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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.13b

Release Notes
2016-09-29: [r10970, r10991] fix bugs in mboard of superclass
  (alert msg not seen for supervising teachers,
   configuration by supervising teachers was not allowed)
2016-09-29: [r10989] add slib squaretile (preliminary version)
2016-09-29: [r10988] in adding a gestion access to a teacher in a class group,
   it is no more added a participant access.
2016-09-27: [r10980] the files .teacherlist were not update when the variable
  user_supervise of a teacher was changed.
2016-09-27: [r10977] fix the overflow variable bug in csv
  (msg error if the number of variables is too big).
2016-09-27: [r10977] fix an overflow variable bug in csv.
2016-09-23: [r10971] new version of jsxgraphcurve anstype
  (better broken lines for tactile devices + add 3 zoom buttons)
2016-09-22: [r10968] add slib numeration/baseblock
2016-09-21: [r10967] add polygon option in draw anstype
2016-09-19: [r10963] Upgrade JSXGraph from v.0.96 (2012) to v.0.99.5 (2016)
2016-09-07: [r10948 ] add class "larger" in css
2016-09-07: [r10946] add option linkword in anstype compose
2016-08-27: [r10933] search keyword in subclass when display clonable class (FG)
Change Log
A patch must be applied (just decompact it). It concerns the inscription in superclasses.