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cd /path/to/your/local/repository/esup/trunk
svn relocate

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cd /path/to/your/local/repository/esup/trunk
svn relocate

Project description

Il s'agit de développer un environnement de travail numérique permettant l'accès à  différents services, sources d'informations et ressources numériques.


Etablishment : Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis

Project Information

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Registered: 2005-11-11 13:35
Activity Ranking: 71
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Latest File Releases
Package Version Date Notes Download
esup-uPortal-esup-DLM 3.2 2010-10-28 esup-uPortal-esup-DLM - Release Notes esup-uPortal-esup-DLM 3.2 - Download
esup-uPortal-esupdev-DLM 3.2 2010-10-13 esup-uPortal-esupdev-DLM - Release Notes esup-uPortal-esupdev-DLM 3.2 - Download
OLD - esupdev-ALM 2.6 2007-12-18 OLD - esupdev-ALM - Release Notes OLD - esupdev-ALM 2.6 - Download
Canal Info canal-infos-1.00 2007-03-06 Canal Info - Release Notes Canal Info canal-infos-1.00 - Download
OLD - uPortal-esup-ALM 2.6 2007-12-18 OLD - uPortal-esup-ALM - Release Notes OLD - uPortal-esup-ALM 2.6 - Download
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