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2020-03-16 Jean-Max RedonnetRefactoring finished refactoring
2020-03-13 Jean-Max RedonnetMake Clustering easier to setup
2019-10-19 Jean-Max RedonnetClean up handling standard score. Needs more work.
2019-10-18 Jean-Max RedonnetClean up DataPoint model and separate various clusterin...
2019-10-18 Jean-Max RedonnetFix some Swing call that may be outside the EDT
2019-10-17 Mahfoud HerrazCleaning up old files
2019-10-14 Mahfoud HerrazMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2019-10-14 Mahfoud HerrazConflicts
2019-10-11 Jean-Max RedonnetFirst attempt to deal with milling concave zones
2019-10-11 Jean-Max RedonnetSetup framework for handling concaves zones + fix bug...
2019-10-08 Mahfoud HerrazCorrection PCA 3D
2019-10-01 Mahfoud Herrazadding principal 3D direction calculation for all metrics
2019-09-04 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd half sphere to test surfaces set
2019-09-03 Mahfoud Herrazadding comments
2019-08-07 Mahfoud HerrazOptimization of clustering and machining
2019-08-06 Mahfoud HerrazUsing Nomad to optimize metrics coefficients (need...
2019-07-24 Mahfoud Herrazbug fixed for Hierarchical Clustering
2019-07-19 Mahfoud HerrazHierarchical clustering (fixed)
2019-07-12 Mahfoud Herrazmachining optimization using NOMAD (needs debugging)
2019-07-11 Mahfoud HerrazCovar3D metric fixed
2019-07-10 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd getter for u and v parameters in DataPoint. Useful...
2019-07-10 Mahfoud HerrazCovariance metric 3D
2019-07-10 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd the new Dome surface test
2019-07-09 Mahfoud HerrazHierarchical Clustering algorithm
2019-07-08 Mahfoud Herrazsensitivity test: principal direction vs steepest slope...
2019-07-08 Mahfoud HerrazTest of machining directions sensitivity (need to be...
2019-06-28 Jean-Max RedonnetMore jNomad tests
2019-06-27 Jean-Max RedonnetTest Nomad interface
2019-06-12 Mahfoud Herrazfix machining visualization
2019-06-03 Mahfoud HerrazRPCL fixed (stopping criterion needs can still be improved)
2019-06-02 Mahfoud HerrazRPCL algorithm (still needs debugging)
2019-06-02 Mahfoud Herraznew metric NormalVec
2019-05-24 Mahfoud HerrazMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/refactoringClustering'
2019-05-22 Mahfoud HerrazFix test needing isZero() method
2019-05-22 Mahfoud HerrazClean up before merge
2019-05-22 Jean-Max RedonnetInitial import for optimal machining direction framework
2019-05-22 Jean-Max RedonnetRemove javaoc files accidentally pushed to upstream
2019-05-22 Jean-Max RedonnetDocumentation and cosmetics
2019-05-22 Jean-Max RedonnetDocumentation and cosmetics
2019-05-22 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge branch 'refactoringClustering' of git+ssh://git...
2019-05-21 Mahfoud Herrazerror corrected in Mahalanobis metric,
2019-05-21 Mahfoud Herrazadd Mahalanobis metric,
2019-05-20 Mahfoud HerrazSigmaSlope and COVAR metrics fixed, debugging almost...
2019-05-17 Mahfoud Herrazfixing connected components search, debugging in progress:
2019-05-17 Mahfoud Herrazdebugging in progress (correction of covariance matrix...
2019-05-16 Mahfoud Herrazdebugging in progress
2019-05-16 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge milling from master to be able to test new framew...
2019-05-15 Jean-Max RedonnetFix (hopefully) wrong machining direction. Needs furthe...
2019-05-14 Mahfoud HerrazUsing VtkVector to display directions, and tests cleaned
2019-05-03 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd VtkVector to display a single vector
2019-05-03 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge branch 'refactoringClustering' of git+ssh://git...
2019-05-03 Mahfoud Herrazdebugging in progress:
2019-05-02 Mahfoud HerrazTile equation fixed (0 - 80)
2019-05-02 Mahfoud HerrazSlope metric working with standard (centrées réduites...
2019-04-29 Mahfoud HerrazMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git@git.renater...
2019-04-29 Mahfoud HerrazCovariance matrix terms ordered correctly
2019-04-29 Jean-Max RedonnetMake VktCurve capable of handling ArrayList<SurfacePoint>
2019-04-26 Mahfoud HerrazConnected Components search synchronized with vtk
2019-04-25 Mahfoud HerrazConnected Components search working but still not synch...
2019-04-24 Mahfoud Herrazintroducing Connected Components Search (not finished...
2019-04-24 Mahfoud HerrazMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git@git.renater...
2019-04-24 Mahfoud Herrazchange parameterization of tile surface in SurfaceBuilder
2019-04-24 Jean-Max RedonnetFirst step for fixing bug displaying wrong toolpath...
2019-04-24 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd building VtkCurve from PointsCurve
2019-04-24 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd constructor of VtkCurves from PointsCurve
2019-04-23 Mahfoud Herrazadd iteration number to metrics
2019-04-19 Mahfoud Herrazupdates (still not finished)
2019-04-19 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd Machining time estimation
2019-04-19 Jean-Max RedonnetFix bug preventing two points curves to be displayed
2019-04-18 Mahfoud HerrazBig commit
2019-04-17 Mahfoud Herrazchange output surface type from Surface to BezierSurface
2019-04-17 Jean-Max RedonnetMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into refac...
2019-04-17 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd SurfaceBuilder to get easily most used surfaces
2019-04-17 Jean-Max RedonnetCleanup
2019-04-17 Jean-Max RedonnetReplace old clustering file with master version to...
2019-04-12 Jean-Max RedonnetFix DataPoint values normalization
2019-04-12 Mahfoud HerrazTool path length evaluation for Choi and Tile surfaces
2019-04-12 Jean-Max RedonnetUntrack deprecated files
2019-04-12 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd graphical display to clustering test
2019-04-12 Jean-Max RedonnetImprove naming convention and fix the [null] appearing...
2019-04-11 Jean-Max RedonnetFix visibilities and encapsulation in relation to recen...
2019-04-11 Jean-Max RedonnetMove KClusteringTest to tests
2019-04-11 Jean-Max RedonnetMove new clustering framework to clustering package
2019-04-11 Jean-Max RedonnetImport tmp refactoring
2019-04-09 Mahfoud Herrazclean and functional
2019-04-08 Mahfoud Herrazmulti threads removed from Tile
2019-04-08 Mahfoud Herrazmulti threads removed in Choi
2019-04-08 Mahfoud Herrazfix Varmetric and add coefficient proportional to 1...
2019-04-08 Mahfoud Herrazfix variances and covariance update
2019-04-08 Mahfoud Herrazsmall modification in init()
2019-04-06 Jean-Max RedonnetRefactored multithreaded approach.
2019-04-06 Jean-Max RedonnetAdd centroids to KSurfaceMap because it's needed by...
2019-04-06 Jean-Max RedonnetReplace KZone by Zone in SurfaceMap
2019-04-06 Jean-Max RedonnetRemove unwanted files from repo
2019-04-05 Mahfoud HerrazDefine same initNZone() method as in KSurfaceMap
2019-04-05 Mahfoud Herrazfix bug in initNZone()
2019-04-05 Mahfoud HerrazinitNZone() update
2019-04-05 Mahfoud HerrazVarMetric update
2019-04-05 Jean-Max RedonnetBack to functionnal state
2019-04-05 mahfoudMerge