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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.03a

Release Notes
From the Changelog :

wims.4.03a [r4868]
    Presentation of OEF intro modules, of the home page of a gateway has been improved (OB, FG)
2011-12-27: the help link in sheet can be modified when the sheet is active (do not influence
     notation) (bpr) [r4864]
     improvment in latex2wims (minipage, lstlistings are interpreted) [r4866]
2011-12-17: build the list of css classes.
2011-12-17: build list of modules asking to be trusted (must have the line ask_trusted=yes in the 
     module file var.init). This list is showed in the help of the field "trusted_module" 
     in manager module (bpr) [r4833].
2011-12-14: add "credits" field in OEF exercises to be inserting at the end of the exercise ;
    add the list of authors who are not the main authors (have made exercises) in an OEF 
    module intro  (bpr) [r4810]
2011-12-12: supervisor can disallowed score interruption by participant (FG) [r4808]
2011-11-01: in mboard, messages not yet read are in red (css style wims_forum_item_toread)  (bpr) [r4758]
2011-11-01: - add slib/geo3D/drawtile (draw cubes in 3D)
  - add slib to manipulate blank in oef exercises (replace a blank by a character
  or a character by a blank).
  - add bound option in anstype javacurve. Allow multiple select click in regions 
  (analyzed as in anstype coord (option bound))  (bpr)
2011-10-19: add option absolute in the anstype numeric  (bpr)
2011-10-15: mail in forum is send to all teachers of the class in the case of a superclass  (bpr)
2011-10-02: can put the address of a module in the search engine to find it.  (bpr)
2011-09-24: - possibility to add an administrative local module in the menu in a theme
  (must create a file local.phtml in the themes with variable wims_local_menu_items
  as the commun variable wims_menu_items) - only do it for the standard theme.
  - Fix bug with csv when a sheet or an exam were not activated
  - add some template file (manager_msg.phtml.template, motd.phtml.template)  (bpr)
2011-09-: one can go directly to the properties of a student after his inscription by the teacher  (bpr)
2011-09-: fix bug when the list of students is big (userlist, sendmail, photoboard).  (bpr)
2011-09-14: site manager may enter ldap parameters, they will by default in all classes
   fix ldap authentification (more general) and fix its use in superclasses.  (bpr)
2011-09-13: add coordclick tool (Imagclick) accessible from createxo  (bpr)
2011-08-28: add anstype multipleclick, chessgame  (bpr)
2011-08-15: help link after an exercise of a sheet can be introduced by the teacher. (bpr)