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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.13e

Release Notes
2017-04-21: [r11465] add link on exercise number in print version of oef exercises.
2017-04-18: [r11457] in modtool, add message if the archive cannot be done because
  of the size of the module.
2017-03-27: [r11446] (bpr) analysis in javacurve ans jsxgraphcurve
  was not good in case of sline.
2017-03-20: [r11441] (obado) corrects a bug on the feedback message displayed
  when deleting a binary files from a modtool modules
  (the wrong variable was used for the file name)
  adds a failure message when deletion failed.
2017-03-14: [r11434] (guerimand) timeleft in exam adapt to examsheet restriction
2017-03-14: [r11433] (bpr) add keywords in the table of a module in the manage tool.
2017-03-13: [r11432] (bpr) put open english class in language category
2017-03-13: [r11429] (bpr) add language wimsdoc in edit_area.
2017-03-11: [r11424] (bpr) in the about of an oef exercise;
  - add keywords if they exists
  - delete the information about hint or solution if they don't exist
  - add adress in a simple way.
2017-03-10: [r11418] (bpr) add parenthesis when calling pari
2017-03-08: [r11413] (obado) module adm/manage :
  -in FR and CA, the words "start" and "restart" were inverted
  - adds a "back" button when reindexing modules and RSS
2017-03-08: [r11412] (obado) Adds some help text to the module update page
  for the site administrator
  some css improvements on fieldsets & msg
2017-03-08: [r11411] (obado) Improves display of help pages in Nikaia theme
2017-03-08: [r11410] (obado) améliore la page l'accessibilité de la page d'accueil de la
  classe ouverte "concours Challenge WIMS"
2017-03-04: [r11405] (bpr) add jsxgraph in the list of modules which can be required in modtool
2017-03-04: [r11404] (bpr) add var.init to list of config files in modtool
2017-03-04: [r11403] (bpr) replace Value() by X(). Must be checked again
 that this does not break the existent exercises.
2017-03-04: [r11402] (bpr) the old files in src are now deleted.
2017-03-04: [r11401] (bpr) desactivate giveup in exolog
2017-03-03: [r11390 and others] (bpr, obado)  add level bar in case jquery
 is activated and checkbox for levels if not.
2017-03-02: [r11387] (obado) prevent geogebra from submitting the form when the
 user press "enter" to validate a ggb parameter.
2017-03-01: [r11386] (obado) adds a missing css rule in the "tango icon theme"
2017-03-01: [r11385] (obado) Improves search engine's look & feel with standard icon theme
2017-03-01: [r11382] (bpr) autocomplete is now in the form.
2017-03-01: [r11380] (obado) bugfix in GetSheetScores : when there was more than
 100 users in the class, a cmd_output_too_long error was raised. (now cuts user list every 50)
2017-02-28: [r11376] (bpr) add oef_anstype_css variable to avoid to repeat twice
 the same style css.
2017-02-28: [r11374] (obado) displays createxo models with tabs
2017-02-27: [r11369] (bpr) put autocomplete and the id inside the form in oef.
2017-02-27: [r11367] (bpr) presentation of prepared models in an imposed order.
2017-02-27: [r11360] (bpr) introduce new categories
2017-02-27: [r11358] (bpr) change the presentation of prepared models.
2017-02-26: [r11353] (bpr) add stat/boxplot slib
2017-02-25: [r11347] (guerimand) cleaning directory tmp/whoconnect daily
2017-02-24: [r11345] (bpr) add charset="utf-8" in jsxgraph (called by direct exec)
2017-02-23: [r11340] (obado)  upgrade Geogebraweb from old 5.0.182 (2015)
 to the newest 5.0.332 version. You must call "./compile --geogebra" to make it work.
2017-02-23: [r11338] (obado) now every Geogebraweb applet put into a "wimscenter" class
  will be centered.
2017-02-23: [r11337] (obado) Replace href="" by href="#" in mailurl to correct
 a bug preventing webkit based browsers to redirect obfuscated mailto:...
2017-02-23: [r11335] (schaersvoorde)
 pari printtex output "\*" --> ⁢ in mathml
2017-02-22: [r11334] (bpr) fix a bug with GAP in quicktool used with format case
r11330 2017-02-21: [r11329] (guerimand) fix bug with filter with AND condition;
 simplification of code
2017-02-21: [r11328] (bpr) in case the first argument of a line of wims_menu_items has a  ",
  the first word must not be taken as a css class.
2017-02-21: [r11326] (guerimand) correct class_limit when use job=addcsvclass in a gateway