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45 hours ago Jean-Max RedonnetLatest WIP on scallop height machining master
2 days ago Mahfoud Herrazoptimization k brut force method
2 days ago Mahfoud Herraz3+2 axis machining: contre-dépouille detection
2020-05-28 Jean-Max RedonnetRemove no longer necessary prints
2020-05-26 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate AbstractZoneMilling for new toolpth framework
2020-05-25 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd ObservablePointsList to manage list of points to...
2020-05-25 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate VtkToolpath to match jCAM Toolpath
2020-05-22 Jean-Max RedonnetFirst import of iso-scallop machining.
2020-05-20 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate imports to match new directories structure
2020-05-18 Jean-Max RedonnetRemove no longer needed imports
2020-05-18 Jean-Max RedonnetRemove no longer used classes
2020-05-18 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate imports to match new directories structure
2020-05-18 Jean-Max RedonnetMove back SurfaceBuilder to demos to keep it safe
2020-05-18 Jean-Max RedonnetRevamp the demos/tests/experiments directories structure
2020-05-18 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate MachiningDemo
2020-05-15 Jean-Max RedonnetImprove Machining Unit Test (get SurfaceMaps from resou...
2020-05-15 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd two more maps to resources
2020-05-15 Jean-Max RedonnetFix Integer == test in Zone.includes(u,v)
2020-05-15 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd a function to calculate the center of the zone
2020-05-15 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate SurfaceMap Management tools
2020-05-14 Jean-Max RedonnetChange package declaration in moved files
2020-05-14 Jean-Max RedonnetMove tools to cosmo
2020-05-14 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://redonnet@git.renater...
2020-05-14 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd tools to store SurfaceMap into files and display...
2020-05-14 Mahfoud Herraz3+2 axis machining update
2020-05-12 Jean-Max RedonnetCreate a specific VtkToolpath object to not interfere...
2020-05-12 Jean-Max RedonnetFix bug in SurfaceMap.transformClone()
2020-05-04 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://redonnet@git.renater...
2020-05-04 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd feature: objects can be removed from VtkViewer
2020-05-04 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd feature: objects can be removed from VtkViewer
2020-04-29 Jean-Max RedonnetFix crash in 5 axis test
2020-04-18 Jean-Max RedonnetNew ZoneMilling approx. Should increase accurary of...
2020-04-18 Jean-Max RedonnetMake SurfaceMap implementing TransformClone(Matrix4d)
2020-04-18 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd doc
2020-04-18 Jean-Max RedonnetFirst attempt to make VtkViewer able to display a set...
2020-04-15 Jean-Max RedonnetRemove no longer Needed TestVtkPanel
2020-04-15 Mahfoud Herrazfix small bug in DataPoint.getCovMatrix()
2020-04-14 Jean-Max RedonnetFix bug when displaying SurfaceMap with non square...
2020-04-13 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://redonnet@git.renater...
2020-04-13 Jean-Max RedonnetWorkaround to make VtkViewer start with an empty model
2020-04-13 Mahfoud Herrazoptimizing RPCL parameters
2020-04-12 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate VtkViewerDemo. Remove no longer needed VtkViewerTest
2020-04-12 Jean-Max RedonnetImprove viewer automatic update of VtkPolyline
2020-04-10 Jean-Max RedonnetMake VtkModel compatible with multi-thread access
2020-04-10 Mahfoud Herraz5 axis machining optimization (1st attempt)
2020-04-08 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate ClusteringUnitTest to avoid possible erroneous...
2020-04-08 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdate Multi-treaded full run
2020-04-06 Jean-Max RedonnetFirst import of JUnit test for machining
2020-04-05 Jean-Max RedonnetFirst import of JUnit tests for Clustering
2020-04-05 Jean-Max RedonnetFix regression introduced by new dataSet type
2020-04-05 Jean-Max RedonnetMark static nb Clusters deprecated
2020-04-05 Jean-Max RedonnetFix DataFactory doc
2020-04-03 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://redonnet@git.renater...
2020-04-03 Jean-Max RedonnetFirst attempt to make clustering compatible with multi...
2020-04-01 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://redonnet@git.renater...
2020-04-01 Jean-Max RedonnetNew framework for PCA analysis
2020-04-01 Mahfoud Herrazfixing jNomadClusteringMachining bug
2020-03-31 Jean-Max RedonnetFix previously introduced error on local surface inclin...
2020-03-31 Jean-Max RedonnetSmall cleanup in random clustering init
2020-03-31 Jean-Max RedonnetSmall adjustments to the surrogate function
2020-03-30 Jean-Max RedonnetNew surrogate function for machning time calculation
2020-03-30 Jean-Max RedonnetMake zMap IDs in SurfaceMap protected
2020-03-30 Jean-Max RedonnetDeals with StackOverflow errors in labeling zones
2020-03-26 Jean-Max RedonnetNew algorithm for searching connected components
2020-03-25 Jean-Max RedonnetFix a bug in sod calculation and a potential bug in...
2020-03-25 Jean-Max RedonnetFix bug in getOptimalDir()
2020-03-25 Jean-Max RedonnetMake getMaxSlopeAngle() and getOptimalDir() two separat...
2020-03-24 Jean-Max RedonnetClean up clustering package
2020-03-24 Jean-Max RedonnetSmall improvements in Machining Demo
2020-03-19 Jean-Max RedonnetRefactoring the preferred machining direction system.
2020-03-19 Jean-Max RedonnetFix bug in display when number of zones in SurfaceMap...
2020-03-19 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdated clustering demo
2020-03-19 Jean-Max RedonnetReset map before reconstruction once clustering finished
2020-03-19 Mahfoud Herrazfix connected components search bug
2020-03-19 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd CLusteringDemo state-of-art clustering showcase
2020-03-18 Jean-Max RedonnetSmall improvements on VtkViewer. Demo updated.
2020-03-18 Mahfoud HerrazMerge branch 'master' of
2020-03-18 Mahfoud Herrazresolving conflicts
2020-03-18 Mahfoud HerrazMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/refactoring'
2020-03-17 Jean-Max RedonnetRemove unnecessary imports
2020-03-17 Jean-Max RedonnetMake zMapIDs[][] protected. Remove unnecessary call.
2020-03-16 Jean-Max RedonnetRefactoring finished refactoring
2020-03-14 Mahfoud Herrazoptimizing kmeans starting points
2020-03-13 Jean-Max RedonnetMake Clustering easier to setup
2020-03-10 Mahfoud Herrazupdate optimization code
2020-03-09 Mahfoud Herrazperiodic and groups of variables
2020-03-09 Mahfoud Herrazsurrogate models use for jNomad
2020-02-19 Jean-Max RedonnetDrastically improve machining simulation time
2020-02-16 Jean-Max RedonnetIntroducing levels in machining approximation
2020-02-15 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd constructors to handle color and width of VtkCurves
2020-02-13 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd getRows() and getColumns()
2020-02-13 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd Comparable to Index2
2020-02-13 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd printTuple2d in Support
2020-02-13 Mahfoud Herrazresolve conflicts
2020-02-11 Jean-Max RedonnetUpdated MachiningTest
2020-02-11 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd getter for individual centroid
2020-02-11 Jean-Max RedonnetCreated a separate viewer able to display any vtk model.
2020-02-11 Jean-Max RedonnetGet rid of JAMA library. Use commons.math3 instead.
2020-02-03 Mahfoud Herrazresolve conflicts
2020-01-29 Jean-Max RedonnetFix text coloring