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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 4.07f

Release Notes
wims.4.09f [r8984]
2015-05 : improvement on taxonomy presentation (work in progress)
   add _css/normalize.css" in standard and pommier theme
2015-05-25: [r8979 ...] add editarea special method (only for open class 9001)
  change the class 9001 for using it.
2015-05-22: [r8961] the site manager can restore an archived class by the interface.
2015-05-22: [r8952-r8960] module=adm/class/motd can make motd changes on list of users
  instead of one user (FG)
2015-05-22: [r8957] add function setseed to fix the seed of random
  (not documented, work in progress)
2015-05-22: [r8956] when the classpassword is empty (in fact, *), the access to the
  registration fieldset is direct (no classpassword is asked). Be careful with that !
2015-05-22: [r8955] in anstype menu (as it was already possible in radio, checkbox,
the option "default=" is available.
2015-05-05: open the debug_mode for any oef module for supervisor.
- add prec in color_legend - colors are not pertinent if the answer
is analysed by conditions.
- add tests
- improve exam help (Sophie Lemaire)
wims.4.09e [r8855]

2015-04-29: [r8841] when the class limit or user limit are reached, a mail is send to
  the site manager (only the first of each month)
2015-04-27: [r8823] add brokenline in coordclick.
2015-04-23: [r8817] one can now insert all exercises of a module in a sheet (FG).
2015-04-18: improve the help in french for numeric anstype (with Julien Lyotard)
2015-04-09: [r8791] add slib oef/sortorder.
2015-04-07: [r8783] add special method drawinput (use canvasdraw form JE).
  codeinput may also be used in an environment <div> instead of <pre> (useful
  for tables).
2015-04-07: add slib utilities/date
2014-04-??: [r8756] new seriebar "arrow" style (for exercise series) (OB)
2015-03-15: add special method imageinput (with J. Lyotard et OB) ;
  codefill -> codeinput
2015-03-11: improve matrixhtml slib by adding the possibility of choosing the
rows and columns to put in th mode
2015-03-10: [r8705] The special methods are now a chapter in the createxo help.
2015-03-11: [r8700][OEF] Adds a Legend box which explain what each oef_indcolor means,
  for some answer types only (by now : radio checkbox mark flashcard) (OB)
2015-03-10: add special method mathmlinput (Julien Lyotard)
2015-02-24: [r8597][lightpopup] Now lightpopup mode is no more cutting off
  all menumodubox links for supervisor. It checks if links are in a whitelist
  before choosing to display them or not. For now, only "next series" and
  "previous series" are in this whitelist. (OB)