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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.1.0

Release Notes
# Package t4gpd history

## Version 0.1.0 - rev. 9698 - 18 Jul. 2020
* Move t4gpd.commons.crossroads_{generation,identification} and corresp. classes into t4gpd.future
* Add new tests.MABETest class
* Add new tests.STClipTest class
* Add new morph.STClip class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.MABE class
* Add new commons.ellipse.{EllipseLib,EllipticHullLib} classes
* Add new tests.CrossroadRecognitionTest class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.CrossroadRecognition class
* Add new commons.crossroads_identification.CrossroadRecognitionLib class
* Add new commons.crossroads_identification.{Abstract,FFT,FWT,MeanAngularity,MeanVector}Method classes
* Add new commons.{Distances,ListUtilities,PolarCartesianCoordinates} classes
* Add new tests.STSpatialJoinTest class
* Add new morph.STSpatialJoin class
* Add new tests.DiameterTest class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.Diameter class
* Add new commons.{AngleLib,DiameterLib} classes
* Add new commons.IllegalArgumentTypeException class
* Add new tests.STDilationErosionTest class
* Add new morph.STDilationErosion class
* Add new tests.STLoadAndClipTest class
* Add new io.STLoadAndClip class
* Add new tests.AngularAbscissaTest class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.AngularAbscissa class
* Add new tests.GmshTriangulatorTest class
* Add new morph.GmshTriangulator class
* Add new io.{GeoWriter,MshReader,SVGWriter} classes
* Add new commons.{Epsilon,MyNode,MyEdge} classes
* Add new tests.STCrossroadsGenerationTest class
* Add new morph.STCrossroadsGeneration class
* Add new commons.crossroads_generation.{Sequence,SequenceRadii,SequencesGeneration} classes
* Add new Version class
* Add new tests.STIsovistField2DTest class
* Add new isovist.STIsovistField2D class
* Add new commons.RayCastingLib
* Add new tests.{STToRoadsSectionsTest,STToRoadsSectionsNodesTest} classes
* Add new graph.{STToRoadsSections,STToRoadsSectionsNodes} classes
* Add new commons.UrbanGraphLib
* Add new tests.STDensifierTest class
* Add new tests/data/ensa_nantes_roads.shp dataset
* Add new morph.STDensifier class
* Add new commons.{ArrayCoding,DensifierLib,GeomLib} class
* Add new tests.MABRTest class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.MABR class
* Add new tests.RemoveHolesTest class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.RemoveHoles class
* Add new tests.ConvexHullTest class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.ConvexHull class
* Add new tests.BBoxTest class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.BBox class
* Add new tests.AreaConvexityDefectTest class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.AreaConvexityDefect class
* Add new morph.geoProcesses.{AbstractGeoprocess,STGeoProcess} class
* Add new tests.STGridTest class
* Add new tests/data/ensa_nantes.shp dataset
* Add new morph.STGrid class
* Add new commons.BoundingBox class
* Add new commons.GeoProcess class

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