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 **[[:​|home]] -> [[:​policies]]** **[[:​|home]] -> [[:​policies]]**
-<WRAP center round info 60%> 
-For help, please write us at [[]]\\ and visit our site http://​​hpc for details. ​ 
 ====== Méthodes de calcul des ressources ====== ====== Méthodes de calcul des ressources ======
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 ==== sacct ==== ==== sacct ====
 <code bash> <code bash>
-sacct -X -T --start=<​start date> --end=<​end date> -u $(whoami) --format=cputimeraw+sacct -X -T --start=<​start date> --end=<​end date> -u $(whoami) --format="​JobID,​JobName,​Account,​Cputimeraw,​AllocCPUS,​State,​ExitCode"​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +//le ''​CputimeRAW''​ est en minutes//
 ==== sreport ==== ==== sreport ====
 <code bash> <code bash>
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 //Attention aux ressources réservées.//​ //Attention aux ressources réservées.//​
-===== La commande Mybalance ​===== +===== Outil local ===== 
 +Mybalance reports the current balance of credits for the current month, which equates to the number of CPU core hours still available in the current accounting (including expired credits if present)
 <code bash>​Mybalance</​code>​ <code bash>​Mybalance</​code>​
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