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Project Filelist for Développement de WIMS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.26

Release Notes
Il est conseillé de lancer le script
avant de décompacter wims-4.26.tgz. D'autre part, un script de nettoyage des utilisateurs dans les classes ouvertes est aussi fourni 
Change Log
:Can clone a class from a saveclass file (given by link or upload in navigator).
:New administrative module adm/class/swork to make automatic working suggestion to student.
:A printable version of a sheet with exercises containing a latex version can be individualized per student.
:New exam mode (called 'course' in French) in which exercises must be performed in a fixed order.
:New type of applet in freework allows the teacher to upload multiple files. For each student one (and only one) of these files will be randomly picked and shown.
:New parameter in freework configuration to allow a student to close its freework before the deadline.
:Students' work on freework is shown in students' score page.
:Display of the daily time spent by each student in a class, group of classes or portal (adm/class/activity).
:Personalisation of sheet presentation page (replace the use of a document).
:A link to a glose of the general glossary can be added as helpexo.
:When a user enters in an open class as anonymous' user, a new account is created (called anonymous1, anonymous2, ...). These accounts are removed each day by the housekeep.daily script (their number is limited to 50% of class_limit).
:New open classes 1150 'Mathématique en 6ième' and 1151 'Mathématique en Terminale professionnelle'.
:Some gloses have been added in the glossary.
:The list of deprecated modules is shown in the menu of page 'module updates'.
:Updated open class, sheet and taxonomy to use non deprecated version of modules.
:New coding/editor for coding slib.
:Add option polfactor polexpand to anstype litexp.
:Scripts about nets of polyedra are added.
:The raw module can give pedagogical module connexion informations.
:Tikz version for flydraw (cannot yet be used ...).
:Chemeq uses now a recent database for atomic weights, which improves some slibs like chemistry/chemeq_* and make them usable for exercises about mass spectroscopy; added a slib which shows this mass database (formated as a periodic table).