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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.01f

Release Notes
Released version 4.01f : the stable version will come soon.  From the changelog :

2011-06 : add new jobs in module adm/raw (used in connection with other platforms) (OB)
2011-06-09: modification in votes (in particular add checkbox, display result 
    in a table) r[4191] (FG)
2011-06-: slib (BPR) 
     - help can be now translated 
     - add option url and html in slib drawings
2011-06- in a superclass, a teacher can be a participant in a class and a supervisor
     in another one (BPR)
2011-06: add some models (flashcard, hanging game, crossword, ...) (BPR)
2011-05-15: add variables lastname, firstname, login, lang in oef exercise (BPR)
2011-05-: add some css classes to replace <tt></tt> (BPR)
2011-04-20: add option word nohour nominute to slib/draw/clock (FG)
2011-04-06: add binheight to the applet Plinko [r4033] (BPR)
2011-03-19: security in pari - very crucial [r3902]
    - kill warning in Octave ( >=3.00)
    - update interface with m2 ( > 1.1)
   - general clean up in the Makefile and the configure file (Karim Belabas)
   - kill compiler warnings.
   - separate the wrapuid functionnality in 3 scripts : setwrapexec (essential and needed 
     for safe operation of external programs), setchroot, setwimsd
   - clean bashism
2011-02-19 : add logout in modtool (BPR) [r3768]