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Insyght - Insyght (http://genome.jouy.inra.fr/Insyght/) is a browser that focus on prokaryotic CDSs that are highly conserved during evolution (syntenies, orthologs, soon genes fusions). It helps biologists and bioinformaticians mine large amount of prokaryotic comparative proteomes and explore the landscape of conserved and idiosyncratic genomic regions across multiple genomes (multiple pairwise comparisons). Its domains of application are : inference of gene functions, detection of niche-specific genes, core genome, or phylogenetic profiling. The web application aims to provide a responsive and smooth user navigation to large datasets and the inherent complexity of genome evolution. Insyght's unique display is based on symbols that provide legibility whilst a proportional display simultaneously allows grasping genomic locations and complex rearrangements scattered across the genomes and occurring at different scales. Various functionalities around CDSs highly conserved during evolution are implemented (advanced search, core genome, interoperability between views, etc.). Insyght proposes three main complementary displays: (i) a table to browse homologues, (ii) a comparator of orthologue functional annotations and (iii) a genomic organization view designed to improve the legibility of rearrangements and distinctive loci. Public datasets available: - 2688 complete bacterial genomes available in Ensembl Bacteria (June 2014). - 210 complete reference Archaea from Uniprot (Feb 2017) - soon ~5000 reference bacterial genomes from Uniprot (collaboration cluster IFB) For the analysis of private data, a virtual machine can be downloaded and installed locally. A virtual machine "in the cloud" is also available through the IFB cloud infrastructures. Site web: http://genome.jouy.inra.fr/Insyght/ Old forge : https://migale.jouy.inra.fr/redmine/projects/insyght
Tags: synteny, homolog, visualisation, proteome comparaison, protein fusion

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VisualGraphs - VisualGraphs est un logiciel de visualisation et d'exploration de données sous forme de graphes. Il permet une visualisation de nos données de manière originale mettant en évidence les liens entre elles. C'est un logiciel web, il peut être mise en ligne et rendu accessible comme une page web classique ou utilisé en local sur les systèmes Windows, Mac et Linux.
Tags: data, data analysis, javascript, php, visualisation

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