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bmarxiv - Too many arXiv papers every day? Difficult to catch-up after a few days off? BMarxiv allows you to scan the arxiv listings in the most efficient way possible. No account is required, all the parameters are provided through the URL, which you can bookmark! No complicated algorithm based on author network (which is difficult to keep up to date) or deep learning stuff (does it need to be that complicated?). Results are filtered and ranked using a list of "smart" keywords (wildcards accepted, groups of words, case sensitive or insensitive). Spend some time building your list of keywords, test them on your papers or others and update as needed. Results are ranked not only using the keywords in the meta-information (title, abstract, author names) of the publication itself ("paper score"), but an "author score" is also computed using the same keywords on the few last submissions of the first author, ensuring that you won't miss a relevant paper! Results are displayed in a clear way, separated into different sections made in such a way to spend as little time possible when one is busy, and as much time as needed when one has time. Any arXiv categories and sub-categories can be included or excluded. Example: https://sourcesup.renater.fr/bmarxiv/bmarxiv.php?cat=astro-ph.GA;astro-ph.CO;astro-ph.HE;astro-ph.IM;astro-ph.SR&excat=astro-ph.EP&q=30*Dor;@X$_{CO}$;@X$_{\rm%20CO}$;@X_{\rm%20CO};absorption*line;absorption*spectr;absorption*system;BCDs;blue%20compact;CO-dark;CO-to-H2;coolant;cooling*line;depletion;dust-to-gas;dwarf%20gala;emission*line;emission*spectr;gas-to-dust;Herschel;hii%20region;HMXB;IC10;infrared%20spectrograph;interstellar;IZw;Izw18;lebouteiller;LMC-N11;low*metall;Magellanic;metal*poor;metallicit;molecular*cloud;phosphorus;polycyclic%20arom;Spitzer;SPITZER/IRS;star*form;starburst;ULX;X(CO) Note that the preferred and convenient way of providing the parameter is through the option section at the bottom of the page rather than through the URL itself.
Tags: arXiv, astronomie, astrophysics, astrophysique, bibliotheque, bibliotheques, PHP, physics

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