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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 4.08

Release Notes
Stable release

patch.tgz must be applied (tar xzf patch.tgz in wims).
then compile. 
This fixes a serious bug.

patch2.tgz is a correction to the student menu relatively to cdt
Change Log
- general cleaning in src (not finished)
- fix trouble with - in names (case of external_auth) with csv
- add css class : wims_instruction
- the link "next exercise" and "previous exercise" in the sheet appear now
   after the answer is given (at the end of the series if there is a series).
- only score indicators used in the formula appear in the student side.
- new slib for chemistry: cram, leftind
- modifications in the presentation of sheets - doc - vote - exam, exercises in sheets
  colors can be choosen by the teacher
- cdt does not appear if there is nothing inside.
- java -> jsxgraph in the tool coordclick
- rawdata are seen by the student - IP are not shwown if the user is "anonymous"
- add chemtool (administrative module).
- add chemistry slib creating an svg figure with a Newman representation
- added evaluation functions in libwims
- add possibility to choose the colors in the activity presentation
  by the teacher.
- if the expiration date of a sheet is previous than the now date, it
  is changed to the class expiration date when the sheet is activated.
- fix gestion access : could not be added by the administrator
- add the possibility to filter the notes according to some criteria
 given in the user properties - multi conditions are possible.
- add new indicators to analyze the results of students
- improve style css
- add option --mathjax , --shtooka, --modules to compile
- add keywords in domain
- add canvasdraw
- Improve matrix anstype:- add split options for matrix
  - add color in false coefficients
  - add variable result$i as a mask for good and bad coefficients
  In oef exercises, reply_$i is now accessible;; contains the student answer eventually reformated
  as it appears in embed case or in the analysis of the question.
- in oef exo : give the possibility to impose the order of the exercises in a series
- add zones K1, K2 K3 ; add category physical_education
- add Mathajax for some browsers
- add possibility to use the technical variables in the motd
- add the option goodanswershown to coord anstype
- the number of the sheet will no more appear when one uses sequences.
- allows to modify some fields in the insertion of an exo in a sheet when
  it is active: description, title, comments, feedback
- fix binomialinv
- when inserting a public document in a class, it is now possible
 to link it with some sheet.
- add primitive audio in documents
-Improvment in the use of latex2wims