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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.25a

Release Notes
2022-09-27: [r17110] bpr
2022-09-27: [r17107] guerimand
  [minor,adm/raw] add wims_site_manager to job=getinfoserver
2022-09-27: [r17106] bpr
  [oef/form] add options in oef/form.phtml for avoiding autocompletion in pad
  (already there for "old computers".
2022-09-26: [r17105] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/classes] display class logo on connexion page
2022-09-26: [r17104] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] synchronize class_expiration in case of sharable/sharing
    to prevent link to empty directory
2022-09-26: [r17099] guerimand
  [minor,adm/gateway] use adm/gateway/mkindex before modify structure to prevent
    corrupted index file use
2022-09-26: [r17098] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/swork] supervisor can exclude sheet or exercise with low class average
2022-09-24: [r17097] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/swork] add pedagogical management
2022-09-22: [r17094] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/activity] ccsum count activity in subclasses
2022-09-21: [r17092] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exam] bugfix cannot close an exam when only one exercice
    is launch without score and timeleft=0
2022-09-21: [r17089] guerimand
  [minor] forbidden access to module tchat, forum, sendmail in example class
2022-09-20: [r17088] bpr
  [mirror] add an italian mirror site
2022-09-20: [r17087] guerimand
  [minor] optimization scripts/oef/mkindex stop reading *.def file at first occurence
  find author,oefdescription ...
2022-09-19: [r17086] guerimand
  [minor,oef] bugfix in script mkindex when .oef file contain word author \
    oefdescription oefobservation keywords in other use than command
2022-09-19: [r17085] bpr
  [polynet] add option tikz
2022-09-17: [r17079] bpr
  [slib] add animation in polynet and 3Dviewer
2022-09-17: [r17078] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exam] delete link "return to work" when no timeleft in an exam session
2022-09-15: [r17076] guerimand
  [minor,adm/raw] job=getmodulesstat no display line for a module without activity
2022-09-14: [r17075] bpr
  [deduc] change the choice of language
2022-09-13: [r17070] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/swork] add new administrative module to automatically suggest work to participant (preliminary version) part 1
2022-09-13: [r17069] bpr
  [scenario] harmonisation + fix html
2022-09-12: [r17068] bpr
  [deductio] change template
2022-09-12: [r17065] bpr
  [deduc] internationalised. Modules using it are
    U1/analysis/intint, H4~analysis~dedineq0, H6~analysis~dedbound
2022-09-11: [r17053] bpr
  [mkindex] fix bug in src2def when there is * in a language title
2022-09-09: [r17051] guerimand
  [minor] bugfix link to score hidden in case of bad format of .grades
2022-09-09: [r17049] czzmrn
  [minor/menu _proc/usermmenumodubox.proc] if auth_method=php the link
    otherclasses does not make sense
2022-09-09: [r17048] czzmrn
  [testing adm/class/idp_php] allow students (already registered in a groupement)
    to register to a subclass of the groupement when the subclass password is empty
2022-09-07: [r17046] bpr
  [deduc] replace modul_language by modu_lang in the files, to be able to give
  another definition for internationalisation, should change nothing for the moment
2022-09-07: [r17043] bpr
  [fixbug] when stopshare, seq was not taken in account.
2022-09-06: [r17041] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exolog] bugfix char with accent are deleted from message user send to supervisor
2022-09-05: [r17039] bpr
  [polynet] use the fonction t^1/2 for the animation instead of t
2022-09-05: [r17037] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/activity] job=workingtime bugfix first week of each month have 8 days
2022-09-05: [r17036] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/activity] job=workingtime alarm message in case of class
    in portal/groupement activity is global and not local in the class + improvment
2022-09-05: [r17035] guerimand
  [minor,script] problem in year calculation for nextday prevday in case of changing year
2022-09-04: [r17032-r17028] czzmrn
  [openclasses] replace deprecated modules
  [open class] update link (the class is archived=yes, anyway better update links)
2022-09-02: [r17024] bpr
  [src/modind] counts was not updated for sheets
2022-09-02: [r17023] bpr
  [mkindex] the field information is now sorted as title and description
2022-09-01: [r17019] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exolog] bugfix mail not send to supervisor in job=log
2022-08-31: [r17017] bpr
  [about] add translation language
2022-08-30: [r17014] gmarbeuf
  [jsxgraph] updated help in french on using anstype jsxgraph in responsive version
2022-08-29: [r17013] czzmrn
  [open class] use non deprecated oef (no - in filename)
2022-08-27: [r17011] bpr
  [open class] use non deprecated version in open classes
2022-08-25: [r17008] obado
  [minor/ accessibility] add "role=button" for each !href with class containing
  "button" (wims_button, wims_button_help...)
2022-08-25: [r17007] guerimand
  [minor,theme] display userscorelink + usermanagelink in testzone of a program
2022-08-23: [r17006] obado
  Revert deployggb.js to r.12542 (GeoGebra v. 5.0.452.0)
2022-08-20: [r17004] bpr
  [geo3D/polynet] slib added
2022-08-19: [r17002] bpr
  [slib/3Dviewer] change the value of zoom
2022-08-18: [r16996] bpr
  [slib/3Dviewer] option for faces
2022-08-17: [r16992] bpr
  [script gp]
2022-08-17: [r16990] bpr
  [slib deprecated threeD] delete title in en
2022-08-16: [r16988] bpr
  [taxonomy] use the files title_lang if they exist created now by modind
2022-08-16: [r16987] bpr
  [modind] add generation of title_* for * a lang in site
2022-08-13: [r16979] bpr
  [quizzintro] use lang if it exists
2022-08-12: [r16970] czzmrn
  [openclasses] Italian open class 1397 sheet keywords&tiding up for indexing
2022-08-12: [r16968] czzmrn
  [minor/openclass] Italian class 1368 fix sheets headers + html for indexing
2022-08-08: [r16960-r16961] bpr
  [randic] use a variable lang_randic
  [exec randic] take language in variable lang if it exists (instead of module_language).
2022-08-07: [r16955] bpr
  [search_engine] add translation language in the list when searching
2022-08-07: [r16952] bpr
  [src/config.c] add translation_language and deprecated in lists of fields
  which can be find by the command !module
2022-08-04: [r16950] bpr
  [adm/new] deprecated modules are printed in a new link
2022-08-02: [r16946] czzmrn
  [fix?] adm/class/activity: temporary fix for groupement the activity is logged in
    a uniq file for the whole groupement (see comments in file),
    need to be checked for portals
2022-08-01: [r16942-r16943] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: quick fixed a fatal browser lock-up caused by 'responsiveness'
    in case of 'clickfill'
2022-07-28: [r16937] bpr
  [printversion] add latex version for sheet with oef exercises with latex version.
  + changed presentation. work in progress
2022-07-25: [r16935] bpr
  [polyhedre_off index2] doublons
2022-07-22: [r16926] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/activity] add a message in case of no activity for the student
2022-07-22: [r16925] bpr
  [publish] delete choice devel when publication
2022-07-20: [r16921] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/config] manage of personnal presentation page of sheet
    when import a sheet in a class
2022-07-19: [r16920] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw:added missing dashing to some objects
2022-07-19: [r16919] guerimand
  [minor,adm/sheet] personalisation of sheet page presentation is now independant of document
2022-07-18: [r16916] bpr
  [fix] fix missing answer in draw (to check)
2022-07-18: [r16915] guerimand
  [minor] bugfix some variable of $x.def not writable/readable in case
    of use of document in presentation page for sheet or class (TMP bugfix)
2022-07-18: [r16913-r16914] guerimand
  [minor,adm/sheet] bugfix cannot display img in sheet when use doc to make presentation
2022-07-18: [r16912] bpr
  [polynet] add option html, raw, add possibility to print only some vertex legend.
2022-07-16: [r16910] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw:solved long standing issue of dashed arrow(s) and dashed arrow(s)
  2022-07-11: [r16906] obado
  [minor/Codemirror] New coding/editor slib version (by J. Lyotard)
2022-07-09: [r16905] bpr
  [polyedre_off] update english version; small typo in and
2022-07-07: [r16903] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/activity] add display connexion time of each participant for each day
  (work in progress) using ccaccount statistics
2022-07-06: [r16900] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw:'clearbutton'
2022-07-05: [r16898] bpr
  [polynet] in case of false net (with intersection), try again.
2022-07-05: [r16896-r16895] gmarbeuf
  [minor/slib jsxgraph] help and comments in english and french
2022-07-05: [r16894] gmarbeuf
  [slib jsxgraph] new option scroll to add a scroll bar in case of overflow
2022-07-05: [r16893] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: corrected flaw in 'clearbutton'
2022-07-05: [r16892] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: 'group'
2022-07-04: [r16891] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/activity] hide link back2 when not necessary + cleaning
2022-07-01: [r16888] guerimand
  [minor,createxo] bug11302 : bad link in about page for oef exercise in case of test in modtool
2022-07-01: [r16887] bpr
  [adm/manage] warning if one try to give right to publish in local to a non developper
2022-06-29: [r16886] bpr
  [slib] slib for the patron of a polyhedra and slib offdraw
2022-06-29: [r16885] obado
  [OEF/QCM] Add templates to simplify OEF/QCM Modules
2022-06-29: [r16884] bpr
  [fix] small bug: the link cas in links.phtml must be the same in
2022-06-29: [r16883] obado
  [minor/jsxgraph] Improve responsivity
    + now jsxgraph is centered
    + correct display bug of oef_indXX icon on top of jsxgraph
    + add new icon for oef_indpartial
2022-06-28: [r16882] schaersvoorde
  [minor/svn] canvasdraw: 'group' work in progress
2022-06-28: [r16880] bpr
  [manage] add ariane for geolocoption and optionalmod + harmonize
  with other pages
2022-06-28: [r16878] guerimand
  [minor,adm/class/exam] exolist order not change at each time student go out
    module adm/class/exam when use option exrandomlist
2022-06-28: [r16877] guerimand
  [minor,adm/modtool] bad link to general documentation and createxo documentation in help of modtool

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