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Getting Started

Welcome to the Centrale Nantes Supercomputing Center (CNSC) managed by the ICI tech staff team. We are happy to assist you in getting started with your new account. We offer documentation on our website, new user training, seminars, as well as many other services.

What is HPC?

A legitimate need for supercomputing resources ? The High Performance Computing Cluster at ICI is a collection of servers designed to process long-running, compute-intensive batch jobs. The cluster consists of a large number of compute nodes connected by a high performance Infinband network and high throughput storage (GPFS). You can find more answers here:

What is it used for ?

The HPC is used for long-running batch jobs that require intensive compute resources. Jobs can be monitored, but are not interactive. Compute jobs running in the HPC can operate in parallel using popular frameworks like OpenMP and MPI.

Many users write and/or compile their own software to run on the HPC, for which we provide a number of tools and libraries to support. Other users can run jobs in general purpose applications, already compiled and installed on the HPC, such as MATLAB.

The Basics

A supercomputer account provides access to all computational resources. Before gaining access you will need the following to be understood:

Secure Shell

A secure shell client (SSH, various versions available for free)

Cheat Sheet for New Users

Print this cheat sheet and stick it by your computer while you're getting started with LIGER.

A basic knowledge of UNIX/Linux

All ICI-SC systems run Linux. There is a good Linux/Unix tutorial on our website under . If you are new to Linux, please take some time to go through this tutorial or Learning the shell

If you want to learn how to use the text editor vim (or vi), please run vimtutor after connecting to our systems via ssh on login nodes.

How to submit jobs

A lot of documentation is maintained Tutorials. Scheduler Commands has a few important commands listed. General Batch Information is also a useful resource.


Some documentation is available under Compiling and Tuning. There is a mostly complete list of applications Installed Softwares.

Notices and alerts


Please check the top right of the website for notices and alerts. Notices include notification of system maintenance, downtime, and other announcements. Emails are also sent for important announcements.


soon available


You can follow maintenance and service news on liger below links. Please pin this as your favorites links.


Send questions to

Notes about your account

In general, your account will generally be set to expire one year from the time you requested it. You will receive an email reminder to renew your account one month before the expiration date.

Programming Languages

If you're not sure what programming language to use, try Julia. Julia is easy to use, designed for scientific computing, and is almost as fast as C.

Before going further

  • You will be required to reset your password once a year.
  • We will send you reminders. Exceptions are permitted for faculty with accounts that are only intended to sponsor other accounts.
  • Do NOT share your password with anyone, no matter the reasons
  • If you forget your password, please send an email to or call +33 2 40 37 25 53

I understand the above paragraphs and wish to request an account.
I have read the Operations and Principle of Use and the User Policy(french).

The Next Steps

  1. Read our HPC Quick Start
  2. Request an Allocation and Account
  3. Explore software available on the HPC.
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