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Project description

The EFIDIR project objective is to develop an open platform of archival storage and of processing, fitted on one hand to SAR data specificity and, on the other hand, to large time series of SAR images from which ground motion measures are extracted.

Latest File Releases
Package Version Date Notes Monitor Download
EFIDIR 1.9 September 21, 2012 EFIDIR - Release Notes EFIDIR - Monitor this package EFIDIR 1.9 - Download
BATI Bien démarrer avec BATI April 24, 2008 BATI - Release Notes BATI - Monitor this package BATI Bien démarrer avec BATI - Download
EFIDIR Examples 1.0 July 9, 2014 EFIDIR Examples - Release Notes EFIDIR Examples - Monitor this package EFIDIR Examples 1.0 - Download
SPATPAM binary linux32/64_bin November 14, 2014 SPATPAM binary - Release Notes SPATPAM binary - Monitor this package SPATPAM binary linux32/64_bin - Download
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