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  • Is the Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Should have a legal moral
  • Has signed a partnership contract with Centrale Nantes
  • Is generally either an industrial, a university/school, an institution or a SME/SMI
  • Has a least one project or many related.

Project Account

  • Has a unique identifier called, LIPID (Liger Project ID), generally begins with a letter followed by 7 numbers
  • LIPID is a unix group (type groups) and a SLURM account name (type sacctmgr show ass account=<LIPID>)
  • A project can have research, academic or industrial applications.
  • A project leader (PL) is identified to manage one or many projects

User Account

  • Is a unique UNIX account with 9 letters hash-based.
  • A physical person can have different User Account.
  • An account is one-year enabled by default. A renewal should be requested by the project's PL.
  • Is associated to one login request and a user policy signed.
  • Can be related to one or many projects.
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