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Edlira Nano(enano)
Development for release v. 1.0
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Peptide txt files parser
Original Comment:
The peptide identification info will be placed in tsv text files. One peptide file per sample (i.e. per raw data). We need to :
- implement a parser for these files
- the parser puts all information in XML format files (same syntax as teh XTanfem pipeline does actually in the main MassChroQ XML input file) using DOM
- add a tag <peptide_identification_data> who indicated the peptide txt files per sample
- add an option to masschroq who does only the parsing and transformation of pep text files in XML. I.e if launched with this option no quantification is done, only tranformation of pep txt files in XML, so the user can view results. If this option is not specified MassChroQ parses and transforms, continues with quantification and removes peptide XML files generated at the end.
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