021-07-26 [r16013] guerimand
  [minor] add .def to save file of class
    can restore in the class some data of .def from a save file
2021-07-21 [r16006] guerimand
  [major] add hide exam with a technical variable
2021-07-08 [r15998] guerimand
  [major] add auto show/hide sequence