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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wims4.15b

Release Notes
wims.4.15b [r11957]
2017-09-25: [r11952] bpr
  accessibility in coordclick
2017-09-25: [r11951] bpr
  add dependance to a perl package
2017-09-25: [r11950] bpr
  accessibility in chemtool
2017-09-25: [r11948] bpr
  clean open class 1118
2017-09-24: [r11944] bpr
  accessibility in adm/class/passwd
2017-09-24: [r11943] bpr
  change error msg when a ressource is not allowed
2017-09-24: [r11940] bpr
  accessibility: add some labels and legends in adm/manage
2017-09-23: [r11937] obado
  add some css class ("wims_button" on links and "wims_warning"
  on delete actions) in adm/class/config/connect module.
2017-09-22: [r11934-r11933] bpr
 accessibility: stat/referer menu
2017-09-22: [r11932] bpr
 accessibility: add word wims_name_setup in common words
  - accessibility in stat/stat module
  - little change in vocabulary in french
2017-09-21: [r11923] bpr
  update introprogOEF.pdf
2017-09-21: [r11922] bpr
  update canvasdraw help in phtml from src
2017-09-21: [r11920] bpr
  fix some html and accessibility problems in user page properties
2017-09-21: [r11919] guerimand
  show userphoto in userprop panel
2017-09-21: [r11918] bpr
  the defaults in the help of notation for students have not been
  computed from the general config of wims (DF_SEVERITY)
2017-09-21: [r11916] guerimand
  verification and correction of the format of cut time in exam info
2017-09-21: [r11915] bpr
  add help in share.phtml (no possibility to restore a class
  for the class sharing)
2017-09-20: [r11914] bpr
  delete text-shadow in common css of themes
  (not convenient when font color are black)
2017-09-20: [r11913] bpr
  add keyword geometric_vocabulary
2017-09-20: [r11909] obado
  better ergonomy of "WIMS about" popup (change log window
  has limited height + some text translated + names displayed on mailto links
2017-09-20: [r11908] obado
  now !mailurl generate a link with an icon + the arobase pic has better quality.
2017-09-20: [r11904] obado
  uniformize table.proc for Nikaia and standard themes
  + corrects a display bug for table captions (see in about wims page)
2017-09-19: [r11895, r11903, r11902] bpr
  change wims about
2017-09-18: [r11896] bpr
  replace http by https if necessary by using wims_ref_name
2017-09-17: [r11893] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: keyword 'animate' ; added basic animation for jsplot command
2017-09-17: [r11892] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: numberline y-offset in case x-values overlap
2017-09-16: [r11891] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: numberline
2017-09-13: [r11888] bpr
  add word all for search_level. Used in the link for documentation.
2017-09-13: [r11887] obado
  important (*) and critical (!) fields are now better highlighted,
  with wims_warning css class in manage module.
2017-09-11: [r11883] bpr
  fix a bad typo for exam exercises in spreadsheet
2017-09-11: [r11880] bpr
  update quicktooldoc.pdf in class 9001
2017-09-08: [r11878] bpr
  logo smaller in the tailbox
2017-09-08: [r11877] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: 'fixed' strange behaviour of border color 'black' in
  pixel/fill operations
2017-09-07: [r11875] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added optional 'fixed pattern filling' to primitives 'boxplot'
  and 'piechart'
2017-09-07: [r11874] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added 'fillpattern grid,dot,hatch,diamond' to userdraw family,
  improved speed
2017-09-06: [r11873] bpr
  Fix: the number of tries was 0 as long as the score was 0.
2017-09-03: [r11871] bpr
  add placeholder for cssfile
2017-09-03: [r11866] bpr
  in slib/draw/graphvizpoints,
  the word graph should be at the beginning of a line
  (trouble with graphviz ?)
2017-09-03: [r11865] bpr
  the script slib/graph/path was ugly.
2017-08-30: [r11863] obado
  adm/regclass : improves class creation ergonomy
  (add icons + display help in a msg box)
2017-08-27: [r11859] schaersvoorde
  M /trunk/wims/src/Misc/canvasdraw/canvasdraw.c
[minor/svn] canvasdraw: typo
2017-08-26: [r11857] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: command 'imagefill x0,y0,URL' now works as flydraw should...
2017-08-26: [r11856] mquerol
  catalan and spanish version in prepared models
2017-08-25: [r11855] mquerol
  catalan and spanish version
2017-08-25: [r11854] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: just to be complete...added commmand 'fillpattern image_url'
2017-08-25: [r11853] obado
  now a call to adm/raw module without any param displays also the help,
  such as "?module=adm/raw&job=help"
2017-08-25: [r11851] bpr
  in sequence, the table with docs and numeros of sequences was not good.
  - now the documents are listed in the order of creation (c1 c2 ... c10)
2017-08-24: [r11849] guerimand
  use datepicker in scorerestriction with vote selection
2017-08-23: [r11848] bpr
  fix sequence : when there is more than 10 docs, c10 is before c2
  because of the command filewrite. The preceeding code does not be aware
  of that
2017-08-22: [r11847] mquerol
  catalan and spanish version
2017-08-22: [r11846] guerimand
  use date/IP interface selection for score restriction
  for technical variables
2017-08-21: [r11844] obado
  improve input displays on mobile devices
2017-08-20: [r11839] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added patternfilling to userdraw command family
2017-08-19: [r11838] bpr
  change the message when exam content is empty
2017-08-18: [r11837] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added command 'fillpattern grid | dot | hatch | diamond'
2017-08-16: [r11835] guerimand
  use of datepicker in script scorerestriction
2017-08-15: [r11832] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: removed hardcoded space in 'draw_filltext'
2017-08-14: [r11830] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added commands 'textfill x,y,color,sometext'
  and 'userdraw textfill,color,some_text'
2017-08-14: [r11829] mquerol
  catalan and spanish version
2017-08-13: [r11828] mquerol
  catalan and spanish version
2017-08-13: [r11826] mquerol
  catalan and spanish version
2017-08-12: [r11823] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added to command family 'userdraw':
  'userdraw diamondfill,color','userdraw gridfill,color','userdraw dotfill,color',
  'userdraw hatchfill,color'
2017-08-11: [r11821] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: function 'find_angle' missing for command 'protractor'
2017-08-11: [r11820] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added hatchfill, diamondfill and gridfill to patternfilling
2017-08-11: [r11819] mquerol
  catalan and spanish version
2017-08-11: [r11818] schaersvoorde
  added support for pattern filling in command 'userdraw clickfill,color'
2017-08-11: [r11817] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: premature version of 'pattern filling' ;
  for now only 'dotfill x,y,dx,dy,color'
2017-08-08: [r11814] guerimand
  change format of input in script adm/scorerestriction
2017-08-08: [r11812] guerimand
  data of .def file not reloaded when reply
2017-08-08: [r11811] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added keyword 'yoffset' for use with rotated text strings
  (command textup or stringup)...if set the text will not start at given (x:y)
  but end at (x:y)
2017-08-07: [r11810] guerimand
  use of date/IP interface selection for score restriction
2017-08-07: [r11809] guerimand
  script interface for managing score opening date for sheet and exam
2017-08-04: [r11808] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw.c : multidraw 'text' is always centered on click x-coordinates
2017-08-03: [r11807] guerimand
  use of datepicker in exam module
2017-08-03: [r11806] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw.c : alphabetical order in commands (for documentation)
2017-08-03: [r11805] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw : corrected repeated shifting/centering of text,
  introduced by keywords xoffset...
2017-08-03: [r11804] bpr
  fix bug in document (gestion), about the value of filedir
  after a call to \draw (thanks to Raoul Hatterer)
2017-08-02: [r11803] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw : keywords xoffset | centered added to commands
  'input x,y,size,editable,value' and 'userdraw input(s),color'
2017-08-02: [r11802] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw : added keywords xyoffset,xoffset|centered,resetoffset
  for easier text-label placing
2017-07-31: [r11800] guerimand
  use datepicker in sheet expiration date
2017-07-31: [r11798] guerimand
  use of jquery-datepicker can be desactivated by theme
2017-07-29: [r11795] bpr
  fix html in help document for doc. Replace geogebra3 by geogebra in the example
2017-07-29: [r11793] bpr
  fix the cleaning scripts for documents (trouble when there are fold of fold
  in the text
2017-07-26: [r11792] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: centering 'multidraw tool-table'
2017-07-25: [r11791] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: multidraw command 'text' improved usability
2017-07-25: [r11790] schaersvoorde
  adapt textarea width after fontsize change in math input 'applet'
2017-07-25: [r11789] schaersvoorde
  adapt textarea width after fontsize change in math input 'applet'
2017-07-24: [r11787] schaersvoorde
  fix display error in math input 'applet'
2017-07-23: [r11784] guerimand
  use datepickerform in cdt
2017-07-20: [r11782] mquerol
  [minor/trans]catalan and spanish version
2017-07-20: [r11780] obado
  change colors of draggable object when they are in a feedback
  (oef_indgood/indbad, etc...)
2017-07-17: [r11776] bpr
  fix the problem of asis in model.
2017-07-17: [r11775] bpr
  adapt part of geogebra anstype for 3d questions (from J. Lyotard)
2017-07-17: [r11774] bpr
  it is no more possible to desactivate a sheet if a program is "main"
  without course in a portal
2017-07-15: [r11772] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added command 'fillall color,x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3...xn,yn'
2017-07-14: [r11771] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: set a timeout on "userdraw clickfill,color"
  for slow computers and add cursor 'wait' during timeout
2017-07-14: [r11770] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: buttons on chromium too small
2017-07-13: [r11768] obado
  adds "normalize.css" in default theme, so it looks the same in every browsers.
  the "buttons" colors can be customized by wims administrator, like in other themes.
2017-07-13: [r11767] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: added command 'colorpalette color1,color2,...color_n' for use
  in 'userdraw clickfill,color'
2017-07-13: [r11766] obado
  default theme now use the same "menumodubox" as other theme,
  so link categories are visually different from menu links.
2017-07-13: [r11764] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: command "userdraw clickfill,color" can make use of many fill colors,
  using command "multifillcolors color1,color2...color_n"
2017-07-11: [r11763] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: command 'userdraw clickfill,color' will fill multiple areas,
  if needed command fill | floodfill | filltoborder can be used multiple times
2017-07-10: [r11761] obado
  now jquery_defined variable is also set for documents in Nikaia
  and standard themes
2017-07-10: [r11759] obado
  upgrade geogebraweb version from 5.0.332.0 to 5.0.374.0
2017-07-10: [r11758] schaersvoorde
  Mmath input 'applet' : change all wims_mathml size; remove debug
2017-07-10: [r11757] schaersvoorde
  math input 'applet'
2017-07-08: [r11756] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw : background color|opacity added to (drag | click) to 'mathml'
2017-07-07: [r11753] reyssat
  corrections in help of anstype equation.phtmlreply.phtml
2017-07-07: [r11751] bpr
  add english version to write a number in letters in
  slib/numeration/ecriturelettre(Raoul Hatterer)
  French version has to be completed (only numbers < 1 million) !
2017-07-06: [r11747] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw:drag and drop and onclick reply in 'mathml'
2017-07-05: [r11745] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw:improved drag&drop in command mathml
2017-07-05: [r11740 and other] bpr
  add some wims_name_title for accessibility.
2017-07-05: [r11739] schaersvoorde
  canvasdraw: corrected color cludge in barchart
2017-07-04: [r11736] bpr
  fix brackets in rawmath.c (see version [r5336] line 206
2017-07-03: [r11735] obado
  replace "iso-8859-1" by "windows-1252" in the charset declaration,
  to comply with the HTML 5 doctype
  adds the "HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH" httpd header var,
  so it can be used by wims modules (use "$httpd_HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH")
  if you want to use it.
2017-07-03: [r11734] obado
  simplifies extruder menu css (for Nikaia)
  reduce font style icon size on extruder menu
  adds an icon for "add developper account" link in Font awesome icon theme
2017-07-03: [r11731 and following] guerimand
  add datepicker
2017-07-01: [r11726] bpr
  change the html declaration in html5.
  in particular, we have changed expiration date from define_html_header() to
  main_phtml_put (Response headers) ; nocache is no more used (not sure that
  it would be somewhere).
2017-06-30: [r11725] guerimand
  fix a small bug when duplicating class
2017-06-30: [r11724] obado
  Adds a new Icon theme, based on the "Font Awesome" icon Set.
  This icon theme is based on vector images stored as a font, so you can stretch
  or shrink them without quality loss.
2017-06-29: [r11722] bpr
  the number of sessions is taken in account for writing a message on the
  real hour where the exam ends.
2017-06-29: [r11721] schaersvoorde
  wims_mathml: adding small stuff and some html_user_info
  on implemented things