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Sympa access for Sympa

Mailing lists provided via : Sympa

Mailing list name Description Wiki Select list
sympa-announce [Archives]This list is only for announcement of Sympa's new releases, security fixes or important contribution
sympa-authors [Archives]This list is used to contact Sympa authors. Please, don't forget that you can use the other lists about Sympa to get some help.
sympa-dev [Archives]a list for people contributing to Sympa (mailing lists manager) development.
sympa-fr [Archives]Cette liste est destinée aux administrateurs responsables de l'exploitation d'un ou plusieurs sites utilisant le logiciel de gestion de listes Sympa.
sympa-pootle [Archives]The sympa internationalization chosen tool is a pootle server. This list is used to inform this server's users about this tool.
sympa-users [Archives]Mailing list for people managing or installing Sympa robot

You can create a classical mailing list (sympa-commits@groupes.renater.fr)
By clicking the following link :Create commit list