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Exemple for sliplib :

cd /path/to/your/local/repository/sliplib
git remote rm origin && git remote add origin https//

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Substitute developername with the proper value.

Exemple for sliplib :

cd /path/to/your/local/repository/sliplib
git remote rm origin && git remote add origin git+ssh://
# Il sera probablement nécessaire de faire un pull avant tout commit :
git pull origin <branch>

Project description

The Simple Library of Image Processing (SLIP) is an image processing library. It is written in the C++ language following as much as possible the ISO/ANSI C++ standard. It is consequently compatible with any system satisfying the ANSI C++ complience. It works on different Unix , Linux , Mircrosoft Windows and Mac OS X plateforms. SLIP is a research library that was created by the Signal, Image and Communications (SIC) departement of the XLIM, UMR 7252 CNRS Institute in collaboration with the Fluids, Thermic and Combustion departement of the P', UPR 3346 CNRS Institute of the University of Poitiers.

The SLIP Library source code has been registered to the APP (French Agency for the Protection of Programs) by the University of Poitiers and CNRS, under registration number IDDN.FR.001.300034.000.S.P.2010.000.21000.

The main principles of the library are the following:

- Use as much as possible the standard C++ data structures and algorithms (originated from the Standard Template Library)
- Provide specific generic image processing data structures compatible with standard C++ algorithms
- Provide specific image processing algorithms using the generic programming paradigm
- Have good computing performances

SLIP is freely distributed in the hope to be usefull but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

Etablishment : Université de Poitiers

Project Information

Tags: C++, image processing, signal processing

This project has not yet categorized itself in the Trove Software Map Registered: 2018-04-03 19:29
Activity Ranking: 52
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