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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.13c

Release Notes
2016-10-30: [r11086] fix overflow in management when trying to restore a class.
2016-10-10: [r11076] new option in anstype set (distinct_inputs)
2016-10-10: [r11041] canvasdraw : corrected  touch device mouse value display
  [r11040] canvasdraw : corrected command mouse
2016-10-10: [r11039] fix non escaped { and } in latex2wims.pl
2016-10-10: [r11038]: mkuserlist script now split users list in packs of
  500 users (instead of 1000), to avoid a "cmd_output_too_long" error
  for class containing more than 1000 users.
2016-10-10 [r11035] [sheet] the variable l_date was not defined.
2016-10-09 [r11027]  add clock anstype using canvasdraw. work in progress
2016-10-08: [r11018] canvasdraw : modified usage of 'protractor',
  'ruler' and 'userdraw arc,color'
2016-10-08 [r11013] canvasdraw : canvasinfo.sh will also generate
   canvasdraw.phtml an move it to "public_html/scripts/help/en"
2016-10-08: [r11012]
   [anstype/draw] correct the coefficient for option split in the
   computation of the score
2016-10-08: [r11007] New open class for primary school
2016-10-07: [r11006]
  canvasdraw : added snaptogrid (etc) to 'userdraw clickfill,color'
  canvasdraw : right_mouse_click now removes userdraw objects individually
  without annoying 'on_contexmenu'
2016-10-06: [r11005] canvasdraw : moved command "clickfill color"
  to the userdraw command list e.g. "userdraw clickfill,color"
2016-10-05: [r11004] canvasdraw : the "clearbutton some_text" is now centered
2016-10-05: [r11002] canvasdraw : added support for touch devices...
  only tested on android (chromium & firefox on kobo e-reader)
2016-10-04: [r11000] anstype: add analysis for option polyline
  and polygon for draw anstype
  2016-10: add openclasse 1146 (school)
2016-10-13: [r11044] in canvasdraw, added keywords "noxaxis" , "noyaxis"
  to the "grid" command family
2016-10-13: [r11049]add wims_notepad css (used in slib/utilities/notepad)