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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.13d

Release Notes
From the log,

2017-02-18: [r11293 and other] clean the technical documentation
  and the original help of Xiao
2017-02-12: [r11234] use checkbox for adding teacher gestion access.
2017-02-10: [r11230] canvasdraw: multidraw improvement (JE)
2017-02-08 20: [r11228] can propagate oefdefault in portal (FG)
2017-02: improve clickfill and dragfill answer types
2017-02-12: [r11234] checkbox for adding teacher gestion access
2017-02-01: [r11204] (OB) Embedding a binary file in Createxo will be much easier for
  all teachers : the embedding code for each file is directly displayed for pictures
  (png, gif, jpg), audio files (mp3, ogg), and all others (.pdf, etc...)
2017-02-02:[r11192] A click on the "give up" button in an oef exercice now display
  a modal dialog box that inform user he will lose his current work,
  and then ask him to confirm he really wants to giveup.
2017-02-02: [r11189] in wimstest, add scripts for validating quickly
 oef and doc modules (for maintainers)
2017-02-01: [r11184] in anstype complex, it is possible to accept that j has the same
  signification of i.
2017-01-30: [r11174] in modtool: add message if the file is not uploaded,
   add test for accents.
2017-01-29: [r11173] fix bug about failed msg (bug [#10895])
2017-01-28: [r11170] modtool : add possibility to change the name of a file on some conditions.
  add a message for the creation of a first exercise in an oef module.
2017-01-28: [r] add help for the anstype clickfill (about the disposition of the fields)
  use it in prepared model classify
  change the presentation of the answer (clickfill, dragfill).
2017-01-19: [r11153] (bpr) vocabulary on the link import from test zone in a program.
2017-01-19: [r11152] (bpr) add number of exercises in a series in the sheet tables
   for teachers
2017-01-19: [r11146--rr11150] (bpr) fix slib on jsxgraph as the use of
  JXG.GeonextParser.geonext2JS in jsxgraph should be not used now,
  see https://github.com/jsxgraph/jsxgraph/issues/215
2017-01-18: [r11145] (bpr) fix on csv in userscore: only participate can be found
   by csv link for the moment, so no use of supervise and supervisable (download case).
2017-01-18: [r11138-r11144] (bpr) manual score was forgotten in the html page of csv
2017-01-15: [r11139-r11140] (bpr) user_participate and supervise was not filled in the csv file.
2017-01-17: [r11141] (guerimand) fix bug with formcheck when more than 256 participants in a class
2017-01-14: [r11137] (bpr) bad typo in hashlogin
2017-01-03: [r11135] (bpr) add msg on giveup button in oef exercises
2017-01-03: [r11134] (guerimand) severity was forgotten when a sheet was duplicated
2016-12-20: [r11117] (bpr) option cp -u not posix (manage/restore.proc)
2016-12-20: [r11116] (bpr) Change "renew" by "giveup" if the oef exercise has been launched.
     Add some secondary_button css.
2016-12-20: [r11115] (bpr) add placeholder for authentification, improves help (S. Lemaire)
2016-12-12: [r11114] (OB) adm/class/userscore :
  + improves formula template (input have type="number")
  + page is reloaded when saving sheet formulas
  + optimization of var.proc (shweights was redefined 3 times)
  + uniformize indentation (tab=2) in var.proc
2016-12-12: [r11108, r11110, r11113] (bpr) harmonization of score approximation
  (ceil for exercises, and rint for the sheet and exam scores in getuser,
  csv (csv has not been changed). score has always two decimals
2016-12-08: [r11112] (bpr) in the score block, quality appears always if the quality
   is < 2 as it is then used in the sheet notes.
2016-12-08: [r11111] (bpr) correction in the links proposed when a class group is created
2016-12-05: [r11105] (bpr) use the default servor severity everywhere (except perhaps for the moment
   in module raw).
2016-11-28: [r11104] (bpr)
  improve the trace of debug. Put some variables in tmp_debug_var in the file wims.conf
  In debug mode (for the administrator), the values of the variables are put
  in the trace file (in tmp/sessions/) when they are changed. (B. Allombert)
2016-11-28: [r11101] (bpr)
    status of document in sequence was not visible.
2016-11-23: [r11100] (OB)
   [adm/raw] Adds 2 scripts used in modexosheet job (check.worksheet & clean.worksheet).
   They should have been already here since r.5665 :/
2016-11-22: [r11099] (OB)
   [jsmol] Adds all translation files for Jsmol, avoiding some 404 errors when it tries
   to load them. + replace old "jmolAppled ready" placed in Page title by a more
   silent way (displays in JS console)
2016-11-02: [r11095] (OB) [adm/raw] corrects a bug introduced in r.10935
  in addsheet and modsheet jobs.
  (!singlespace is replacing returns by simple spaces)
 + introduces a new job in ALPHA state : "repairclass"
 + corrects a small bug in getsheet
 + getcsv & getclass now call "mkuserlist" script, just to be sure the userlist contains all the users.