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Project Filelist for FullSWOF_2D

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.09.01

Release Notes
FullSWOF_2D release 1.09.01
This is a minor update correcting a bug in the Newmann boundary condition.

A Windows exe is also available in a specific package
It was tested on win 7 64 bits.
For details see file README_win.txt in the file.
Change Log
- Correction of the bug 12289 on Neumann boundary condition 
(correction of the values of the topography on fictive cells)
- As a consequence, the results for the MacDoP2D_tor_Man benchmark (with Neumann output) are modified (comp_STANDARD.dat file). 

- Modifications of the makefiles for the Tools directory (clean_tools added)
- Modification of the doc to give the make construction_tools command
- Doc: boundary conditions highlighted
- Makefile: unused parts removed and minor complements
- Unused values removed of the writing of parameters.dat
- typos in scheme.cpp
- unused variables (given in debug mode) removed in header files