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Supercomputer Terms

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To determine your project balance, please log on to any machine1) and run the following command


To maintain a positive balance, please submit follow-up proposals before your balance reaches a negative level.


A project contains one or more proposals, which may or may not be related. Each project has a number consisting of a one letter followed by 7 digits (known as unix groupid and account name in slurm. Principal investigators may have more than one project, but they should be aware that userids are not transferable from one project to another. Each project contains unique userids. All of the proposals under one project share a common pool of resource units.

resource unit

An RU is a resource unit an aggregate measure of the use of CPU, memory, and file storage. For details on charging algorithms, see Charges for projects uses. Maintaining a positive balance is the PI's responsibility. Use the Imybalance command to monitor your account balance on a daily basis. Principal investigators should seek follow-up account applications before their projects reach a negative balance.

superuser or special account

A special (or superuser) account is one that requires more than 100,000 core hours (CR. Large computing runs and high-consumption software packages sometimes necessitate larger requests. For such a request, please send e-mail to Principal investigators who want to request more than 100,000 RUs may be asked to prepare a special petition to the Allocations Committee.

standard account

A standard account is a request for 5,000 resource units. It is a peer-reviewed proposal.


Unique login name of a user on a particular project. If a user is on more than one project, that user will have more than one userid.

login nodes or compute nodes
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